Blue Jeans Cables?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by dreamingtree1855, Oct 31, 2019.

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    I’m a new member here and I’ve been combing the threads for various knowledge lately. I just googled Blue Jeans Cables after reading that members own them on multiple threads only to find out they’re located less than a mile from my house!

    Now I’m interested, and I’d love to be able to buy some cables from a local company. Are they highly regarded? What do people like about them?
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  2. Slippers-on

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    St.Louis Mo.
  3. jusbe

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    I have at least one of their cables. Very good and unfussy. Certainly worth trying if you need to get your system started and wired up competently.

    But this is a contentious area of audio so, you know, beware. ;)
  4. Litejazz53

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    One of the drawbacks I immediately noticed about these cables, once you plug them in to your component, they stick out about 7" by design. Take a look at them on Amazon and you will see how far they will stick out of a given component, and by design, you cannot bend them downward, so you better have approximately 10" clearance behind each component to accommodate their excessive length. That one factor would be a killer for me, I simply don't have tremendous open space behind each component to accommodate their long connectors. I honestly think that is a poor design.
  5. head_unit

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    I'm not aware of anyone hating on them. I like them because they are the ONLY cable vendor I've seen that actually talks about HDMI scientifically HDMI Cable from Blue Jeans Cable

    Now, extending what @jusbe posted, cables are literally religion. Some people absolutely refuse to believe they can make a significant difference on engineering grounds, even if they have never actually tried it. Others will paroxysmically rhapsodize about the huge improvements some cable or other made, which frankly as an engineer also seems ridiculous.

    Speakers-and the room they are in-make by far the hugest difference in a system. Other stuff, much less so. And I believe it is synergistic-if your speakers cost $29, your system is probably not good enough to hear really subtle differences. Unless your speakers are getting pretty expensive and really great, to me it is foolish to sink big money into cables and amps and sources; you should upgrade your speakers instead. [This is where someone inevitably chimes in that "if it doesn't come from the source the speakers can't reproduce it!" which fundamentally misunderstand the relative inaccuracy of different parts of the sound reproduction chain.

    Personally, I get decent cables, like the Blue Jeans or maybe Monoprice, and just don't worry about it.

    Flame on people! :nauga:
  6. Mike-48

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    Blue Jeans is a reputable outfit, and they use high-quality materials. The cables, objectively, would be hard to beat. Yet some audiophiles find other cables give a better sound. The science behind that is not yet understood, not at what part of the chain from cable to mind the difference occurs.
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  7. head_unit

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    Really? Do you mean the Blue Jeans or the Oval One? Where do you see that? (Not disbelieving you, just intrigued)
  8. Kristofa

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    I own a pair of the LC-1 interconnects and found them solidly built and definitely worth a try—especially if they are your neighbor!

    they are quite inexpensive, so pick up a pair, swap them around between different components, and make up your own mind. Even if you experiment with different interconnects down the road comprised of different materials, etc., a pair of BJC LC-1 interconnects can be a trusty backup or comparison point.
    Do it, I say. What have to got to lose?!
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  9. Jon1969

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    I'll assume you are speaking about the RCA cables. In my setup, I try to avoid any sharp bends in the cables. I got my ruler out and have to agree with you that your 7" or so measurement is correct. I use the LC-1 RCA cables but I would think this would apply to ant "stiff" cable of which I think the LC-1 is. Gentle bends, I don't need a 90* turn 2" from the equipment. This would apply to any type of cable.

    As far as BJC goes, I think it is well constructed cable and they do have quick shipping. I won't comment on sound quality because early on I went with them and have nothing to compare them to.

    By all means, read the return policy (-shipping) first before you order. It sounds honest to me for a custom length of cable. I've ordered from them for many years.
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  10. Litejazz53

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    Just look at them on Amazon, additionally, I have seen several systems and those cables stick out like a sore thumb, they are about 3-4 times longer than any other RCA cable I have ever seen. I am saying nothing about their quality, I'm sure it's a quality product, I just never had the room to accommodate their extreme length. I would give the company a call and discuss. I have not looked at all their offerings, they probably have something that will work for you, I just wanted you to know about that one problem.
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  11. Blue Jeans makes different cables. Everything from Blue Jeans isn't the LC-1 coax cable.

    I have a couple of cables from Blue Jeans. For RCA I have the LC-1, Belden 1505F, and a Belden 734D2 silver plated cable that they sell on Amazon. Of the three I prefer the 1505F. The 1505F sounds better in my system and is thinner and more flexible while still having a double braid shield. So win-win on the 1505F vs. the LC-1. The Belden 734D2 silver plated cable is very stiff and doesn't sound as good for analog audio as the other Blue Jeans options. Get the LC-1 if you need a low capacitance cable for a turntable. Otherwise I'd get their 1505F cable for analog RCA.

    Blue Jeans also has a Tartan Cable brand for lower cost cables to compete with the likes of Monoprice cables. I have a couple of Tartan Cables for analog RCA and digital. I use them as convenience cables when I need to hook something up temporarily.

    I also have a pair of Blue Jeans balanced cables made with Belden 1800F cable. Which works fine. I haven't swapped it out to try other balanced XLR cables.
  12. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Wishing You A Crystal Clear Digital Christmas!

    Great advice!
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  13. Arliss Renwick

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    Vancouver, BC
    I upgraded my main system at home (new amp, speakers) and blue jeans cable is there every step of the way. Great service, quick turnaround and good advice straight from the man himself if you need it. V. recommended.
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  14. The Dragon

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    Blue Jean Cables more than meet the requirements of a high quality audio cable to reliably pass audio signals. However, there are some Blue Jean cables with long connectors that make fitting cables into tight places difficult. Otherwise, these are fine cables.

    Here are some other fun facts about audio cables.

    1. The science behind audio cables IS well understood. Its NOT magic and its NOT rocket science.
    2. The job of an audio interconnect cable is to pass an electrical signal with as little signal degradation as possible due to noise or losses.
    3. The profit margins (mark up) of "high end" audio cables is one of highest of any product.
    4. There is a sea of misinformation and marketing hype (nonsensical psuedo-science) surrounding this segment of the audio industry.
    5. Audio cables are "passive" devices and do not have the capability to "improve" the fidelity of the sound.
    6. Audio cables do not have to be expensive to be of good quality.

  15. Tim Irvine

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    Austin, Texas
    I have the 12 gauge speaker cables with the banana plugs Blue Jeans will add and am quite happy with them, happy enough to try their interconnects.
  16. patient_ot

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    Blue Jeans is a reputable company. They sell good quality shielded cable, with good quality connectors. They don't sell snake oil. If I lived that close, I would ask to visit in person.
  17. Chester0711

    Chester0711 Forum Resident

    I have them, they do a wonderful job. Yet, it is true that they stick out quite a ways from the back of the design.
  18. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    I only have one, a digital coax cable, and it does stick out longer than my other cables before it can be bent, but it is not 7 inches. Maybe more like 3 inches.
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  19. Soundsense

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    Yes, not a good design particularly. I had periodic open circuit on my BJ interconnects for an unknown reason, perhaps a welding issue....I replaced them with cheap-sh Virtue Audio interconnects, very well made good cables for me.
  20. Rolltide

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    Just the distance from the tip of the plug to the end of the strain relief is >3”.
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  21. johnny q

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    I usually shy away from cable threads as they tend to get ugly. Also - I am not 100% sure where I stand on this topic either :)

    But I do own BJC's and can attest that they are well made, fairly priced and ship quickly. I have the 12 Gauge speaker wire, Subwoofer cable, Coax cable and an LC-1.

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  22. Big Blue

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    Sure, but the tip of the plug is not part of what needs clearance. I’m approximating how far from the back of my components it sticks out before curving.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s less flexible than a lot of interconnect cables, and does need consideration of clearance. Just not nearly as much as was suggested.
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  23. csgreene

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  24. I own and use several pairs of their speaker cables and interconnects. IMO, they are of exceptional build quality (of course, as noted above they do 'stick out' from the backs of equipment) and sonically they let the music pass through unaltered. I particularly appreciate the cold-welding termination option offered on their speaker cables.
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  25. Fifth-Chord

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    Columbus, OH
    I tried a pair of the RCA interconnects last year and this year I purchased speaker wire. I've been happy with the results. I like the quality, options and pricing.

    If I lived closer, I'd be tempted to ask them for a tour of the facility for a YouTube video.

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