Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Volume 15 (Travelin’ Thru 1967-1969 (1st November 2019) *

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    Awesome work. Refresh my memory on the “less drums mix” notation for the 2 JWH tracks?
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    I’m always going back and forth between two opinions: we’re lucky to have so many of these sessions preserved and released vs it’s unfortunate so many reels are missing and we’ll never hear what I’m sure are more revelations.
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    Courtesy of @Percy Song:


    Rather cryptic, but apparently a few alternate mixes were prepared with "less drums." My speculation would be that Bob Johnston wanted to let BD decide which would be used on the final release.
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    And there it seems we have I'll Be Your Baby Tonight unfaded (used on some edition of Biograph) as track 15, and the album version as track 16, with the notion "Ending Fade." So no need to have had access to the original sessions for that track. That doesn't bode well for those sessions then.
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    Thinking about this release and applying the internet, I found Ralph Gleason's hot-take thoughts on JWH. Bear in mind he's only had it on the turntable for a few days, and I suppose he posted before consulting opinions from other social media.

    Dylan Has Returned With ‘John Wesley Harding’
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    A couple random thoughts about some of the Skyline tracks:

    - Anxious to hear "To Be Alone With You" with BD on piano(?); also, did Jerry Lee Lewis ever record this? -- Dylan said he wrote it for him.

    - "One More Night": I would have to think that the chaotic alternate take that's been circulating for many years ("Do this one for Sweetie" :confused: ) is most likely Take 1 from Feb. 13th, although they may have tried the song a day earlier, during one of the "lost" sessions, since BD also says something like "Remember this one, Kenny?"

    - @DeeThomaz has mentioned the confusion about "Country Pie" -- Krogsgaard noted only two takes of the song, but one was released on the original LP, another was included on ASP, and now we'll be getting a third iteration, "Take 2" on Travelin' Thru; it makes me wonder if the faded version on ASP actually continued on into a longer take? (The standard version ran a bit longer on the Quadraphonic mix of the LP, too -- too much monkey business with this kooky song, haha.)
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    Note that the 'ending fade' track for I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Track 16) is only 40 seconds (48:28 - 49:08), so presumably that was edited with the full take (Track 15) to produce the album version. Or maybe they copied the tracks before editing, as the unfaded version later came out (mistakenly) on Biograph.

    Also, All Along The Watchtower has a 20 second 'end' part, so I guess I was wrong about where the splice is (I thought it was in the first verse where there's a slight glitch, oh well...)

    Not sure what Track 18 is. 26 seconds long and looks like End(?) Copy D-A-D E(?) with something else (Copy?) underneath that. Maybe copies of the two IBYBT sections for editing?
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    Sweetie recording is ikely to be rehearsal for Johnny Cash show.
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    Dang, how is Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You not on this Bootleg Series?
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    As always, I can’t wait.
  12. Rock! Good to see you, ole’ boy.
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    As in past years, the new Uncut has an “exclusive” preview track from the upcoming BS:

    Bob Dylan is on the cover of the new Uncut - with an exclusive unreleased Dylan track on our free CD - Uncut

    From the preview:

    We’re thrilled to bring you a story not previously told in Uncut, centred around Bob Dylan’s potent hook ups with Johnny Cash in Columbia’s Studio A in Nashville. Graeme Thomson has unearthed some excellent eyewitnesses to reveal the full story of this momentous summit – and the making of Dylan’s two albums around the Cash team-up. We’re thrilled, also, to host an exclusive unreleased Dylan track on our CD, one of the highlights of the Travelin’ Thru, 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 box set.
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    A Bridge Too Far
    Thank you! Could you also do a chart of the April & May 1969 sessions?
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    Which track is it? Anyone know?
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    They should have included "When I Paint My Masterpiece" as the first song in
    the vinyl edition. I mean really. You know, the improved one with Neuwirth's
    mic turned off. Dylan always opened his set with the song. It defines the RTR.
    It's not the RTR when it's cut out. The LP starts out on the wrong track and it
    feels like something vital is missing.

    Anyone else miss it?
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    Sorry for the late response to your post, but it looks like it's still available. From the link:

    Only available in ROLLING STONE issue #10/2019: BOB DYLAN & JOHNNY CASH exclusive 7″ vinyl single!

    • A-Side: Bob Dylan „Tell Me That It Isn‘t True“
    • B-Side: Bob Dylan feat. Johnny Cash „Big River“
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    Thanks. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see where to add it to the cart to actually make the purchase.
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    I am bumping this up from page 64 because this performance is driving me CRAZY.

    CRAZY man!

    This set better arrive soon!

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    Hey they could have called this set “Is It Rolling, Bob?”
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    “Drifter’s Escape (Take 1)”
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    Been done to death.

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    You are providing a valuable public service with this terrific podcast. Long may you run!
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    Ithangyew, Percy.
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