Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (Mofi Ultradisc One-Step 45rpm 2LP vinyl)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DotKom11, May 15, 2019.

  1. DPC

    DPC Forum Resident

    FWIW, I ordered July 4 and received notice yesterday of FedEx planned shipping 8/12 and delivery 8/14 (Virginia).
  2. masterbucket

    masterbucket Senior Member

    Georgia US
    I ordered 2 some time ago(one for brother in law) and got them at 99.99 each.
    Guess it was worth the wait.
  3. DotKom11

    DotKom11 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Every site I've seen has this listed at $125 and not eligible for further discounts. Where did you find it for $99.99?
  4. John D.

    John D. Forum Resident

    That was the original price before they raised it to $125.
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  5. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    Anyone hear this yet?
  6. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    Thanks I ordered via Badlands UK. Helps to avoid a bit of the charges for administering tax/duties etc. I have loads of MFSL stuff dating back to when they really were Mobile Fidelity. Sending a faulty record back and forth across the Atlantic if you do it legally ie declare the value would cost a fair bit and unless the record was unplayable I would not both really bother.
    I am sure the MFSL One Step BOTT will be fine but I would be really pleased if it was a version with the first 7 tracks at their original speed.
  7. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    You are here
    Going third party does save a little. The direct way brings excessive shipping charges, usually double what the true value is! But MoFi don't like that and wont support their product if their is an issue.

    To send a replacement disc is [give or take] to the UK $13. That will not draw duty or tax. In the days of convenient digital, I could have and offered to send a photo of the dished record. I could have sent them a video of the destruction of the faulty disc if required but they just don't support third party.
    The rim of my dished MoFi 1 step Gaye record was 25 - 30mm off the platter. So even if it was technically playable it would not present the audible return that this pressing was designed / intended to do.
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  8. RPepper

    RPepper Member

    I received my two copies (that I ordered together) today . They are numbered, interestingly enough - 1881 and 3744. One from the top of the pile and one from the bottom? Will be listening tonight!
  9. Toddarino

    Toddarino Total Hunk

    A question to those that have received theirs. Does the set itself come sealed in plastic? Either a bag or cellophane?
    Mine is arriving today and I’m stuck at work. Just saw that it’s gonna rain.
  10. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    Anyone feel that they are slightly rushing these out now? They are selling anyway out so money talks....
  11. IGD Positive

    IGD Positive Forum Resident

    Inner groove
    Pretty sure that all of the MoFi One-Step releases have been sealed in cellophane.
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  12. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    I had thought that I ordered as soon as they were available, the price was at $125. at that point. I got number o478, or possibly 0418 hard to tell (?).. I have not opened up it yet, as my TT has an issue at the moment.
    The box comes well packed in an oversized box, the LP box is indeed sealed in
    shrink wrap also.
  13. Nephrodoc

    Nephrodoc Forum Resident

    All of my other One Steps have come sealed
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  14. Gdgray

    Gdgray In the basement mixing up the medicine

    SW Florida
    Received # 393 in Tampa today. It's covered in plastic in substantial box by the way.
    Set was in perfect condition , inserts, LP covers not scratched. Records were perfect , no non fills, no scratches ,no blemishes., Flat and shiny.
    Played both records and I would describe sound as spacious with good depth. Dylan's voice was centered and out front, very clear. Very even sounding , good details on guitars and bass. Someone mentioned his harmonica playing and I didn't find it too loud either .I compared to Mofi 33 , Mofi SACD, More Tracks and Test Pressing. Close to Mofi 33 but definitely more cleaner airy sound. Made SACD sound closed and smaller. While I enjoyed the NYC Test Pressing tracks , I prefer Minnesota tracks on the one step. Overall The One Step has a very intimate presence. To me it had the same feel as the One Step Evans VV. By the by I have PIJ and enjoy it very much as well. Definitely felt it was worth the cost. Highly recommend Dylan Mono Mofi's as well and BOB.

    On to Monk and Mingus.
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  15. maui jim

    maui jim Forum Resident

    West of NYC
    Same. Neighbor is suppose to take it off my porch. Not back til 19.
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  16. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Follower of Hi-Fi

    New Mexico USA
    Based on the thread so far, this is one of the most exciting and high-quality ordering and delivery experiences in the whole Bob Dylan canon.
  17. baroquehoedown33

    baroquehoedown33 Beatles & Disney Freak

    Listening now. I am loving what I’m hearing. Definitely more detailed and “cleaner” than the original MFSL. Bob’s voice is very real and present in the room. Drums are detailed. Guitars are warm but not dull. However, the LPs were rife with debris and dust, and the second LP jacket is scratched to hell. Tiny bits of paper or something we’re all over both discs. I got it all off with my various record brushes. No sound quality issues yet though, disc one sounds great so far. Just a tiny bit of surface noise on side 2, probably a result of the debris. I don’t have a good RCM but I bet one trip around on a VPI or Pro-Ject RCM would fix that up.
  18. baroquehoedown33

    baroquehoedown33 Beatles & Disney Freak

    Well, I spoke too soon. "Idiot Wind" has clicks all over it. Disc 2 was filthy, littered with debris. Some of it was so bad that there was paper embedded in the groove! I can't get it out no matter what. Additionally, there are smudges all over the record itself.

    This is going straight back for a replacement at Music Direct.

    Quality control much, MoFi?
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  19. Newguy444

    Newguy444 Forum Resident

    New york
    you know, even if you were the sole unlucky bastard to have received this dirty copy, that is one too many. At this price, they should all be clean as a whistle right out of the box. what crap. mofi needs to get its**** together and start improving their quality control. Barbecue this is total garbage.
  20. baroquehoedown33

    baroquehoedown33 Beatles & Disney Freak

    Thanks for the moral support, I agree. I don't know why they can't get it right. I'm sure I'm one of the only ones, but seriously, for this kind of money, it should be flawless right out of the box.
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  21. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    Pretty much my sentiments exactly. The UD1S version sounds great and I’m glad to have it. The original vinyl, standard MoFi and SACD also sound excellent. I think in the case of the UD1S I notice more detail in the mids and highs and a richer sense of space. The bass may be a little less forward but is still very well defined. Pretty fun listen.

    I have even less need for another copy of Fragility but sign me up. I’m in.
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  22. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    I don’t disagree, but why do you have to drag delicious barbecue into this ordeal? :)
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  23. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Senior Member

    New York
    It’s RTI. They’ve become the pressing plant equivalent of GZ.
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  24. baroquehoedown33

    baroquehoedown33 Beatles & Disney Freak

    Yikes. That's unfortunate. When did they go downhill? They were revered for a long time, I always thought seeing the "Pressed at RTI" stickers ensured quality. Maybe not anymore.
  25. Newguy444

    Newguy444 Forum Resident

    New york
    I really don't know. Just *because* maybe.....
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