Black Sabbath - Sabotage - 5 LPs!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Cranny, Apr 9, 2021.

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    This is the one I bought also, the one I copied and pasted was from yahoo images, for some reason my ebay app doesn’t let me copy and paste photos. But yes I got the new and it should arrive today.
  2. animaux

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    The Rolling Stone review, Sept. 25, 1975 issue.

  3. OzzyIsDio

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    Just got my magazine yay!!!!!
  4. Kingston12

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    Does anybody know if there is a difference between the Rhino issues and the BMG ones? Amazon have separate listings.
  5. IIRC, @Claus mentioned that the Rhino and BMG versions of these Super Deluxe releases are identical.
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    Sabbath one of my favourite bands and this their best album IMO and yet am still in two minds about picking up. Haven't been impressed with any of the sets thus far. Your archival comment is spot-on. The new master is of interest and the book perhaps moreso. Otherwise not seeing the appeal especially with Australian pricing
  8. jmcgoldrick

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    Moore, OK
    listened to just a little bit of the live disc 1 this morning… sounds really good! These sets are a little pricey but it’s cool to have definitive versions of these records and nice little time capsules
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  9. tinnox

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    I agree, imo it’s great to have in my collection !
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  10. nodeerforamonth

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    San Diego,CA USA
    Did we ever get a reason behind the idiotic-ness for the 4th disk being only two songs and both of which are on the album? What a waste.
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  11. tinnox

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    In the vinyl version it is a replica 7” single
  12. OzzyIsDio

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    So many greats on this album, Hole In The Sky, Supertzar, Symptom, Megalomania and The Writ,
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  13. OzzyIsDio

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    I don’t think there would be I can’t be certain as the Rhino editions are also made in Germany, I assume that’s where the BMG European ones are also made? This is what I’m thinking.
  14. Curveboy

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    I didn’t even bother ripping it.
  15. On the CD versions, they are different masterings.

    I don’t know if they come from a previous digital release, but using Music Scope to compare Hole in the Sky to the album version on the SDE set, the DR and EQ are different.
  16. Being "definitive versions", in my book, would imply that these are the best-sounding masterings ever released of this album, and that a better-sounding mastering is unlikely to appear. Do you honestly feel that's the case here?
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  17. jmcgoldrick

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    Moore, OK
    I wouldn’t have heard enough different versions to know.

    I mean more as a document of the time period with the live show and the expanded package
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  18. Which CD releases did you compare? Rhino 2021 to BMG 2021? Or 2021 to some earlier release?
  19. motionoftheocean

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    Circus Maximus
    listened to it 4 times. not even close to "definitive"
  20. The stick on label on the back of the SDE CD box says Rhino. Bought from Bullmoose.
  21. OK, but what did you compare to what? I didn't get that, sorry. The LP to the CD?
  22. CD.
  23. Just for everybody's info: the 1975 Asbury Park discs on the 4xCD set are lossy-sourced:
    Black Sabbath Sabotage 2021 digital

    Which means, with about 99% probability, that the same is true for the vinyl set. If you would like to know, feel free to send me or @rnranimal an audio sample from the vinyl version. He will check and let you know.

    It is insane, especially because lossless copies of this recording are literally available all over the internet.
  24. Gus Tomato

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    It’s (Radio) Rental that is!
  25. gpalz

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    Guess someone didn't want to pay the piper for access to the source tapes/lossless files.

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