Bob Dylan: Complete Album Collection

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Cozzie

    Cozzie Forum Resident

    Bob Dylan and The Times They Are a-Changin' were remastered in 2005. New Morning, Before the Flood, The Basement Tapes and Dylan and the Dead followed in 2009 and Self Portrait is about to get the remaster treatment in the new Bootleg Series box set.

    I would guess it would be these fourteen:

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
    Dylan (1973)
    Hard Rain
    Bob Dylan at Budokan
    Shot of Love
    Real Live
    Empire Burlesque
    Knocked Out Loaded
    Down in the Groove
    Under the Red Sky
    Good As I Been to You
    World Gone Wrong
    Time Out of Mind

    I suppose MTV Unplugged could be one of the fourteen rather than Dylan... I'd be surprised if any of the last four albums were remastered.
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  2. jonathan v.

    jonathan v. New Member

    Considering the absence of reliable info about total number of discs versus albums topic, we are only toying with speculation here. However, I would like to point out that the "minus one" theme is, in my opinion, all too easily directed towards the 'Dylan' (1973) record. The '41' list, as enumerated here before by another contributor, seemed pretty accurate and logical to me. And if that is the basis indeed, then I would rather think that a serious contender for the 'minus one' label might be the Christmas record, not because the artist disclaims it, but because it was (and is) a non-commercial project for which all author's rights are transferred to some welfare organisations. If someone had already mentioned this possibility here without me noticing, then I apologize for the redundancy.
  3. AmazingMets

    AmazingMets New Member

    Actually Time Out of Mind was apparently remastered.
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  4. Soul Music Fan

    Soul Music Fan Forum Resident

    Thanks, I would imagine that a remastered TooM would be a 'carrot' for a lot of fans, along with the 2CD of non album tracks.
    The price is going to be the main factor, although the Miles Davis box was a fair price I don't expect this one to be.
  5. 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    1ifbyrain2ifbytrain Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    I remember being surprised (and impressed) by how good the SACD "Love and Theft" was.
  6. hodgo

    hodgo Tea Making Gort (Yorkshire Branch) Staff

    East Yorkshire
    I just can't see myself buying this set, the price I suspect will be way too much, add to that I've bought the albums in so many connotations already...

    Remastered SACD & CD's
    Mono CD box
    Mono Vinyl CD box
    MFSL Vinyl

    I just don't need or want them again especially as most sound great already in one format or another.

    The only reason why most of us will want this set is for the 2 CD Rarities set, well I'm not going to pay a few hundred quid for a 2 CD set because that's what effectively it will be.
  7. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    Good thing you guys are rich.
  8. The Hud

    The Hud Breath of the Kingdom, Tears of the Wild

    As much as I want Dylan (1973) to be a part of this set, I don't think it is going to happen.

    Let's hope I am wrong. :)
  9. jonathan v.

    jonathan v. New Member

    As for the use of the word "rarities", this might be a wishful thinking type of characterization. In Derek Barker's ISIS announcement I do not read the word "rarities" but "previously released songs that were not featured on the original albums". If the idea is to make a package of the enire "official output", I think we rather have to think about songs that were released as singles or on compilations, e.g. "Positively 4th Street", "Watching the river flow", "Tomrorrow is a long time", "If you gotta go, go now", "Dignity", "Things have changed", "Series of Dreams", and not about "Couple more years" or "Ring of Fire". I would be curious, though, if this would imply a resurrection of a song like "George Jackson", a song that sounds so great but that has been officially unavailable for a long time now to the extent of seeming to be entirely cancelled from the official catalogue.
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  10. It would be a major omission from the box set and hurt its marketability. No casual fan is plunking down several hundred dollars for an incomplete box set. This will mainly be sold to diehard fans that own most of the popular albums.
  11. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Re: Dylan, maybe the tracks will all or in part be squeezed into the contents of the 2-CD disc of rarities. That would a) give the fans access to those songs (or at least the ones Dylan deems worthy), and b) once and for all clarify how he feels about how that record fits into his canon. Longshot, but just maybe...

    I'm holding onto my Japanese release in any case.
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  13. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    Here's the info from the insert:

    COMING FALL 2013

    • All 41 official albums, including 14 newly remastered titles.
    Side tracks - 2 CD compilation of preciously released songs not included on the original albums.
    All the original artwork reproduced.
    Hardcover booklet with extensive new liner notes and rare photos.
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  14. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    Initial thought -- since 2 CDs isn't anywhere near enough space to include ALL of his non-album tracks, I hope they at least give us all the stray singles and b-sides -- like the Beatles' Past Masters CDs.. That will make keep his "proper" catalog intact and all of his albums and singles will be consistently mastered. All of the other tracks -- contributions to compilations, tributes, soundtracks, etc. -- would require a box set of their own, as documented by several people here.
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  15. Peter_R

    Peter_R Maple Syrple Gort Staff

    Montreal, Canada
    How ridiculous is it to hope that common sense prevails & they eventually release that two CD set separately?

    As much as I am looking forward to Bootleg Series # 10, I am totally on the fence about this one...
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  16. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    From Expecting Rain:

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  17. chumlie

    chumlie Forum Resident

    Great looking set but i'll pass. 41 albums is about 20 more than I want or need.
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  18. jsb!

    jsb! Forum Resident

    Wow. I was sceptical this was coming - & certainly that it was coming this soon - but obviously I was wrong.

    I hope that Side Tracks two-disc gets individual release, and ditto for the 14 newly remastered albums.
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  19. Cozzie

    Cozzie Forum Resident

    Given that it's previously released material, I can do without that two CD set as long as they release the 14 newly remastered albums individually. I don't like my chances...
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  20. Amnesiac

    Amnesiac Forum Resident

    Will this be under $200?
  21. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    Prime candidate for Pop Market.
  22. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave A Wizard, A True Star

    Los Angeles, CA
    Outside of Blood On The Tracks, Time Out Of Mind and Love And Theft, I don't own any Dylan on CD. This would be a nice way to upgrade/catch up.
  23. Sander

    Sander Senior Member

    "George Jackson" is a terrific song! For those who missed it, the acoustic version is officially available again on the compilation CD "Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1967-74" "that was released in 2012 (see for more details).
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  24. Sander

    Sander Senior Member

    Can anyone read the spines so that we can solve the "minus one" mystery? :whistle:
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  25. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect The prose and the passion

    Winchester, UK
    All is revealed!
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