Bob Dylan prophesied the coming of Kendrick Lamar

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gospelfish, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Fellow Pulitzer Winner Bob Dylan prophesied The Coming of Kendrick Lamar back in his 2004 memoir Chronicles: '' Danny {Daniel Lanois} asked me what I was listening to and I said...Ice T, Public Enemy, NWA, Run DMC...He seemed surprised but he shouldn't have been.. These guys definitely weren't standing around bullsh*tting. They were beating drums, tearing it up, hurling horses over cliffs They were all poets and knew what was going on. Somebody different was bound to come along sooner or later who would know that world, been born and raised with all of it and more. Someone with a chopped topped head and a power in the community. He'd be able to balance himself on one leg on a tightrope that stretched across the universe and you'd know him when he came-- there'd be only one like him. The audience would go that way and I wouldn't blame them. The kind of music that Danny and I were making was archaic. With Ice T and Public Enemy laying the tracks a new performer was bound to appear and one unlike Presley. He wouldn't be swinging his hips and staring at the lasses. He'd be doing it with hard words and he'd be working eighteen hours a day. ''
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    Damn straight.
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    ya ... ya
    He's a prophet.......

    He gets that all the time
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    Clickbait thread title
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    So your saying because Bob said that....what are you saying? :confused:
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    Okay, I'm lost here
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    **** this ********
    Big leap in logic there... I don't doubt that the person Bob is speaking of will come along someday, I just don't think Kendrick is he. He's not paradigm changing in the grand scheme of things the way Elvis was (I know that sounds like grampa talking, I actually hate Elvis). I think "they" simply decided that it was about time a rapper got a Pulitzer. They 100% have not been scrutinizing rap music for 30 years waiting for Kendrick to come along.
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    Sometimes Dylan's "conversational streaming style"
    bugs me......

    ...just sayin'
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    Kendrick won the Pulitzer prize for music? Whoa.

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