Bob Dylan - 50th Anniversary Collection: 1963

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Pigalle, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. Pigalle

    Pigalle Forum Resident Thread Starter

    United Kingdom
    This just in from


    We are very excited to announce that, following last years Badlands exclusive on Sony's 1962 CD set, we will be offering copies of a brand new limited edition 1963 vinyl box set. Once again this is an extremely limited release.
    Bob Dylan - 50th Anniversary Collection: 1963
    This is a x6 LP Vinyl set in a slipcase.
    The material is a mix of previously unreleased studio and live recordings from 1963.
    Price: £79.99 (plus postage)
    Release date: 2nd December
    Available to pre-order from 2:00pm today by telephone only on 01242 246242
    or in our shop at 9:00am on Monday 2nd December
    Further information, such as the track listing is not available at this time although we understand that it is a more lavish package than last years release - The image above is a mock up NOT the finished artwork!

    We know is that it's very limited and likely to sell out very quickly so please pre-order as soon as possible.

    We have been asked by Sony specifically NOT to sell this online. Our phone lines will be busy so please be patient when trying to get through.

    PS You can also pre-order the Black Friday vinyl compilation "Sidetracks" from 2:00pm today (subject to availability) and save on shipping!


    P.P.S. For those outside the UK on sale time is one hour 37 minutes from when this was posted to the forum.
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  2. bubba-ho-tep

    bubba-ho-tep Resident Ne'er-Do-Well

    Wylie, TX
    So, only on vinyl this time? In the words of the Rolling Stones: Grrrrrrr!
  3. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    What's on it?
  4. bubba-ho-tep

    bubba-ho-tep Resident Ne'er-Do-Well

    Wylie, TX
    Well, I tried but the hassles of using an international calling card from the States only to get a busy signal got the better of me. I guess they're going the vinyl route this year to prevent people from downloading the set. Whatever.
  5. popmat

    popmat Forum Resident

    London, Canada

    I grow weary of limited release stuff......and the hoops to go through to get them...
  6. Squiggsy68

    Squiggsy68 Forum Resident

    Thanks to the OP for the heads up.

    Just ordered, and the girl who took the order was lovely. Must drop into that store next time I'm in that part of England.

    Having picked up 'Masterpieces' in one of my favourite Brighton shops for £25 earlier today (vinyl looks mint, cover is a bit scuffed) it's been a good Bob day.
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  7. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious Forum Resident

    North East England
    This is Freewheelin' stuff Slane
  8. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    Not 'Times' stuff too?
  9. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    I got one!

    Figure the rarity of this thing justifies the cost. :)

    Was surprised to get through on the first call attempt. Phone rang about 15 times, but eventually was answered. The guy said a "few" were still left to order.
  10. Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold Forum Resident

    In 1963 there were the last Freewheelin' session and 6 full studio sessions for The Times They Are A-Changin' album plus the live recordings. Clearly this limited, 6 vinyl release set doesn' t seem to include all the material in the vaults, also only considering the full, complete takes. I'd expect the next weeks for really knowing what's up with the The Bob Dylan Copyright Collection for this year. By the way, for the vinyl lovers, this is a very interesting release.
  11. Themigou

    Themigou Forum Resident

    Apparently, it's mostly Times... sessions and live shows. Copies should be shipping in just over a week, so confirmation won't be long. It does sound like a more attractive package than vol.1 (although that's not difficult, considering they were CDrs in plastic sleeves), with the LPs housed in a slipcase (the word 'lavish' was used, but who knows). Badlands also considered it possible that Sony will release one of these sets per year, until the point that there's no legal imperative to continue.
  12. Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold Forum Resident

    Someone on Expecting Rain has posted the tracklist. Only 6 tracks from the studio sessions. I had counted at least 30 full takes. Clearly this release isn't enough for all the copyright purposes.

    LP1-Side A "Columbia Studios"
    1. Eternal Circle-take 4 8-12-63
    2.Percy's Song- take 1 10-23-63
    3.That's alright,Mama/Sally free and easy - take 1 10-23-63
    4.Hero Blues- take 3 8-12-63
    5.East Laredo Blues-take 1 10-23-63
    6.New Orleans Rag - take 2 10-24-63

    Side B Gerde's Folk City 2-8-63 ("The Banjo Tape")
    1.Lonesome River Edge
    2.Back Door Blues
    3.Bob Dylan's Dream
    4.You can get her
    6.All over you
    7. Masters of war
    9.Keep your Hands off her
    10.Honey babe
    11.Goin' back to Rome

    LP 2 Side C
    1. Ballad of Holis Brown (Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. 3-3-63)
    2.Girl from the North Country
    3. Only a Hobo (both songs Oscar Brand Show/World of Music March 63)

    Town Hall 4-12-63
    4.Ramblin' down through the world
    5.Bob Dylan's Dream
    6. Talkin' New York
    7. Hiding too long

    Side D Town Hall 4-12-63
    1.Ballad of Hollis Brown
    2. Walls of red Wing
    3. All over you
    4. John Birch Paranoid Blues
    5. Boots of Spanish Leather

    LP 3- Side E (Town Hall cont.)
    1.Hero Blues
    2. John Brown
    3.Hard Rain's gonna fall
    4.Dusty old Fairgrounds
    5.Who killed Davey Moore

    Side F (Town Hall cont.)
    1.Seven Curses
    2. Highway 51
    3.Pretty Peggy-O
    4. Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
    5. Don't think twice, it's alright
    6.With God on our Side

    LP 4 -Side G (Home of Eve and Marie McKenzie 4-18-63)
    1.James Alley Blues
    2.Long Time gone
    3.Only a Hobo
    4. Untitled Blues Jam
    5. Hard Rain gonna fall

    The Bear,Chicago 4-25-63
    6.Honey, just allow me one more Chance
    7. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues

    Side H (The Bear 4-25-63)
    1.Bob Dylan's Dream
    2. Ballad of Hollis Brown
    3.Talkin' World War 3 Blues
    4. Hard Rain's gonna fall
    5. With God on our Side

    LP 5 - Side I
    (WFMT Rdio Studio-Studs Terkel Wax Museum 4-26-63)
    2. Hard Rain's gonna fall
    3.Bob Dylan's Dream
    4. Boots of Spanish Leather
    5. John Brown

    Sde J
    (Studs Terkel 4-26-63)
    1.Who killed Davey Moore
    2. Blowin in the Wind

    Songs of Freedom-WNEW TV Studios 7-30-63
    3. Blowin' in the Wind
    4.Only a Pawn in their Game

    LIncoln Memorial.March on Washington 8-28-63
    5. When the Ship comes in (with Joan baez)
    6. Only a Pawn in their Game

    LP 6 - Side K
    Carnegie Hall 10-26-63
    1.Blowin' in the Wind
    2.Percy's Song
    3.Seven Curses
    4.Walls of red Wing

    Side L (Carnegie Hall 10-26-63)
    1.Talkin' World war 3 Blues
    2.Don't think twice, it's alright
    3.Only a pawn in their Game
    4.Masters of war
    5.Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
  13. stepeanut

    stepeanut Only the innocent can lie with conviction

    But it does protect the majority of material from 1963 that is in general circulation, amongst collectors, from enterprising public-domain labels. Which, at the end of the day, is the purpose of this set. It seems to me Sony have put a little more thought into it than they did with last year's 1962 set; that one seemed like an end-of-year rush job.
  14. Willowman

    Willowman Forum Resident

    London, UK
    That looks amazing - guess they're all sold out now?
  15. rihajarvi

    rihajarvi Forum Resident

    wow, that's a pretty damn good track list. you'll be hard-pressed to find a better snapshot of bob dylan the protest singer than this collection.

    with that said, let's break out the tweezers for a moment - a good chunk of town hall is there but it's still missing a couple of tracks (probably because they're on other releases). i wish they'd put out the full town hall and carnegie shows of '63 already, perhaps not as a bootleg series installment but maybe under the "in concert" banner, like brandeis.

    also on a personal note i'm all for this vinyl revival going on but i'm just not sure about these massive box sets. the beauty of a record is its relative brevity; this is - what - 70+ tracks all in all? six discs!? any digital format is better suited for these types of archive releases, imo, so i really hope there will be one.
  16. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Dayton Ohio
    Anybody get one?
  17. stepeanut

    stepeanut Only the innocent can lie with conviction

    There's one heading my way. Hopefully, it'll arrive sometime this week.
  18. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Dayton Ohio
    Lucky dog
  19. Lonson

    Lonson Just a Lucky So-and-so

    Putting it out on vinyl. . .means one of these pirate labels would only have needledrops to sell, not digital versions.
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  20. jamiesjamies

    jamiesjamies Forum Resident

    Leeds, England
    I'm glad I got of the Dylan vinyl bus when I saw this one. At one time I would be going crazy for it but the hoops record companies and retailers are making consumers go through are making it very difficult. Before long they are going to force people go on treasure hunts or wrestle each other in jelly to be allowed to buy items, or face the horror of paying 10 times as much on eBay!
  21. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Dayton Ohio
    So these are sold out, right?
  22. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Senior Member

    Can Sony be charged with the Crime of not making this a general release???

    (gnashes teeth in quiet desperation)
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  23. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Dayton Ohio
    Maybe Sony could do a limited set of both Copyright extenstion sets in a box or something so we can all have it.
    Come on Sony, have a heart!
  24. stepeanut

    stepeanut Only the innocent can lie with conviction

    Giving the set a general release would defeat Sony's purpose here. They don't necessarily want this material available in every record shop in the world -- at least not all of it, and not all at once. They want to protect their future interest, and prevent the market from being flooded with substandard public domain releases.

    I was in my local branch of HMV today. There must have been ten public domain releases in the Dylan vinyl rack, and several more in the CDs.

    Sony aren't releasing this mega-limited box set to piss-off collectors; that just happens to be a by-product of their long-term business plan.
  25. inaptitude

    inaptitude Forum Resident

    Hopefully it serves as a sign that they are looking to officially release some of this stuff.

    Not sure whether to add an "LOL" to the end of that sentence or not.
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