Blue Note 80th Anniversary reissues...any news?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by riverrat, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. brimuchmuze

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    I purchased one of the Japanese 75th Anniversary CDs and it was very compressed. Are they doing better this time?
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    What’s the best place to order the 80th Anniversary CDs?
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    Santa Fe, NM, USA
    Specifically, you're asking about the This is My Country and We're a Winner albums. I wish I had some definitive answers. I would guess, no. Those were done after Idris had left Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions circa 1965. Then again, that's clearly Idris Muhammad on the Impressions 1966 album Ridin' High. So I don't know. I can remember an interview with Blue Note drummer Joe Chambers saying he saw Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions perform the tune "Man's Temptation" live and it blew his mind what Idris was doing on the drums. Just tom-toms. No backbeat at all. So original!

    Man´s Temptation (1966) - The Impressions

    I will say, however, that the tune on We're a Winner called "Little Brown Boy" seems like an homage from Curtis to Idris. I wouldn't know. But the lyrics are right out of the life story of Idris, from the burning of the candles, to his Catholic mother, to the final send-off lyric, "We send our love to you." That album was done in 1968 but the tune might have been written several years earlier. They wouldn't have done it while he was still with the Impressions because the perspective of the song is to say good-bye and God be with you. Idris and Curtis roomed together on the road so they would have had ample opportunity to discuss their lives with one another. I've always wondered about that; whether Curtis wrote that tune to Idris.

    Like you, I've tried to disentangle the history of the Impressions. I will say that when Curtis split from Jerry Butler to re-form the Impressions without Jerry Butler on lead vocals (Curtis was originally simply the lead guitarist) Idris stayed with Jerry Butler. But Curtis later made Idris an offer he couldn't refuse and that's when Idris rejoined Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions.

    At that point the Impressions were basically Curtis Mayfield, Sam Gooden, Fred Cash, Lenny Brown on bass and Idris Muhammad (Leo Morris) on drum. As you might know, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield -- maybe Billy Butler, Jerry's younger brother who played for instance on the previously mentioned and rejected Herbie Hancock session Blue Note session with Melvin Lastie -- these guys were all from Cabrini Green in Chicago, a rough projects neighborhood. The original neighborhood group were called the Roosters circa 1957. Major Lance also came out of Cabrini Green.

    Maybe Gene Chandler, aka the Duke of Earl, was in with these guys, too. I'm not sure. Gene Chandler worked a lot with Curtis. But I don't think Major Lance or Gene Chandler would have been in the Roosters. Idris left New Orleans and was out on the road with Larry Williams in 1957. I cannot go down this rabbit hole. It is too confusing.

    Coming out of the whole Curtis Mayfield as a producer period, I think my favorite record was by a girl group called the Opals. Ever heard of them? If I had to put forth an intelligent guess about who is on drums, I would venture it was either Maurice White but probably Al Duncan. There is some super slick drumming on this record. It sounds like the same drummer as on Major Lance's "Monkey Time." I don't know. Here's a fantastic 45 from the Opals:

    Opals - You Can't Hurt Me No More / You're Gonna Be Sorry - Okeh 4-7202 - 7/64

    And just to try and get one's bearings, here is the quintessential Idris Muhammad sound from this period with Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions:

    The Impressions I'm The One Who loves You

    My favorite Idris Muhammad drum track:


    If you wanted to discuss it further, we should find or initiate a Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions thread. I wish I had better answers. My favorite band of all time is Miles Davis second quintet. My favorite vocal group of all time is Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions.
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    Very cool! I've never heard the opals before but will check them out
    Further thanks. We're a winner has no credits on the back except "arranged and conducted by Johnny Pate". not sure if that's a clue as to who is drumming on it.
    Someone awesome whoever it is....
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  5. karmaman

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    my understanding is they're doing nothing and using existing masters, not a consistent set. the 75th series specified they were new masters (except one repackage of an RVG).
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  6. Lonson

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    I'm not a very good judge. I don't find the 75th series that way; on my system the 75th don't seem "very compressed." I would wager these are similar if perhaps a bit less compressed if you find those that way.
  7. Lonson

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    I purchase mine from an excellent vendor.
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    Just another killer afternoon/evening listening to awesome music. I was fortunate to score some amazing finds last week...I got 1st pressings (all in excellent shape) of Buddy Guy 'A Man and The Blues", Hound Dog Taylor and The HouseRockers, and Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil" (got all 3 for $49 combined). Found them last Thursday when I was picking up Alligator Bogoloo and Ethiopian Knights. If unfamiliar with the Buddy Guy and Hound Dog, they are 5 star legendary titles.

    Which brings me back to the latest from the BN 80th series. Once again I sat locked in my sweet spot (never really hear anyone else mention that phrase here) and this was my third listen to the Alligator and Knights. I am so knocked out by the sound of Alligator Bogaloo that I now like it better than Mr. Shing-A-Ling...Only had this release on CD, and now realize (because of this release) how incredible this record truly is. Sure was cool to have a big smile on my face and shouting "oh yeah" from time to time as I listened to this one.

    Anyone else hear a bit of that Eddie Floyd vibe of "Knock On Wood" coming out of "Aw Shucks" which was released a year before? And then it was on to Ethiopian Knights, the one I was going to pass on because I never heard it before, but thanks to fellow members, I went for it. This one just sucks me in to it's infectious groove from start to finish. Can almost get lost in the awesome sounds...It almost reminds me of the style Miles Davis was putting out in the early 70's...also a wee bit of the instrumentation style the band "Can" delivered. And folks, if you are unfamiliar with "Can" they are easily one of my favorite bands. They can stretch the imagination just like "Out To Lunch" does, if you will.

    Well enough of my rambling's...but I will close by saying Alligator Bogaloo and Ethiopian Knights are now my two favorites so far from this line!

    I put "Hand Jive" back in my order basket at my local store yesterday and have until Tuesday to decide if I want to go for it as well. Need to hear more feedback from others that have gotten it first. Have never heard this one either. I am big time on the fence with this one...
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  9. Gabe Walters

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    For me, music is first and then sound is second. If you already know you don’t like Scofield’s playing, then I don’t think a mastering job is going to win you over.

    I’m not terribly familiar with him but I want to hear more. To me, his playing on this album sounds like a stylistic bridge between Jim Hall and Nels Cline. It’s angular and twisty.
  10. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Have never spent much time with Scofield's music. Of course I agree, the music has to come first, and then the sound just adds to the enjoyment. I very much like taking chances on albums from time to time. A couple examples would be the Cassandra Wilson "Glamored" title, which I thought there was no way in the world I would get that one, or let alone like it. And now with Ethiopian Knights. I have no idea what "Hand Jive" even sounds like, and I was not planning on getting anything for the next couple weeks or so because of what I just spent and what is on the way later this month and September.

    I got a crazy feeling I will be going getting "Hand Jive" local store said it would cost me right around $27...a double album I see, and realize it's digital, but I have many albums with a digital step used that sound great!

    Thanks for responding Gabe...I realize I stated I do not care for his style much, but honestly have not listened enough to really know for sure...If I don't like it, I can always sell it back at a bit of a loss...I like your tastes in music and always enjoy reading your posts, and was intrigued by your earlier comment saying don't sleep on this one.
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  11. dminches

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    Cherry Hill, NJ
    I enjoy Scofield but my favorite jazz guitarist from the 80s on is Abercrombie.
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  12. Joe Harley

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    The model on both albums is Peggy Moffitt, wife of photographer William Claxton and a very popular model in the late 60s, early 70s.
  13. PATB

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    SF Bay Area
    Could you guys recommend other albums that are in the same vein as Alligator, Shing-A-Ling, etc? I just discovered The Natural Soul from the back of the Alligator jacket, and I like that too :cool:
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  14. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Lou Donaldson's Midnight Creeper, first and foremost. It completes a trilogy with Alligator Bogaloo and Mr. Shing-A-Ling. Also check out Lou's early 60s albums like Here 'Tis, Gravy Train, and Good Gracious! Of course, he continued making popular soul jazz/funky records for Blue Note into the 70s.
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  15. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Any info on the 2016 vinyl version of this one? It seems like it came after the 75th titles or was it a late one of those. I guessing this might hurt it's chances of getting a Tone Poet release...thanks in advance.
  16. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    I didn’t know there was a 2016 version until now, and Discogs is scant on details. The original Van Gelder cut is pretty common in my neck of the woods.
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  17. Rob Zarzecki

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    New Jersey
    Thanks for the info Joe... A quick Google search shows she was everywhere back in the day!
  18. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    My local store got an original one a few weeks back and I missed it by one day...oh well. I don't think that 2016 version was part of the 75th series and I'm not about to try it without knowing more details if you will...thanks again!
  19. blutiga

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    There's also an Argo session with Grant Green and Billy Gardner on Hammond called Musty Rusty. It's a pretty darn good session, fits well with Good Gracious and Natural Soul. I found an excellent Stereo copy recently. Realising that the Argo masters are under question re-the fire, the vinyl may be the only source left for this session, as I don't think it was ever reissued aside from a European needle drop cd.
  20. geddy402

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    Everything I Play is Funky is another good Donaldson album. At least in my opinion...
  21. geddy402

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    Man, I want going to double dip with titles I already have but do I need to buy Alligator Boogaloo? I have a NM original, and have held to no duplicates so far... Same goes for Introducting Johnny Griffin.

    Anyone do any comparisons of these with originals?
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  22. Lonson

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    It's very encouraging to see that the 80th LP reissues are generating real interest in other titles on the label.
  23. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Those original Blue Notes sound so sweet. The copy I just got of "Speak No Evil" is the bomb! I wish I still had my original vinyl collection (many amazing Jazz records in there), I lost over 10,000 albums...had been collecting them since around 1962 or so...
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    What happened?
  25. aoxomoxoa

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    Probably a Scorpio

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