Bob Dylan - Euro Tour 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Nick Fuller, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. jumpinjulian

    jumpinjulian Forum Resident

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.
    It’s a bit awkward but I don’t find it sad. Brought a smile to my face.
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  2. NYMets41

    NYMets41 Forum Resident

    The video made me sad.
  3. hyde park

    hyde park Forum Resident

    Flossmoor, IL, USA
    Really?? - I thought that video was pretty great. I don't think I have ever seen him do that before. It probably played a lot differently to the people at the venue. Definitely need to track down the tapes. Thanks for posting, Champagne Boot.
  4. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    The audience clapping, stomping and shouting "Desolation Row!" is bizarre. It's not really that kind of song, is it?
  5. hyde park

    hyde park Forum Resident

    Flossmoor, IL, USA
    I guess that is what is appealing to me --- something different. I guess the first two shows of this run had sound issues --- the third not so much. Perhaps, Dylan was so happy about that and he started a clap/sing-a-long.
  6. NicoRock

    NicoRock Active Member

    I think it's pretty cool. Not something I've seen Dylan do before... He's always surprising.
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  7. NYMets41

    NYMets41 Forum Resident

    I see him as ageless and then something like this is a jolt of reality. 77 is not so young.

    I hope he goes into the studio and that he’s got more songwriting left.

    “Workingman Blues#2” is so touching. Modern Times may be unappreciated.
  8. NYMets41

    NYMets41 Forum Resident

    Like almost dying from heart ailment and going on to have an entire career beginning at age 57 as

    NY Times bestselling author?
    Release several chart- hit albums ?
    Have successful art exhibition ?
    Nobel Prize ?
    Christmas album?

    He’s surprised us his whole life.

    Self Portrait was hated yet Another Sekf Portrait was universally hailed!

    We should learn not try to predict what’s next!


    We will ...

    it’s fun.
  9. davesmoked

    davesmoked Forum Resident

    Nothing like that happened yesterday in Brno...but great concert though. It was my first time and I enjoyed the hell out of it :)
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  10. graveyardboots

    graveyardboots Resident Patient

    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I caught Bob in concert at Atlanta's tiny Roxy Theater (now the Buckhead Theater) in early December 1997 - just two months after the release of Time Out of Mind. The response to that album as well as Bob's uncomfortable taste of his own mortality a few months earlier seemed to reinvigorate him and it was a great concert. Last time I saw him was at Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta in the spring of '06. Bob had switched to keyboard by that point. Still a fun show but I give the nod to the Roxy show almost a decade earlier.

    I recently read Howard Sounes' Dylan biography and I'm now working my way through the 20th anniversary edition of Clinton Heylin's take, which has me in the mood to attend another Dylan concert. Haven't seen him since '06 but, if he returns to the states later this year, perhaps I'll go again.
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  11. Scott6

    Scott6 Forum Resident

    Late 1990 was great. Agree early 1991 was poor though.
  12. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Without having seen the's like they're applauding that he's Bob Dylan, living legend, more than anything else.
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  13. timnor

    timnor Forum Resident

    I saw Dylan in Zurich a week ago. I must have seen him twenty times since 1984 and there's not one concert I've regretted attending.
    He's aged. I saw him at the Palladium in London last year and in Zurich he looked more fragile. I fear this might be the last tour.
    I've been saying that for years but this concert had a final bow feel to it. It was amazing to see how into the songs the
    band was. They were watching Bob play, smiling at his piano playing. There were new arrangements galore. Some I didn't care for (Tangled)
    others were great (trying to get to heaven). It was amazing to see him walk the tightrope of the Sinatra American Songbook tunes to
    which the audience responded very positively. It was a night tinged with sadness, a sad blue goodbye performed with honour. There's really no-one like Bob. I'm so grateful to have seen him live so often.
  14. NYMets41

    NYMets41 Forum Resident

    I think he looks frail, too.

    If I predict this is his last tour, he’ll continue for another decade.

    I think his mother lived into her 90’s so he may have it in his genes.

    I hope for a studio album.
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  15. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    Some good close up video of Thin Man from Vienna

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  16. NicoRock

    NicoRock Active Member

    I went to see Bob yesterday in Bielefed, Germany. He was mesmerising! After they heated, the band was smoking! Dylan looked in good shape to me and his voice was loud and clear. Yes, the setlist has not changed a lot in the last few years, but there very nice renditions of Tangled up in blue, Early Roman Kings, Desolation Road and Soon After Midnight -just to name a few- and Ballad of a thin man is a great closer. If you have the chance to see him, don't miss it!
  17. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

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  18. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    I love Bob Dylan. How can you not?
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  19. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    The Verona venue looked wonderful and the sound from some of the YouTube clips is very tasty. Hoping a good quality boot surfaces
  20. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    The legendary taper Soomlos recorded a few of these shows. I haven't heard them all but the Verona capture is superb.
  21. Brian Doherty

    Brian Doherty Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA
    Having seen Bob around 38 time and having had period in the last decade where I felt like hopping off, I'm blown away by the level of professional commitment and clarity in his vocals on youtubes I'm checking out of this tour. Although I grew to be fascinated by it, the unearthly froggy dips and growls through the melodies suspended for now. I don't think anyone will know what Dylan's last show is until he leaves us after playing it and before he gets a chance to play the next one.
  22. JudasPriest

    JudasPriest Forum Resident

    Yep, his vocals have been super smooth for a while now and this leg has been a further case in point. And Verona was the last of a 26 date run and he sounds strong and commanding on it. Very encouraging....
  23. Yes, Dylan audiences have been doing that for an awful long time now: applauding and cheering the man, not the songs or the performances in particular. As for the crowds who incessantly whoop, cheer, applaud and shout out after he sings every line of any song, I do have to wonder what exactly would disappoint them.
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  24. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect The prose and the passion

    Winchester, UK
    Did you ask them? Just wondered how you know?

  25. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    Have you been to a Dylan show in the last 10-15 years? It's hard to miss.
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