Black Sabbath Deluxe Editions January 22, 2016

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Hud, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. The Hud

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  2. hi_watt

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    A deluxe Sabbath Bloody Sabbath would be brilliant!
  3. rnranimal

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    No loss on the quad, it sounded awful. The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure the reason it sounded so bad was because the master is WB's and so Sanctuary used a needle drop. Now that Rhino is putting these out, it's too bad they didn't redo the quad DVD from the WB tape (assuming it still exists). I wonder if the main albums are different masterings than the 2010 CDs. They've traded Evil Woman over to the bonus disc for Wicked World. Surely they used a better source for WW than the one used on the 2010 (also a needle drop because the master is WB).
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  4. giantleech

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    Looks like just more of the same. Not impressed.
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  5. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

    Audio Fidelity SACD stereo/quad of Paranoid (and stereo plus long rumored quad mix of Sabotage) would be welcomed by me.
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  6. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    The quad mix is great. If WB has the tapes but won't bother to release the quad mix properly, that's negligent.
  7. rnranimal

    rnranimal Forum Resident

    Oh, I agree the mix is great. But it sounds awful on the deluxe DVD, so if they weren't going to redo it, it was no loss to be dropped for this US re-issue.

    The US and UK labels have been releasing inferior stuff for a long time while the better sources sit with the other. "Wicked World" on all the UK CDs has been an old crappy needle drop, the Rhino Black Box was from the flawed WB dubs instead of the actual masters and the quad was what sounds like a very poorly done needle drop (there's a fan made needldrop which stomps all over it and then an even better sounding one from a reel to reel - there was no reason it should sound that bad on the deluxe, even laking the master). I'll bet WB has the quad master.
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  8. E.Baba

    E.Baba Forum Resident

    Not buying any Paranoid with WB on it unless they can guarantee better source.
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  9. motionoftheocean

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    New York, NY
    Couldn't even wait a full 7 years to reissue deluxe editions that are probably not even out of print yet
  10. rnranimal

    rnranimal Forum Resident

    I wish they'd stop re-relesing the albums every year and put out something we want. Like a Paris '70 DVD. How has this still not been released?
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  11. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Yeah, I heard some cryptic remark by Steve Wilson that he was working on some Black Sabbath and really, that's the only re-treatment of their early album's I'd welcome. Rhino/WB must think that there's a whole passel of people who never got the Deluxe Editions when they were released internationally. I got mine nearly instantly on release and paid under $20 for each one. The fact that something isn't released in the US doesn't make much difference any more.
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  12. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    I thought that cryptic remark was from Sean Magee, as he was cutting the vinyl?
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  13. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

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  14. rnranimal

    rnranimal Forum Resident

    I've had enough re-issues of the albums. I've hit my limit. Surround sound mixes or Steve H mastering from the mixdown masters is all that would get my attention at this point. Otherwise, I need something different. Like 70s live CDs and DVDs.
  15. McWolfred

    McWolfred Well-Known Member

    Liverpool, UK
    Longtime reader - first time poster, so go easy on me!
    The press release that I read states that the main albums (with the exception of Past Lives) are 2012 remasters which have previously only been available on vinyl, so there may well be some merit in the cd versions.
    It seems that s/t and Paranoid are the albums that most people are currently dissatisfied with (with MOR being shm sacd all the way!).
    I'll be interested in hearing how they stack up.
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  16. sgtpppr84

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    Midland, TX
    Saw this information on Super Deluxe Edition: Each of the studio album deluxe editions contain the 2012 remastered versions of each album (previously, only available on digital formats) and – fittingly, as Black Sabbath return to North America to launch their farewell tour – additional discs with out-takes that are previously unreleased in the States (although issued on 2009 European deluxe editions).

    Are the 2012 remastered versions the ones available on HDtracks?
  17. rnranimal

    rnranimal Forum Resident

    If they use the HDtracks transfer and give it a better eq (it's way too bright up top, but isn't lean like the '96/DE), I think Paranoid has great potential. The other HDtracks were easily bettered by prior releases, like the SACDs, some of the 80s Castles and probably the Pearce remasters.

    But I don't know if the 2012 mastering is the same as the HDtracks, because at one point (and maybe still), the US/UK iTunes stores had different new masterings which didn't match any CDs. They may have stemmed from the same transfer, but they sounded noticeably different. There's also the Qobuz 44/24s that I assumed were down converts from the SACDs, but the one Paranoid track I sampled was not. Or if it was sourced from the SACDs, more was done to it as it sounded far worse than the SACD.
  18. Benjy

    Benjy Forum Resident

    Looks like the vinyls are pressed at QRP. That's marvellous.

    I would have thought that the 2012 mastering means the same mastering that was in the 2012 vinyl box. Could it be that they got such a crucial bit of information all wrong? I'd love to know a little bit more about who mastered what "in 2012" and from what tapes. I think most people liked the sound of that vinyl box. I've never heard it myself, though.
  19. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    My answer would be: contact me again when the time for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage comes.
  20. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    Why? I'm happy with the SHM-SACDs and 2009 deluxe editions?
  21. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    I still like my 1986 Paranoid Castle CD :D.
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  22. sons of nothing

    sons of nothing Forum Resident

    It should happen with the rest of the Ozzy years.

    Volume 4. Several shows were recorded for the Live at Last lp. Put what wasn't used for it as the bonus material.
    SBS--If it exists, a better source of Cal Jam 74 with a more audible Geezer. Ditto on the complete video, which prob burned in a ABC warehouse fire.
    A pro video of 73-03-16@ the rainbow can be used, if it exists.
    Sabotage-You'll need 2 for a full show. Use 75-08-05 , part of which was disc 2 on Past Lives, or the fine Lampinski 75-08-03
    Technical Ecstasy -use the shelved live release of Hammersmith 77 shows
    Never Say Die! A complete version of 78-12-07 would be great.
  23. Wasatch

    Wasatch Music Lover!

    Just like I thought, The vinyl versions are like the CDs from Sanctuary a few years back. Definitely, the best I've ever heard on CD, just don't care for all that other **** (extras). Or were those Castle, around $30-33 each.
  24. Mr.Sean

    Mr.Sean Senior Member

    Contact me when they do vinyl reissues of the Tony Martin era and for Born Again.
  25. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    I'd welcome Audio Fidelity discs of the debut album (w/Wicked World, drop the song Evil Woman) and Paranoid.

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