Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Volume 15 (Travelin’ Thru 1967-1969 (1st November 2019) *

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  1. I like it too.
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    Not that anybody cares, but I kinda wanted to throw my hat in the ring with my opinion on this new Travelin' Thru set, along with the Bootleg Series (and it's future) as a whole.

    First off, I'll say that when it comes to archival releases, I am one that gets the most excited for truly unreleased songs. Not usually alternate takes and whatnot, but sometimes something really special will grab me. And live versions, well it depends. Usually if it's a song that isn't much performed my ears may prick up a bit more. So saying all this, I wasn't sure how much there would be for me that would get me interested in a set that tried to get us the best of the 1967-1969 unreleased material. But I was very happy to see two previously unreleased Dylan originals, "Wanted Man" and "Western Road." I also don't think I've heard many of the Cash duets besides "Girl from the North Country" so I'm psyched that at the least there'll be a few things I'll be into. Perhaps "One Too Many Mornings"? That seems to nearly always be a song Dylan can reinvent along with his current style (1966 tour performances, the Basement Tapes version, and the Hard Rain version, to name a few).

    Now at the same time while I get why certain people want the deep dives. I guess they like studying this material and what have you. And an artist like Dylan perhaps deserves that. But at least for myself, as a father in his mid 30s, with a full time job, I neither have the time nor really the interest to go through three or four takes of the same song most of the time, when I have the version that the artist himself picked as best to listen to. Now occasionally, you get that certain alternate that really sheds new light on a song, or sometimes just plain beats out the released version. And I admit, none of this is a sure thing on my part, as I own both the big blue Cutting Edge set along with the deluxe More Blood, More Tracks, as both have things on them that I felt I really wanted to have in my collection. But at the same time, I wouldn't say I bought those to have all those takes, I bought them cuz there were things on both that made it so I felt like I should buy them.

    I don't think we should just expect (or demand) that Dylan (or any other artist for that matter) should give us a complete insight into their creative process. If Dylan and his team feel that JWH didn't necessarily need to have more than seven alternate tracks represented on this set, then so be it. I trust them to curate for us. Unlike certain other artists I don't think anybody is trying to "save" anything for a future release or anything. I think they for the most part are giving us the best of what's in the vault (though I will admit that the lack of that booted version of "Caribbean Wind" on Trouble No More was a bit perplexing).

    The main reason you won't hear me complain is that I now own official copies of the piano version of "She's Your Lover Now" and the achingly beautiful "On A Rainy Afternoon" from the final disc of Cutting Edge, "Dreaming of You" from Tell Tale Signs and the absolutely wonderful "Stand By Faith" from Trouble No More not to mention a bunch of other jewels. Dylan and I'm surely especially Jeff Rosen and his team have really set the bar for opening up the vaults and giving us fans a chance to hear it.

    However, I will admit the makeup of some the sets leave me scratching my head. Like for instance, I still don't understand why perhaps Another Self Portrait couldn't have have included stuff from John Wesley Harding through perhaps the Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid soundtrack. I think you coulda set that up with perhaps five to eight discs and still had it tightly curated with not a lot of alternate versions and live material, as the 1969 set with The Band would still be included. But it is what it is, and regardless, I'm enjoying a lot of this stuff anyways.
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    Then, I'm glad you're happy, though I still can't figure out why you would want it. I still listen to Another Self Portrait and look through the books, but this would never leave my shelf, and I'd be paying $30 for an entirely useless ornament. I'll stream the first few tracks, and that's good enough for me.
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    I believe you about the 60 cycle hum, although I haven't noticed anything unusual on my copy. Never put that one headphones, has always been a background listen.

    Nashville Skyline Quad is something I am a little more crazy about. There are various mix-down transfers to CD from LP "out there" and I've heard one of the better ones. It has a rocking reverb and bigger presence overall, not to mention longer versions (with extra music) on a few songs. Not a game changer but if you have heard the album enough, it's a blast to have an alternate version.

    Dylan in Quad should get a modern re-visit, although I'd lack the equipment to hear it as intended.
  5. asdf35

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    Thinking also of my introduction to these albums, in the 90's there was a "3-Pack" of JWH/NS and New Morning. Coming off the outrageous high of discovering Dylan and rabidly consuming Freewheelin' through Blonde on Blonde, this "3-pack" was definitely a speed bump. I took to JWH a little quicker but NS and NM took an extra month to acclimate (eventually becoming favorites). But it was a great package and my first Dylan "box set." These all fit together in a block, maybe in hindsight the Bootleg Series should have handled them together.

    It's kind of corny, but getting these albums sure was fun. Love, jobs and responsibilities had to wait, man.

  6. Champagne Boot

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    Only masterpiece there is Bob's blazer.
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    Looks good to me, I always listen to Dylan in context, and this will fill in some of the blank spots in the 1969 playlist. I'm hoping for the full kitchen sink treatment of the 1970 sessions someday as well.
  8. Guy Smiley

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    Fine. Whatever. I’m looking forward to it. If anything, a smaller scale set right now is a good thing.

    My only gripe is that a matching DVD of the TV performances would’ve been good.
  9. Man at C&A

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    I loved picking up Dylan albums randomly as I found them. I bought them on vinyl when cheap records were everywhere in the 90s. I remember on the way home going into a newly opened second hand clothes shop and coming out with originals of Desire and Nashville Skyline for £2 each. I also walked past a second hand washing machine shop and there was an original of his debut for £2 in the window! The owner had brought them in to sell. There was also Highway 61 which I bought for a friend and I got original Otis Redding and Everly Brothers LPs too. I miss the days of cheap records, but miss the unpredictability of it all even more.

    New Morning is my favourite 'not obvious' Dylan album. I absolutely love it.
  10. Man at C&A

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    I'm looking forward to it too. Those big sets were too much for me to be honest, both in expense and to take in. I like to listen to other artists too!
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  11. Guy Smiley

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    Definitely. As much as I love last year’s set, I haven’t gone back to it much after my initial flurry of listening. Maybe I’ll give it a spin this weekend. A smaller set is just less to take in, and I think these sessions will be fun enough that I’ll go back to them.
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  12. Rob Hughes

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    Okay, hive. Surely we have some image editors or whatever reading this thread.
    What's the story with the bottom curve of the guitar? Any likely story for why it looks like that?
  13. Man at C&A

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    To be honest, I've only copied the big sets of Cutting Edge, Bootleg Series and Rolling Thunder from friends who are better off than me and bought the two disc sets. I find the 2 discs sets very enjoyable and find the repetition a bit much on the larger sets. It's great that they've put all this stuff out there though and we have the choice. The whole Bootleg Series has been wonderfully done with a mind blowing amount of great material.
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    I'd hazard a guess that the original photo crops off the bottom of the guitar, and they've decided to photoshop it on, by lifting bits of the rest of the guitar from the rest of the image. But an element of 'free hand drawing' was needed.
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    Holy hell. I didn't even notice the misshapen guitar until now. That's terrible. Goes beyond the intentionally "bootleg looking" art style.
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  16. Guy Smiley

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    No shame in that. This stuff gets expensive! I share music with friends too, and vice versa.

    I don’t/couldn’t buy all the sets in this series. I had no interest at all in the “Bible Bob” collection, and while I was happy to get a copy of the Isle of Wight show I wasn’t interested in all of the Self-Portrait stuff in that particular set. (Some of the set is quite good, but not enough of it for me to really care) So, yeah, I had someone hook me up with the lsle of Wight show.

    More Blood, More Tracks is really great but it is repetitive, and I can only listen to that so much. But a set like Tell Tale Signs is pretty much perfect in both size and scope.

    I also wish They’d go back to some more live, two-disc sets like like Live 1964, 1966, 1975, and Royal Albert Hall. Would love to see a good “Live 1976,” not to mention something from the Petty tour, and some NET shows (Hello, “Supper Club”!) too.

    By contrast, I’m sure plenty of fans here love the recent RTR box. But I gave some of that a listen and I found that way too repetitive for my tastes. I’ll stick with Live 1975 myself. It’s a compilation, but a great one.
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  17. Man at C&A

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    I didn't bother with Bible Bob either, but I might because the 2 CD is very cheap. I loved the Another Self Portrait 2 CD but don't have Isle of Wight. None of my friends bought that one and I already have the original Self Portrait, so it's too much for just the live disc.

    Tell Tale Signs is superb. I haven't got More Blood yet, but I'll just be getting the single CD or vinyl in time. The Rollin' Thunder box seems great and I've played a couple of discs, but the 2 CD from a few years back is fantastic and I feel that it's enough. I really wish I'd got the Blood On The Tracks RSD acetate vinyl, but it was very difficult to get here. I have a great quality cassette deck I'm really enjoying using recently, so I'll tape it from a friend soon.
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  18. HominyRhodes

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    Ttravelin' Thru Track Times
    (copied and reformatted from A p p l e M u s i c )

    Of special note: Wanted Man (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:11

    1 Drifter's Escape (Take 1) 2:32
    2 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Take 2) 3:50
    3 All Along the Watchtower (Take 3) 2:31
    4 John Wesley Harding (Take 1) 2:47
    5 As I Went Out One Morning (Take 1) 4:22
    6 I Pity the Poor Immigrant (Take 4) 2:32
    7 I Am a Lonesome Hobo (Take 4) 2:56
    8 I Threw It All Away (Take 1) 2:23
    9 To Be Alone with You (Take 1) 2:26
    10 Lay, Lady, Lay (Take 2) 3:24
    11 One More Night (Take 2) 2:38
    12 Western Road (Take 1) 4:07
    13 Peggy Day (Take 1) 2:07
    14 Tell Me That It Isn't True (Take 2) 2:07
    15 Country Pie (Take 2) 2:06

    1 I Still Miss Someone (Take 5) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:35
    2 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right / Understand Your Man (Rehearsal) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:21
    3 One Too Many Mornings (Take 3) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 4:06
    4 Mountain Dew (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:34
    5 Mountain Dew (Take 2) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 1:50
    6 I Still Miss Someone (Take 2) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:24
    7 Careless Love (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 6:48
    8 Matchbox (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:05
    9 That's All Right, Mama (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:41
    10 Mystery Train / This Train Is Bound for Glory (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:11
    11 Big River (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:03
    12 Girl from the North Country (Rehearsal) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:04
    13 Girl from the North Country (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:29
    14 I Walk the Line (Take 2) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:40
    15 Guess Things Happen That Way (Rehearsal) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 1:14
    16 Guess Things Happen That Way (Take 3) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 1:45
    17 Five Feet High and Rising (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 1:36
    18 You Are My Sunshine (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:16
    19 Ring of Fire (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:00

    1 Studio Chatter Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 0:20
    2 Wanted Man (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:11
    3 Amen (Rehearsal) 1:39
    4 Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:36
    5 Jimmie Rodgers Medley No. 1 (Take 1) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2:55
    6 Jimmie Rodgers Medley No. 2 (Take 2) Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:35
    7 I Threw It All Away (Live on the Johnny Cash Show) [Mono] 2:21
    8 Living the Blues (Live on the Johnny Cash Show) [Mono] 2:31
    9 Girl from the North Country (Live on the Johnny Cash Show) [Mono] Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 3:19
    10 Ring of Fire (Outtake) 2:27
    11 Folsom Prison Blues (Outtake) 3:46
    12 Earl Scruggs Interview (with Earl Scruggs) [Mono] 0:41
    13 East Virginia Blues (with Earl Scruggs) [Mono] 2:34
    14 To Be Alone with You (Mono) 2:37
    15 Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (with Earl Scruggs) [Mono] 1:51
    16 Nashville Skyline Rag - Bob Dylan & Earl Scruggs 1:51
  19. Gdgray

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    It could just be your everyday case of OCD, but Dylan is one artist I visit his recordings often.
    I enjoy hearing his songs repeated such as Trouble No More or 1966 Live Recordings. IMO Dylan is like Miles or Billie Holliday the way he can take the same song and sing it differently....not just different but with new emphasis on his phrasing almost different meaning.

    No doubt I’m buying.

    I mean we’re talking Dylan.

  20. Man at C&A

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    Dylan's phrasing on the Rolling Thunder Revue blew me away! I don't not enjoy the repeated songs, as you say, it's Dylan in one of his many prime eras. I just don't have the time or money to keep up with it all, along with all my other music.

    I will be getting this, but I must admit I wasn't keen on the Dylan & Cash bootleg, but I haven't heard it for about 15 years. I have the DVD of the Earl Scruggs and Friends 1971 TV show and it's great, with many highlights. Joan Baez sings an amazing Love Is A Four Letter Word on it.

    Just a thought, if it's from 1971, the Earl Scruggs material falls outside the era of this set. Not that it matters. It fits here well musically.
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  21. shadlet

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  22. asdf35

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    At a glance, looks like Bob spends an extra ninety seconds breathing the air around Tom Paine's. The other JWH's have expected timings.
  23. RayS

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    Thanks for this! Can they really mumble and call out random locations for 3 minutes worth of "Wanted Man"? This may be the first time I play a new BS out of order on first listen.
  24. HominyRhodes

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    Haha, yeah. I'm wondering if "As I Went Out One Morning" (supposedly this is the "dirge-like" take, right?) will sound like the live 1974 Toronto version, which I always liked.
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  25. HominyRhodes

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    From the new RS piece:
    For Dylan obsessives, the single most interesting song on the set will probably be “Wanted Man.” There are numerous versions of Johnny Cash performing the song over the years, but nobody has ever heard Dylan sing any of it. “They don’t have the words together, so they’re making the words up on the spot as they go along,” says the source. “You can hear June say, ‘Johnny, you need to get that ‘Wanted Man’ from Bob so you know the melody of it.'”

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