Bob Dylan Album, "Fallen Angels" (05/20/2016) *

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dark Horse 77, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Senior Member

    My fave on this album is "Skylark" but the whole album is really great. LOVE Bob's dark, countrified take on "All or Nothing at All".
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  2. wanderer1

    wanderer1 Forum Resident

    so I guess Things You Said Today was the 23rd song?
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  3. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    If only he sang "Things You Said Today" in the same voice he's used for the Sinatra discs. He sounds like he was gargling razorblades on the Beatles cover...
  4. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    Triplicate is better. Give it a go.
  5. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious Forum Resident

    North East England
    Thanks. I did. Not for me.
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  6. Same here. Some of the vocals are laugh out loud bad, his worst ever. I struggle to comprehend how anyone could enjoy a sub- karioki take on some of these standards. Fair enough for those who can but I'd much rather hear a proper singer with a vocal range tackle some of these songs. The so-called live, one take approach without overdubs is all very laudable if the results are good. If they are likely to induce raucous laughter from unsuspecting listeners, maybe not so much!
  7. phillyal1

    phillyal1 Forum Resident

    philadelphia, pa.
    I just got "Fallen Angels" on vinyl (used). Pleasantly surprised with the sound and performances. I know how many folks here complain about "new' pressings, but this sounds fine.
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