Black Friday Record Store Day 2015

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Amnesiac, Aug 23, 2015.

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  1. Amnesiac

    Amnesiac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I guess it's that time again. Stumbled upon an alleged partial list earlier today.
    • 10” B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone [10''] (2 Bonus Tracks, Picture Sleeve, indie-exclusive) 22
    • 12” Beck - Dreams [12''] (Blue Vinyl, Puffy Sleeve, Embossed Jacket, limited, indie-exclusive) 24
    • 2LP Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind (Anniversary Edition) [2LP] (Red & Green Vinyl, embossed foil jacket, lyrics sheet, 500 randomly SIGNED copies, numbered, indie-exclusive) 48
    • 7” Eazy-E - Merry Mutha****in' X-Mas [7''] (Red Vinyl, first time on 7'', indie-exclusive) 17,50
    • LP Frank Zappa - Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison [LP] (Yellow Vinyl, first time on vinyl, indie-exclusive) 26,50
    • 10” Get Up Kids, The - Red Letter Day [10''] (Marbled Vinyl, indie-exclusive) 19,50
    • 3LP Jeff Beck - Performing This Week...Live At Ronnie Scott's (Deluxe) [3LP] (Limited Edition, bonus album feats. Joss Stone, Eric Clapton, Imogean Heap, indie-exclusive) 42,50
    • LP Joan Jett - The First Sessions [EP] (Black & White Vinyl, 1979 demos, download, limited/numbered to 4000, indie-exclusive) 33,50
    • LP John Lee Hooker - Two Sides Of John Lee Hooker [LP] (limited edition, indie-exclusive) 26,50
    • 7” Kinks, The - Dedicated Kinks [7'' EP] (includes ''Set Me Free,'' and ''Dedicated Follower Of Fashion,'' indie-exclusive) 16,50
    • 7” Kinks, The - Kwyet Kinks [7'' EP] (includes ''A Well Respected Man,'' indie-exclusive) 16,50
    • 10” Les Paul & Mary Ford - Christmas Cheer [10''] (Green or Red Vinyl [random, 1000 each color], 2 Bonus Tracks, indie-exclusive) 22,50
    • LP Linda Ronstadt - Silk Purse [LP] (45th anniversary, feats. her hit ''Long Long Time,'' includes bonus track, indie-exclusive) 26,50
    • 2LP Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama: Live At Rockpalast (1996) [2LP] (indie-exclusive) 37,50
    • 4LP Nine Inch Nails - Halo I-IV [LP+3-12'' Box Set] (180 Gram, original masters, Pretty Hate Machine LP plus Down In It 12'', Head Like A Hole 12'' EP, Sin 12'', indie-exclusive) 112
    • 12” Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody [12''] (40th Anniversary release with original artwork and tracklisting and first time as a 12'' single, indie-exclusive) 10
    • 3 x 10” Quintet, The (Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie/Bud Powell/Max Roach/Charles Mingus) - Jazz At Massey Hall: The 10'' LP Collection [3x10'' Box Set] (extensive book with rare photos, indie-exclusive) 73
    • LP Roscoe Holcomb - San Diego Folk Festival 1972 [LP] (unreleased live album, indie-exclusive) 29
    • 7” School Of Seven Bells - TBD (brand new track) [7''] (Colored Vinyl, one of the final tracks recorded prior to Benjamin Curtis' death, indie-exclusive) 16,50
    • 10” Spoon - TV Set [10''] (Colored Vinyl, The Cramps cover, unreleased track from Poltergeist soundtrack, indie-exclusive) 18
    • 2LP Various Artists - High Fidelity (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Orange Vinyl, 15th Anniversary, download, limited/numbered, feats. Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Jack Black, etc., indie-exclusive) 38
    • LP Various Artists - Love & Mercy [LP] (feats. Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, indie-exclusive) 26,50
    • 2LP Various Artists - True Detective (HBO Soundtrack) [2LP] (feats. Bob Dylan, Father John Misty, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Cassandra Wilson, etc., indie-exclusive) 36,50
    • LP Wes Montgomery - One Night In Indy (feat. The Eddie Higgins Trio) [EP] (180 Gram, unreleased recordings, limited, indie-exclusive) 34
    • 2LP Zombies, The - The BBC Radio Sessions (Complete) [2LP] (first complete collection of The Zombies on BBC, includes previously unissued interviews and songs, indie-exclusive) 41
    Definitely will be picking up the Love and Mercy OST, as well as the Spoon and Nine Inch Nails releases.
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  2. Sir Cosmic

    Sir Cosmic Active Member

    Very interesting selections so far!
  3. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    The NIN set looks cool since it appears to be cut from the original masters.
  4. kman

    kman Forum Resident

    Jeff beck
    I saw that concert show on TV about a year ago and it was / is great
    Let's hope the lp coming out is the same
  5. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    Wonder if the bonus track on the Linda Ronstadt will be her wonderful single-only "She's A Very Lovely Woman".
  6. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    Wow. The NIN, Skynyrd and Queen stuff looks cool. We'll see. I still think I really might want the Queen and Bowie boxes coming soon and that would just about shoot the budget for a while :-(.
  7. krisjay

    krisjay Psychedelic Wanderer

    Hoping to hear of a AAA reissue of DMB's Crash for RSD 2015 Black Friday.
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  8. ginchopolis

    ginchopolis Forum Resident

    ginchopolis, usa
    Are the numbers after the title the price? $112 for an LP and 3 12" singles?

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  9. jacethecrowl

    jacethecrowl Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Glad they are continuing the Kinks EPs, this is the way I want to gather the early material, and finally get "Don't You Fret" on vinyl!
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  10. redflag

    redflag Forum Resident

    Only in it for the Kinks so far, but I do love the True Detective Soundtrack. Those prices are getting a bit much though. The store I go to for RSD (I'm really limited in options) already sells for more than the suggested price. All those 30 dollar LPs will probably become 50 there.
  11. Rkellner

    Rkellner Forum Resident

    Forest Hills, NY
    Nothing here is crossing anything off my "list" but these all look good so far. Haven't scraped the bottom of the barrel yet!
  12. lennonfan1

    lennonfan1 Forum Resident

    baltimore maryland
    I do find it odd that Bohemian Rhapsody was never a 12" single! It's length really demands it, the regular 45 suffers in fidelity due to its length.
  13. mep

    mep Forum Resident

    High Fidelity ! Finally !

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  14. davenav

    davenav High Plain Grifter

    Brooklyn, USA
    Some very nice selections in that list!
  15. rockclassics

    rockclassics Forum Resident

    Arkansas, USA
    What? No Led Zeppelin? :winkgrin:
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  16. Bryan

    Bryan Starman Jr.

    Berkeley, CA
    Good, nothing I want so far.
  17. steveharris

    steveharris Forum Resident

    I can`t afford all these releases!
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  18. celticbob

    celticbob Forum Resident

    BB King for me.
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  19. No Beatles/Solo Beatles?
  20. Avenging Robot

    Avenging Robot Forum Resident

    A real wallet saver for me thus far...
  21. raveoned

    raveoned Forum Resident

    Ambler, PA
    I'm in for the Les Paul and Mary Ford Christmas Cheer so far!
  22. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    Definitely will pick up the School of Seven Bells 7" and possibly the Ben Harper.
  23. ModernDayWarrior

    ModernDayWarrior Forum Resident

    Rahway, NJ, USA
    I'm hoping Rush would reissue their first single Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It on one of these RSD. That would be an instant purchase for me.
  24. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    Has anyone seen an updated list since the one posted above?
  25. Embracetheday

    Embracetheday Forum Resident

    United States
    High Fidelity-awesome!
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