Bob Costas in talks to leave NBC

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. GroovyVinylDood

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    I was a fan of this in the 80's into the 90's but pretty much lost track of him after that - by choice. Times have changed and he's had a good run and I can honestly say I won't miss him on the sports scene. That said, I wonder who will replace him?
  2. Chris DeVoe

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    He has more money than he could ever spend - I think PBS would be an excellent fit, and NBC would be more comfortable seeing him go there than to one of their rivals.
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  3. Quakerism

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    I would quicker believe that the network out of respect has allowed this narrative of him fighting to be released from his contract to float even though the truth of the matter is NBC is wanting rid of him. He’s not good for ratings. Preparations are being made by the industry to graciously put him out to pasture.
  4. townsend

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    Did he ever . . . ever . . . take an unpopular stand -- e.g., siding with the athletes, calling out injustices against or mistreatment of athletes, etc.? I am just wondering, because while recognizing he is a sharp tack, I get the impression that he is a consummate "network" man, who would "kiss up" to management.
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  5. Comet01

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    This sentence seems like it came directly out of the Google translator.
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  6. The Hud

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    I have always enjoyed his Olympics hosting, but I also would like to fit in for a change.

    Burn Costas, BURN!
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  7. Chris DeVoe

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    Acknowledging that playing American football frequently causes traumatic brain injuries is enough to cause some to come after you with pitchforks.
  8. Wombat Reynolds

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    Get lost Costas.

    Cant stand that guy, his endless preaching. Anytime he comes on the Olympic programming, I change channels.

    Go away and take Snuffleupuguss (that preaching ***** on ABC) with you.
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  9. Comet01

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    Is that what is fueling this vitriol?
    Perhaps the Costas-haters tend to favor a certain color of bonnet.
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  10. Chris DeVoe

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    No idea. I don't watch any sports, but a friend of mine is an expert on concussions who served on the committees for both the NFL owners and the NFL players, and the anger and denial of those who don't wish to hear that football is destructive to the human brain is substantial. I can easily see him being the messenger that they wish to kill.
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  11. Comet01

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    For some "fans", CTE enhances the football-viewing experience.
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  12. AKA

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    People have been mad at him since he gave a commentary on guns right after Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and himself.
  13. Chris DeVoe

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    So that was a twofer - CTE and guns.

    My friend, by the way, was a longtime physician for the Chiefs, but I'm unsure whether or not he ever worked with Belcher.

    We've talked about the future of football. I'm of the opinion American football may not exist in 20 years time, mostly due to liability. Professional football is dependent upon college football, and college football is dependent upon High School football. And insurance costs are going to make high schools less and less willing to continue having football.
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  14. MRamble

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    I'm intrigued by this. Could you or someone else elaborate on this?
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  15. Duke Fame

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    Seems like he was one of the early adopters of taking sports political. Outside of a couple of examples in the 60's, sports and politics really didn't cross that often. Now ESPN is essentially a political network that sometimes shows games and highlights. Costas and Gumble would be the two guys you could legitimately point to as being responsible for that shift. And for me anyway, that shift has turned me off of sports for the most part.
  16. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    I'd say the principal reason that sports became political is public funding of stadiums and arenas. Many millions of tax dollars and tax abatements to pay for places where millionaires will play for billionaires. If not one penny of public funding went for arenas and stadiums, then politics wouldn't enter into it.
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  17. Duke Fame

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    Public funding of stadiums and players kneeling are both "politics" but two completely separate things. One has no bearing on the other.
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  18. Chris DeVoe

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    Yes, public funding of private commercial enterprises is a real thing that steals vital funds from the legitimate objectives of government - public safety, education, and the like. Whether one chooses to stand, sit, salute or kneel during the national anthem is utterly insubstantial. Personally, I don't care because it is truly terrible song and virtually unsingable. I much prefer America the Beautiful.
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  19. Drew

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    There are so many options in media these days I'm surprised that any sports or newscaster is loyal a particular network beyond their current contract.
  20. geoffr

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    He did a terrific interview with Pootie Tang.
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  21. Duke Fame

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    I agree with you almost 100%. While I probably prefer America the Beautiful as well, I don't have it in me to call the national anthem terrible. It's just hard to do well. But it can be done.
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  22. Comet01

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    Pootie Tang??

    Although I've not seen the interview, I would have to commend Costas if he was able to keep a straight face while announcing the interviewee's name.

    I'm curious as to whether Mr. Tang was asked if he's ever collaborated with Ted Nugent. I'm sure that those two artists would perform a bang-up version of "Wang Dang Sweet Pootie Tang".
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  23. curbach

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    It's the sort of thing you'd only notice and get worked up about if you are the kind of person that takes Sean Hannity seriously :)
  24. Grunge Master

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    I'd prefer listening or watching Costas, compared to Joe Buck.
  25. Since I learned that Francis Scott Key, who wrote our sacred National Anthem about the "Land Of The Free" was a slave owner, I don't have the same reverence for the song that I once did.

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