Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Vol. XII "The Cutting Edge"*

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    I (and presumably many others in the UK, US and elsewhere) first heard about it in the November 1969 issue of Rolling Stone:

    Bringing It All Back Home
    Dylan broke loose as a rock and roll singer on this album, with “On the Road Again,” “Outlaw Blues,” and “115th Dream,” but it was “If You Gotta Go, Go Now,” a natural, sexy rock and roll song, that had hinted at what was going to happen on Bringing It All Back Home. Dylan had been performing this number acoustically for some time, and it never failed to stop the show, as laughter and cheers broke over the singer’s grin as he smiled back to the crowd: “It’s not that I’m questioning you/ To take part in any kinda quiz/ It’s just that I ain’t got no watch/ And you keep asking me what time it is.” A “Let’s Spend the Night Together” with jokes. Supposedly set for American release in 1967, it seems clear that the cut was recorded as part of the sessions for Bringing It All Back Home:the piano-styled guitar of Bruce Langhorne is a delight, as are the back-up vocals, which seem quite girlish. It was released as a single in Europe in 1967 (b/w “To Ramona”) and is still available in the Benelux markets (CBS 2921). Manfred Mann’s excellent version prompted Dylan to announce that they did his material more justice than anyone else. “It’s not that I’m asking/ For anything you never gave before/ It’s just that I’ll be sleeping soon/ And it’ll be too dark for you to find the door.”
    Bob Dylan: Breaking Down The Incomplete Discography

    I finally got hold of a copy last year. :)
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    I'm just exploring the 2CD version of this, and I'm laughing and loving "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - Take 8, Alternate Take" with the car horns and phone ringing. Amazing. This is solid gold. This may be blasphemous, but I think this should have been on the album. It has a Highway 61 Revisited vibe to it.
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    The Bootleg Series lets us wonder what it would be like if the more unusual takes instead been chosen for the original albums – and been played a million times since – meaning the familiar-to-us album versions instead would have surfaced only decades later. Would we be arguing that the "newly released" straight-blues "Pill-Box Hat" should have replaced the phone-ringing take on Blonde on Blonde? Or would we have been so accustomed to the phone ringing (like the "H61R" police whistle) that we would have been happy to hear the non-phone version eventually but agreed it was best as an outtake?

    Personally, I think this song is one case where I CERTAINLY prefer keeping the novelty version a novelty.

    Actually, come to think of it, as much as we criticize Dylan's decisions about what gets put on albums in terms of adding or subtracting entire songs, I think in situations where different versions of the same song are available, I'm generally always happy with the one they chose to use as the "official."

    The only exception for me is "Someday Baby" – I think the BS8 version is stupendous, while the Modern Times version feels serviceable but not much more. I wonder he wanted so much to pay homage to an existing arrangement but, in doing so, missed out on giving a more unique character to the song – and a hell of a vocal at that. Anyway, that's off-topic. But really, every time someone suggests "this should have been on the album!" I think I have always disagreed, even when I do love the new-to-us take a lot!
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    My tastes in Dylan lean much more towards the H61 sound (especially his voice), so I will give any outtake from Blonde on Blonde that sounds like H61 the edge.

    Having listened to more Live 1966 than BOB, I suddenly realized his voice from the live 1966 shows is right there on BOB - I'm not really a fan. However, I'm watching No Direction Home, and I'm realizing Bob did live 1965 recordings of H61 material with his H61 voice, and I'm beyond excited to try and get my hands on some.

    A question to those who know: were any of Bob's live 1965 shows with the electric section professionally recorded (besides Newport)?
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    It has been said that the 01 October 1965 Carnegie Hall show was professionally recorded on behalf of Albert Grossman. Apparently he kept the tapes and they were stolen right after his death. No recordings from this concert, audience or otherwise, have circulated. It may have been the the live debut of "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
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    Yeah, I'm right with you on the H61R voice over the BoB voice. It's a shame we have to rely on audience recordings for the first shows with a backing band, as they sound very different from 1966. On the other hand, the audience recordings are how we know this, so I guess we're lucky nonetheless!
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    Bob Dylan Singles Collection
    Introducing the “Bob Dylan Singles Collection,” capturing artwork from some of his greatest singles on apparel, canvas wall art and more. Explore the collection today.

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    How does the vinyl sound on this "Best of the Cutting Edge" set? Is $70 a good deal on the 3LP/2CD box?
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    I cannot believe that the official ballad version of “Visions of Johanna” made the cut on Blonde on Blonde over the uptempo outtake. The uptempo outtake wipes the floor with the version that was chosen. What were they thinking? I’ll never understand it. Same deal with the outtake of “New Morning” with horns on Another Self Portrait. Mind boggling to me that that was rejected and the “official’ mix was chosen. Finally, to my ears, the “Most of the Time” acoustic demo or whatever it is on Tell Tale Signs destroys the official album version.

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    Funny, my canvas bag that I carry is falling apart and I've been meaning to get a new one... which I did last night before this collection was announced. But I ordered a Dylan bag today too.
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    I heavily prefer the album ballad version of Visions
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    As do I, and although my favourite version is Take 14 the album version beats the faster version hands down.
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    I am new to this thread. I bought the blue box 5 years ago and, it may be strange, but...I didn't realize about the link to download 1965 tour concerts!
    Now I tried the link on that mail and it didn't work or better it said that the site is under maintenance...
    Maybe, no one forgot such opportunity, but does anyone know anything helpful on this trouble?
    Thanks for any chat...
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    Not sure if already stated here but looks like the May/June release date has been pushed back to later in the year according to Derek Barker at Isis
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    Gulfport, Florida my personal Dylan database, I try to add things like quotation marks around "'Love And Theft'" and "Dont Look Back" without the apostrophe. "4th Time Around" instead of "Fourth Time Around". But although I did add the question mark at the end of "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?", I never noted the significance of the underlined 'you' until today. Hope my bootleg version of Works database lets me add this.
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    That would make sense as Dylan hits 80 in May and I’m sure some “ more commercial” product is planned around that event.

    peace and love✌Dave
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    It was posted in the speculation/update thread for V16

    Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Volume 16
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    If it serves of anything, i wrote to Columbia Records via Bob's webpage (in the item Contact Us) explaining to them that i was never able to download the Mp3's which came with The Original Mono Boxset and a few days later they sent me a link for download. I bought that box set in 2011 and ten years later i suddenly realized that i needed Positively 4th Street in mono, so i asked them (i sent them my old code) and they replied, no matter the time in between...
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    I suppose this download was only available when you bought the mono box from Bob's website? Can't find anything in my box. I would love to have the mono version of Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? cause it turned me on to Dylan.
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    The download that came with the mono box set is only for MP3 files. And it wasn’t exclusive to the Dylan website. IIRC, there is a download card inside the box.

    You can find the mono version of “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” on CD on Biograph and the Japanese Singles Collection. This is just off the top of my head; there may be other CD sources for this track that I’m not remembering at the moment.
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    This is my download card that came with the mono box (code removed):

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    It is in mono on my copy of "The Essential Bob Dylan".
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