Binders that don't damage CDs?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Nostradamus, Nov 24, 2021 at 8:23 PM.

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    So after a bad run in with a batch of CDs that has been kept in a binder and we're irreparably ****ed from doing so - bad scratches, marks all over and generally crap I'm wondering if anyone knows recommendations for binders that don't damage the discs, and a good way of storing the inserts and booklets?
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    I have mine in case logic binders; after I ripped them, I don't ever have a need to remove them again. Still have a lot more CDs I need to put into the binders.
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    It's not a traditional binder, but something that works well for me is a DiscGear CD* Carrying Case. It is designed to hold 20 CDs** and do it in a way where they won't be scratched.

    It is a two-sided carrying case, with each side having 10 slots for CDs. The case itself is made of a tough plastic that can take significant damage and protects the CDs within it. It makes it easy to take my CDs with me and I can toss it on the floor my car without worrying about damaging the CDs.

    Each CD slot is made of a soft cloth material. When you open the case the slots fold open like an accordion and the CD just drops into a slot. When the case is closed the CDs are firmly held in place. You can easily remove a CD from the case by holding it by the edge.

    The case, when closed, is about 3 inches thick and about 1 inch wider than a CD, and has two locking latches (one for each side) that prevents it from accidentally opening.

    *It can be used to carry any CD-sized discs, such as DVDs and video game discs.

    **There are other sized cases available but I have two of these. I liked my first case so much that I recently bought another one when I was considering going back to using a portable CD player for my music.
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    I have used these for well over decade at this point and they have never, ever damaged a CD.

    I don't recommend binders of any type unless you don't care about the discs, or need something for CD-R copies you play in the car.

    Sorry, just the way it is.
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    Yep there great and best part they're in my home state

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