Bob Dylan 2021 - 2024 Tour Announced

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheGoodDoctor, Aug 28, 2021.

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  2. WHMusical

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    I'd be down to see Dylan one more time! :righton:

    Seen him about 7 times since 1993?

    Always here in California.

    He was playing in Milan when I was in Italy in the fall of 2015, but I could not convince my wife to go there!

    I hope to go to the Grand Opening of the BIG Dylan Museum in Tulsa, OK, next May, 2021, if possible.

    Been gathering together 80 - 4 - 80, 80 Dylan songs for his Eightieth Birthday year, spanning his whole career.

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  3. Ricky Lampoon

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    Rumour has it (again….) there will be an announcement tomorrow (Monday 27th September) of a US tour THIS YEAR.

    Info from Expecting Rain forum.
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  4. DotKom11

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  5. mike s in nyc

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    new york, NY
    I definitely have some up and down feelings about this- is it 'too soon' for us all? I'm here in NYC and so at least at the Beacon Theater shows, the audience must as per NYC regulations must show proof of vaccination- id feel better about that if i was in the audience. (Not sure, maybe someone here knows- is that proof of vacc. the same for the Capitol theater in port chester, westchester county, new york state?).

    Wondering if there will be a huge demand for this or not- last time I saw Bob, it was two shows of a ten night (!) sold out run at the Beacon Theater in nov/dec 2019. Great shows, too! its a somewhat different world now.

    also wondering- what band? the same as before? or the drummerless group (whoever it was) that he did 'shadow kingdom' with? either way, its gonna be interesting indeed!
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  6. rednax

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  7. Ricky Lampoon

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  8. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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    VIP Packages are available, which include amazing seats, exclusive merchandise, and collectible laminate!”
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  9. TheGoodDoctor

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    Sounds like it’s a world tour to 2024!
  10. dockofthebay

    dockofthebay Forum Resident

    I see this is officially advertised as the "Rough & Rowdy Ways World Wide Tour 2021 - 2024"

    Does this mean The Never-ending Tour has... ended?
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  11. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    So is the Neverending Tour over now?

    I realise Bob has never agreed with the banner of the Neverending tour to describe the last 30+ years of touring, but this seems to be the first explicit tour name for a long time, suggesting a break from the past.
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  12. Ricky Lampoon

    Ricky Lampoon Forum Resident

    The name The Never Ending Tour was not created by the Dylan management.

    Maybe Bob is planning to release a new album in 2025?
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  13. dockofthebay

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    I know that, but none of the recent tours had names at all. This one does.
  14. luckycountry

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    I know I'd be.
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  15. dylankicks

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    Oshkosh, WI
    It's official!!! Lots of new dates announced and, super exciting for me, the first show will be on November 2 at my absolute favorite venue to see Dylan at, the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee. I have seen him there numerous times and am thrilled I will be seeing him there again!
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  16. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    If this tour really goes through 2024, they might have to laminate Bob himself ... ;)
  17. Ricky Lampoon

    Ricky Lampoon Forum Resident

    Well, he does ‘contain multitudes’, maybe that includes a laminate coating. Sorry…….
    I’ll let myself out.
  18. LandHorses

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    New Joisey
    Port Chester is vaccine card or negative test 48 hours.

    The Wednesday show Thanksgiving Eve is my birthday, so possibly that and the Saturday and/or Sunday Beacon.
  19. 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

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    Brooklyn, NY
    "by the way, don't be bewildered by the Never Ending Tour chatter. there was a Never Ending Tour but it ended in '91 with the departure of guitarist G.E. Smith. that one's long gone but there have been many others since then. The Money Never Runs Out Tour (fall of '91) Southern Sympathizer Tour (early '92) Why Do You Look At Me So Strangley Tour (European '92) The One Sad Cry of Pity Tour (Australia & West Coast America '92) Principles Of Action Tour (Mexico -- South American '92) Outburst Of Consciousness Tour ('92) Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Tour('93) & others too many to mention each with their own character & design. to know which was which consult the playlists."
    -- Bob Dylan
  20. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    Total BS from the master of the art of BS.
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  21. RaceBannon

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    Ross Ice Shelf
    Wow, the 2 closest shows to me are the very first 2, close to the expensive Genesis Chicago show I'm going to. Hope there's a 2nd leg later. His last tour was great, saw 2 shows on that one.
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  22. RaceBannon

    RaceBannon Forum Resident

    Ross Ice Shelf
    I think His Bobness is coyly having fun in this post pandemic atmosphere by announcing a 3 year "world tour"....
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  23. shades

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    A show in Hershey PA! Perfect for me. :righton:
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  24. onlyconnect

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    Winchester, UK
    I would rather he put his feet up and wrote Chronicles II :)

  25. stereoptic

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