Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Vol. XII "The Cutting Edge"*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Abbey Road, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. timnor

    timnor Forum Resident

    Thanks. Yes I realised I was just interested to know what it cost when it was in print inclusive shipping and taxes.
  2. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    Wasn't The Cutting Edge available briefly on a memory stick / thumb drive
    in a little blue box, or was that a bootleg?
  3. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

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  4. mtruslow

    mtruslow Forum Resident

    Towson, Maryland
    I’d take it. At this point. Maybe CBS would consider it like they did with the harmonica Dylan catalogue.
  5. streetlegal

    streetlegal Forum Resident

    Could some kind person remind me which take of "Tom Thumb's Blues" this is . . . I think I prefer it to the "original"? I assume it's on my 6CD collection, but can't remember right now:

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  6. Percy Song

    Percy Song Tom's Tambourine Man

    It's Take 3, which appears on all five versions of The Cutting Edge, but it has been edited down for this video from 5:39-ish to 3:07-ish.
  7. streetlegal

    streetlegal Forum Resident

    Thanks, Percy. The editing down threw me.
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