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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Pavol Stromcek, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Just ordered Hats for £24 on Amazon uk. Peace at last tempting at £22. Hats one of my last required vinyl personal top 20 so well stoked by this release.
    Just need some tasty The The re releases now.
  2. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Diver Dan

    Alpine, TX
    Anyone who ordered from Amazon US get any shipping updates? Hats shows unavailable now, but I believe it originally said 12/6 est delivery.
  3. Eamon

    Eamon Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately we don't have rough trade in Lancashire. Anyway got Amazon to knock 15% off for the cosmetic damage as they had no more copies in stock.
  4. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident Thread Starter

    SF Bay Area
    Mine still shows that "We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate" message. But it did initially give a 12/6 release date.
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  5. Eamon

    Eamon Well-Known Member

    I would concur with this assessment. Sonics are awesome. Record needed two spins through my knosti with the static but once wet cleaned no more static.
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  6. Minorityshareholder

    Minorityshareholder Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    Received a copy of A Walk Across the Rooftops this afternoon. Playing it now and first impressions are good.

    Flat pressing. No noise whatsoever on first 2 songs (which automatically puts it way ahead if the 2012 release) and an occasional crackle on Rags to Riches. Side 2 is as close to flawless as I could expect. Heatwave in particular sounds incredible.

    I was sufficiently impressed with this (no static or ill-fitting sleeve issues with my copy fwiw) to go looking for new copies of Hats (despite having an immaculate original UK pressing) & Peace at Last (already have the 2014 2LP reissue). I originally bought AWATR on cassette back in the day.

    On this evidence (and the recent Prefab Sprout remasters) Calum Malcolm and his team have raised the bar in terms of vinyl reissues.
  7. hamicle

    hamicle Forum Resident

    Dundee, Scotland
    Just listened to 'Peace at Last', noticing a few little bits of distortion on side B, particularly during "Family Life". Otherwise sounds good, and I like the record a little more than I did before (was alway my least favourite of theirs).
  8. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    Somewhat weirdly there was also some distortion on Let’s Go Out Tonight on Hats but when I lifted the stylus and replayed that section to check if it was distortion or non-fill, it vanished. So maybe there’s something in the grooves of these reissues that it takes a stylus to clean out (I already cleaned it on my RCM).

    Was yours shipped in a jiffy bag?
  9. Eamon

    Eamon Well-Known Member

    A bubble wrapped envelope. Amazon are normally good with packaging which is why it was particularly disappointing.
  10. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    Mine was delivered in the same bag! All 4 corners were badly bent so I got a refund and then bought it from Rough Trade today for £19.80.
  11. Black Elk

    Black Elk Music Lover

    Bay Area, U.S.A.
    Surely, it must have been a different bag!?!? :winkgrin:

    Bad enough that Amazon would send any LP out in a padded envelope, but a strictly limited edition LP? That's ridiculous. Do the people doing the packing have no IQ? Just a few weeks ago my wife received an order of a pack of 3M filters for our central heating system (quite delicate things) combined with an order of 24-cans of some drink she likes. The heavy box of cans was placed on top of the delicate filters. You can imagine what state they arrived in!
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  12. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident Thread Starter

    SF Bay Area
    Yes, I'm certain some of the people working at Amazon's fulfillment warehouses are complete idiots. Having said that, I'm well aware of the kind of pressure they're under and the bad working conditions. But still, they do have special cardboard record mailers with a sealable/adhesive flap - how hard is it to use one?

    Last month I ordered a record from Amazon that was shipped in nothing but a thin plastic bag - not even a padded one! The LP arrived warped and the cover was badly creased and bent. I returned it only to receive the second copy in yet another thin plastic bag. That one was in rough shape as well. For the third copy, I checked the box to have it sent as a gift, which meant they had to put it in a cardboard box. The idiot at the warehouse threw it into a larger cardboard box with a few air packs, but at least that one arrived OK. It's really strange because, obviously, that kind of stupidity is only costing Amazon more money in the end, since they're stuck with all the returns and damaged items.
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  13. Jerry James

    Jerry James Forum Reticent

    My shipment from Transistor arrived with all 3 LP's. AWATR and Hats have seam splits along the spine, unfortunately, but they're fairly small. I have NM UK originals of AWATR and Hats, so I'll do a little A/B here soon...

    Edit: actually, all 3 LP's have seam splits, and while small, they pierced the shrink wrap.
  14. Listening to Hats now.
    Just melting into the sound. Immersive is an understatement. Very happy...
  15. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    Same here. Ordered a replacement right away, but now I'm afraid it will arrive in the same package...
  16. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    And a big thanks to Amazon UK for sending/trashing my £23 "Hats" vinyl reissue in a flimsy bubble wrap box or back it goes....but for a refund as I fear they would do the exact same thing and crunch up another copy. What is wrong with these dudes????

  17. joe1320

    joe1320 Forum Resident

    dublin, ireland
    Got A Walk Across Rooftop from Amazon
    I nearly cried , I never got vinyl so beat up
    They have no more stock,
  18. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    Bad luck. Send it back in the same bag so they can't resell it again. I have a horrible feeling we will see more of this! :(

    Burning Shed have it for £19.49 plus post if you're quick. See link below. They have already sold out of Hats sadly, but also have Peace at Last for the same price. I wanted a new Hats booooooo :)

    A Walk Across The Rooftops
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  19. Mumdad

    Mumdad Forum Resident

    I posted in another thread about my fun times receiving an expensive Popol Vuh box set from them packaged in nothing but an unpadded brown paper bag. Then after moaning about it in the live chat I got the replacement sent in exactly the same way :laugh:

    There were other banged up copies for sale in their warehouse deals and another member here had the same thing when ordering after me.

    Obviously it's far from the only issue with Amazon but when a company is so big that it doesn't care about writing off loads of expensive box sets to save a few pennies on packaging.. Well, yeah. I agree with the above that it's only going to get worse with them now they've cornered the market on basically everything.
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  20. garrincha

    garrincha Forum Resident

    Plymouth, UK
    I wonder whether these issues with packaging are warehouse specific? apparently, there are 13 Amazon warehouses in the UK, for example. dunno. just thinking out aloud really
  21. hamicle

    hamicle Forum Resident

    Dundee, Scotland
    I've tended to be lucky - if anything I've quite often had vinyl turn up over packed, in a solid mailer envelope (which would have been fine on its own) inside a large cardboard box with some of their air-filled padding. Only once had a record turn up in a plastic bag-type envelope, not even a padded one. Luckily it was only a cheap 12" single and it survived.

    More than likely comes down to the depot!
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  22. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    Just got my Shipping Confirmation from Amazon-UK a few days ago. The stories here of the poor packing has me concerned. I bought all 3 DOVES Vinyl Titles this Summer and each was packed in a Separate Vinyl Mailer then placed together in a Large Box, so hoping for the same for these Blue Nile Vinyl Records, but I got a notice that 2 of the Titles were shipped then 12 hours later, 'Hats' was shipping, so apparently that one('Hats') is coming in a separate package.

    I have never had any Vinyl mailed to me from Amazon-UK in a Bubble Wrap Envelope in the past though(maybe have bought around 10 Vinyl Records from them in the recent past). Maybe, shipping to the US, they at least use Vinyl Mailers, but no idea and only going by my own past experience buying Vinyl Records from them(Amazon-UK), when I ordered Titles that I wanted the EU Pressing Options over the US Pressing Option.
  23. Eamon

    Eamon Well-Known Member

    My WATR came in a box but hats came in the same envelope photographed above. Fingers crossed for you.
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  24. mishima's dog

    mishima's dog Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    I find these Amazon packaging horror stories very surprising. Normally when I order vinyl it arrives in a mailer that’s put in a box that you could almost fit a tv into (ok that’s a slight exaggeration). Surely it can’t have anything to do with whether you have Amazon Prime or not?
  25. hamicle

    hamicle Forum Resident

    Dundee, Scotland
    I don't have Prime and I've generally had a similar experience. Last couple of times the record has turned up in "just" the card mailer and that's fine by me - that's all that's needed! May just be that some of our forum pals have been stuck getting their records sent out from some less diligent distribution centres?
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