Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

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    This thread is to share and discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

    Because of the pandemic, the major retailers have started their Black Friday sales earlier this year, spreading it out over the weeks before Black Friday itself, and focusing on online orders and curbside pick-up. This is not the year to have huge crowds pack stores on Black Friday itself. This has made it a little harder to compare deals, as they are not all happening at the same time.

    For forum members, unfortunately the days of cool and numerous deals on physical media music are long gone. The enthusiasm for Black Friday and Prime Day type sales has certainly declined over the years on this forum, as people find fewer and fewer things each year.
  2. biodawg

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    Atlanta, GA
    Acoustic sounds has a 15% off sale right now for Black Friday.
  3. runofthemill

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    Harrodsburg, KY
    18% off at Sleeve City now through November 30th with code GIVETHANKS
  4. I didn't realise Black Friday only existed in the States
  5. Gene Parmesan

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    PA, USA
  6. farewelltransmission

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    Boston, MA
    Dang. I almost bought outer sleeves last week but figured I’d wait for this sale. Now they’re back ordered and so the code doesn’t apply. I love their products but this - and their insane shipping fees - are super irritating.
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  7. Hogues

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    Vinyl storage solutions is also having a sale. I like their sleeves.
  8. Kirsten

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  9. DailyHiFi

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  10. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident

    Secretly Canadian is doing 30%. They do distribution for dead oceans, jagjaguwar and few other labels. Some good deals but shipping is a little steep.

    Featured | Secretly Store
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  11. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident

    Fat Possum is doing 30% off sitewide with additional 20% off with FATPOSSUM20OFF
  12. AberdeenBarney

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    Roon is offering 3 months for $1
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  13. Michael Ries

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    St. Paul, MN
    Thanks for posting this! Picked up 3 Townes Van Zandt LP’s for about $40 shipped.
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  14. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    nice just got the red vinyl iggy and the stooges and X los angeles
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  15. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    Thanks for this. I'll give it another try. My opinion from a few years ago is that it was and is great, but that I didn't feel deprived when I gave it up.
  16. Briskit

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    Man - I'm liking the look of that 10 x LP ultrasonic cleaner!
    Anybody use one of these guys units?
  17. Mike6565

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    Long island, ny
    Very nice deal, here’s what I grabbed for $12+ea shipped...
    1 Old FlowersBlack LP 1 $ 13.30
    1 ThickfreaknessVinyl 1 $ 13.30
    1 Worried BluesVinyl 1 $ 13.30
    Description Price
    $ 39.90
    Discount FATPOSSUM20OFF - $ 7.98$ 7.98 off total order price
    Shipping $ 5.50
    Total USD $ 37.42
  18. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident

    The worried blues series is really well done.
  19. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident

    FYE is doing 25% off and free shipping over $40 on cds, dvds and blurays. excludes sale items, exclusives and select items. Not sure about shipping on vinyl.
  20. hype

    hype Forum Resident

    I took a look at the FYE sale a bit ago and spent about 15 minutes but tbh even with the sale and free shipping nothing seemed like it was even close to being a deal. I'm pretty positive there's no price limit on free shipping for vinyl though. If they included exclusives I might have found 1-2 things. Might be a few hidden gems in there somewhere but I couldn't find any.

    I saw the SRV One Step of Couldn't Stand the Weather but even after discount it would be $150+.
  21. MicJames

    MicJames Forum Resident

    B&N 15% off CYBER15 for Monday.

    Of course I placed an order with them yesterday w/o discount. I am officially bad at this.
  22. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident


    Yeah, after I posted here I spent some time poking around their site and couldn't find much of anything.
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  23. Kirsten

    Kirsten I sing my sorrow, and I paint my joy. J. Mitchell

    Sorry I forgot to mention the coupon code; BLACKFRIDAY2020, if you don't fill that in at the checkout, you'll be paying full price.
  24. DailyHiFi

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    20% Off Almost Everything on
    Apply Promo Code at Checkout: CYBER20

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