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Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline which version should I get?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by eddiel, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Toronto, Canada
    Hi all

    I'm looking at the best version for both LP and/or CD.

    I noticed that the hyrbid SACD/CD version is still available on Amazon. Is that the best cd version.

    LP wise, how is the Sundaze re-issue?

    Any recomends would be great.


  2. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    SACD only.
  3. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Toronto, Canada
    Well that's a depressing reply as I don't have an SACD player.

    Well strictly speaking I do since my pioneer DVD player plays SACD but it's no where near my stereo...

    Is the difference between the SACD and the CD/LP versions so different that it would warrant me actually taking the DVD player and plugging it into my stereo when I want to listen to it??!!

    Eddie :)
  4. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    My new friend, the SACD has a CD layer just for you.

    Get it and enjoy.
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  5. Claudio Dirani

    Claudio Dirani Forum's hostage

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Yes, just like the Stones' remasters, they are hybrid discs. I've got a few Dylan's and they do sound great.
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  6. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Toronto, Canada
    Thanks guys

  7. Walt

    Walt Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    I like this SACD a lot. If it's available - get it while you can. My pioneer dvd player also spins SACDs - a nice player for the small cost.
  8. What about the stupid boost at 4khz that all the other dics in that series have - is it not present on this title?

    I bought all the multichannel versions of these discs and HATED them: sacd stereo, mc or redbook.

    I actually went back and hunted down some of the aluminum discs, and vinyl, that I'd missed 1st time around.

    I thought 'Blood On The Tracks' in particular was FAR worse than the original vinyl.

    I suppose that you were not impressed with the Sundazed vinyl . . . .
  9. imagnrywar

    imagnrywar Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    i don't find the treble objectionable on the Nashville Skyline hybrid SACD (on the other hand, i do think it's objectionable on Another Side... and Bringing It All Back Home). give it a shot.
  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    I am just talking about NASHVILLE SKYLINE SACD here. It's the best.
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  11. They burned me SO BAD on the others that I never even considered that one.

    I bought the multichannel Dylans all right-upon-release.
    In the space of 2-3 days. I shoulda known better!
  12. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time

    Have not heard it but Sundazed does a great job. I have their Dylan Greatest Hits LP and it is superb.
  13. scotto

    scotto Forum Resident

    I really enjoy it; sounds a lot better than my '70s Columbia LP: heavy, flat, quiet pressing, great dynamics. However, I've never heard an original first pressing, so I've nothing else to compare it to.
    Still, given the cost differences between ordering a nice, new copy from Sundazed and tracking down an original, I'd think the new Sundazed pressing would be hard to beat.
  14. wmspence

    wmspence Forum Resident

    Lexington, MA
    I just picked up the Sundazed and I like the Simply Vinyl that I purchased some time ago much better. The Sundazed sounds is a bit murky, although I am normally a big fan and have tons of their vinyl.

  15. David Powell

    David Powell Well-Known Member

    Atlanta, Ga.
    Sadly, the new Sundazed LPs, including Nashville Skyline are regular weight vinyl.
  16. Stax Fan

    Stax Fan Forum Resident

    I still haven't gotten the remaster of Another Side, but I do have Bringing It All Back Home and have to agree. I think the last thing this particular recording needed was a bump in the upper mids. Makes it sound even leaner than it already is. Harmonica becomes kind of obnoxious. :D

    FWIW, my observations are redbook only. I'd give Nashville Skyline the thumbs-up too. Sounded swell to me...
  17. namahealani

    namahealani Forum Resident

    Nashville Skyline was the first Dylan SACD I picked up (I only have a cd player, no SACD player). It impressed me so much that I bought a few more titles, Blonde on Blonde 2 SACDs, Desire and Bringing It All Back Home.
    They all sound very good but Nashville Skyline was the most impressive.
  18. Stax Fan

    Stax Fan Forum Resident

    For me personally, that's no biggie. The quality of the vinyl itself has dropped off though, and that really sucks.
  19. .....and then there is the forgotten Quadraphonic LP record version issued in the early 70s (SQ encoded for playback through SQ type quadraphonic decoders or systems). It is a different mix than the stereo versions.
  20. Mike Ga

    Mike Ga Formerly meredrums and MikeG

    Wylie, Tx.
    I've got the Sundazed LP on the way. I had it on pre-order in April but Sundazed cancelled. From what I recall, they were changing pressing plants and that was the reason for the delay. Hopefully things will be worked out for this release, but I've not had any bad experiences with their titles in general, nor the Dylans', of which this one completes the catalog for me.
  21. DrJ

    DrJ Senior Member

    Davis, CA, USA
    The NASHVILLE SKYLINE hybrid disc is awesome - NOT BRIGHT at all as are some of the others in the Dylan series. Warm and fuzzy in fact. Get it.
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  22. OldJohnRobertson

    OldJohnRobertson Martyr for Even Less

    Fuquay-Varina, NC
    I can vouch for both the SACD and the Simply Vinyl UK release. Both of them come from the same source I think, but that said, they're both phenomenal. My favorite Dylan album. :thumbsup:
  23. Parkertown

    Parkertown GYRO-TOUCH TUNING

    I wouldn't mind having the Sundazed Lp, but it's $18 and it's only 27 minutes long!

    I'm gonna convince myself to be happy with the SACD. :agree:
  24. MLutthans

    MLutthans That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca! Staff

    This thread has been dormant for almost three years, I know, but today I was playing my old Canadian CD of Nashville Skyline and thinking to myself: Geez, this sounds awful.

    Is the SACD version still the consensus? I need to get something better than the disc I have, and I'm okay with SACD, CD, or LP. Advise away! :)
  25. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Yep, the SACD or the remastered redbook CD without the SACD layer is the way to go or either the original vinyl or the Sundazed vinyl issue.
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