Bob Dylan - Euro Tour 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Nick Fuller, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Nick Fuller

    Nick Fuller Well-Known Member Thread Starter

  2. adriatikfan

    adriatikfan Forum Resident

    No UK dates yet, unfortunately.

    Best Wishes,
  3. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Bob just never stops.
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  4. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    All starting in Lisbon in less than 24 hours...
  5. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Greetings Bob & Band,

    Have a great European Tour! .. (wish I could fly over).
    Every good thing come your way, Have a great opening night.
    Hope to see you guys again soon in the States.
    My close friends David & Merce' will be seeing you in Barcelona.

  6. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    Only one standard this evening - are we in the post "Sinatra" era? We shall see...
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  7. kouzie

    kouzie Forum Resident

    Batavia, IL
    Setlist FM is showing 4 from Lisbon (Melancholy Mood, Once Upon a Time, Autumn Leaves, Why Try to Change Me Now).
  8. savemenow

    savemenow Forum Resident

    SE Pa
    Packin' my bags right now!
  9. asdf35

    asdf35 Forum Resident

    Austin TX
    Wow. What a life that guy has. Besides all the art, just constantly touring.

    I have to scrape together all my wits and saving just to visit one stop on any average tour of his.
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  10. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    It's.... neverending.
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  11. shadow blaster

    shadow blaster Forum Resident

    Nope they are the same now. Only one standard. Here's hoping Bob is moving out of this particular phase.....
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  12. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    For Dylan the setlists are surprisingly stable, compared to last year. While I would have gone if this tour came closer, I am not really saddened that I will not be able to make it. I was in Frankfurt last year and it was great!
  13. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    i am giving it a miss , sad to say
  14. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    from boblinks:

    Lisbon, Portugal
    Altice Arena

    March 22, 2018

    1. Things Have Changed (Bob on Piano)
    2. It Ain't Me, Babe (Bob on Piano)
    3. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on Piano)
    4. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob on Piano)
    5. Summer Days (Bob on Piano)
    6. Make You Feel My Love (Bob on Piano)
    7. Honest With Me (Bob on Piano)
    8. Tryin' To Get To Heaven
    9. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob on Piano)
    10. Pay In Blood (Bob on Piano)
    11. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob on Piano)
    12. Soon After Midnight (Bob on Piano)
    13. Early Roman Kings (Bob on Piano)
    14. Desolation Row (Bob on Piano)
    15. Spirit On The Water (Bob on Piano)
    16. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on Piano)
    17. Why Try To Change Me Now (Bob center stage - no harp)
    18. Love Sick (Bob on Piano)
    19. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob on Piano)
    20. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob on Piano)
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  15. Spadeygrove

    Spadeygrove Forum Resident

    Charleston, WV
    Looks like His Bobness has abandoned the Chairman material, except one.

    Thank goodness!
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  16. drbryant

    drbryant Forum Resident

    He is headlining Fuji Rock Festival along with Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, N.E.R.D., Chvrches and the like. Can’t imagine this is going to go over well.
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  17. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Looks like His Bobness has abandoned the Chairman material, except one.

    I'm kinda bummed about that.
  18. steviej

    steviej Forum Resident

    Calgary, AB
    I would happily see him again if he comes anywhere close to me.
    And funny enough, I actually thought the standards were the highlight of the show that I saw last year. They were all very short songs that I could usually live without, but it was awesome to see Bob take centre stage and sing his heart out.
  19. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Second show on the tour, Bob subs out "Don't Think Twice" for the gorgeous "Once Upon a Time", the rest of the setlist remains the same. So that's two Sinatra songs instead of one. Looking solely at that song swap, I'd rather hear 2018 Bob sing "Once Upon a Time" than "Don't Think Twice" which he's been singing since 1963.
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  20. FangfossFlyer

    FangfossFlyer Forum Resident

    York, U.K.
    Is he playing with the same band as last year when he was over here in Europe?

    As at times I wish he would pick up a new band, like Neil Young with The Promise Of The Real, to inject some sort of change....

  21. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    Same band
  22. PJC68

    PJC68 Forum Resident

    Liverpool UK
    I seen him last year in the Echo Arena in Liverpool, my girlfriend payed £150 for 2 tickets as a birthday present for me
    Very tedious concert, sang like he could not be bothered and was trying to get the song over and done with, played songs differently and old songs that were not his
    Finished off with Ballad of a thin man that sounded nothing like the original, i thought he might be being sarcastic when he sang "theres something going on here but you dont know what it is"(yes i know thats in the song) , in fact it was like this with all his songs, music sounded nothing like the original and he cut songs short by missing lyrics out
    It was dissapointing to say the least, i expected better even though he,s getting on now
    If you go to see him live dont be expecting too much, you can brag you have seen him live (but thats about it)
    Thanks Mr Zimmerman for making my girlfriend £150 lighter, i could of bought some vinyl instead
  23. Beaneydave

    Beaneydave Forum Resident

    Wow, where you you been the last 30 years or so!

    Peace and love✌
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  24. PJC68

    PJC68 Forum Resident

    Liverpool UK
    This is the first time i have seen him live (never again)
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  25. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke In Memoriam


    I had almost the exact same experience ten years ago. Luckily I had seen the old coot three times (all great to incredible shows, I must add) in advance around the turn of the millenium, so I thought I was prepared. Sadly, I under-estimated the course of time and Bobby D's wilful nature. Worst gig I've ever been to by a long shot. Still, the memories linger on.

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