Bob Dylan: The 1966 Live Recordings - Sony 36-CD box-set - November 11

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Richard--W, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I still haven't listened to all of this!

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    Oh, I've heard Santa Monica '65. Many times.

    Lately I've been listening to the Ginsberg tapes.
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  4. Richard--W

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    Sad to hear of the passing Mickey Jones.
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    Oh no. RIP Mickey - you’ll always “play f***in’ loud” around my house.

    PADYBU Forum Resident

    Wow, I heard him play so many times listening to Bob, I never realized he played the drummer in Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade, terrific film. RIP
  7. JohnS

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    RIP. I recently made it through the entire 36CD live box set, and his drumming is increasingly impressive as you 'experience' the tour - no off-nights, missed cues or sense of him just cruising. He really swings and powers things along nicely.
    A few years ago when he first released his 1966 home movies on DVD, they were available only via his website I think (or signed copies were, something very limited, anyway)
    I ordered a copy, and as part of the email acknowledgement I was asked to let them know any thoughts on the movies. I know some people are a bit dismissive of this DVD, since there is a lot of filler, and no official Dylan music, etc etc, but I really enjoyed it - the home movies showing just general scenes of the UK in 1966 reminded me of my childhood, for one thing. So I fired off a reply saying all this, and was delighted to receive an email back from the man himself, thanking me, addressing all my comments and sounding genuinely thrilled to read my feedback. I also received a further copy of the DVD, signed and dedicated to me. So he seemed like a nice fella. Thank you, Mr Jones!
  8. Heart of Gold

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    No offence for Jones, Kenneth Buttrey from the BOB sessions was my favorite Dylan drummer.
  9. babyblue

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    I think I still have the last two shows to listen to! I should pull them out in memory of Mickey.
  10. Jesse Reiswig

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    RIP, Mickey. I had no idea he was an actor until I read the obit. today.
  11. Percy Song

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    Well said (and nice memories), @JohnS.

    I purchased one of the website-only signed copies too, but I don't recall the message requesting feedback. Probably just as well because I think I would've sent a dismissive message back. After one viewing it languished in a box in the loft for years. At one point I listed it on e**y for 99 pence and there were no takers! It was only when the 1966 box was announced that I dusted it off, viewed it again, and appreciated the value of it. Somewhere in the back pages of this thread is my multi-part precis of the content (although the accompanying photos and screenshots will have disappeared). The later release of the DVD also featured an interview with the now-legendary (around these parts) Richard Alderson and is well worth seeking out.

    After a worthwhile and friendly, if not entirely successful, exchange of emails with Richard Alderson, which I also reported on in this thread, I attempted to get in touch with Mickey in case he had some more memories that he could share with us, not least to perhaps clarify exactly where he got hold of the tape reel that he presents in the DVD as being straight off the board in Liverpool which it can't be. Unfortunately, having suffered a heart attack in 2014, he was by then keeping a very low profile and nothing came of my approach.

    For a short time in 1966 he was simply the best drummer in the world...
  12. asdf35

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    There's also a link in this thread (good luck finding it) to Mickey's unedited home movies. They were on a pay-to-view archive website, I think. Although I seem to recall being able to view a bit of it. Kind of fuzzy on details....

    One thing that stood out from his 1966 trip with Bob was the boat ride Mickey and Garth hitched after the tour. If I recall, it was from the UK to NYC on a sort of freight ship. Not like a luxary cruise ship. I can't imagine being that free, with so few possessions and being on the water for perhaps a week with no contact with the outside world - immediately after an insane tour in a primitive 1966. That little trip fascinates me on every level. I miss the old world that I never even knew.
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    I was actually the opposite for many years - I only knew him as a prolific character actor, and had no idea he was also a musician, let alone that he'd played drums with Dylan and The Band during this seminal period.
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  14. Richard--W

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    He does an amusing scene in John Carpenter's Starman, misinterpreting the starman's eccentricity.
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  15. JohnS

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    Ha! I get what you're saying. You can still buy this DVD for literally pennies on amazon, and a heck of a lot of the customer reviews are hugely critical. It IS padded out hugely, and features only very brief clips of Dylan.
    I think in hindsight I was perhaps entranced by the magic of having a DVD - it was one of the first I ever bought, liberated to such a thing by having bought a Mac iBook with combo drive! (I didn't have a DVD player till years later) - and also the few precious minutes of 1966 Dylan, on video, in colour. This was long before 'No Direction Home' opened up the vault of tour footage.
    There had been some clips used in the 'Dancing In The Street' TV series, which blew my mind a few years previously, but this material - grainy, silent and fragmentary as it was - was fantastic to see.
    (Having said that, I haven't watched it in years either!)

    PS. If I remember correctly the second copy I received was a second edition in some way, with slightly revised artwork and altered small print on the DVD cover. I think this was the version which was given a more widespread distribution (e.g. on amazon, in stores etc) compared to the original, which you had to order from Mickey's website.
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  16. zobalob

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    RIP Mickey Jones.
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  17. notesfrom

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    That's only because Mickey never made any studio recordings with Dylan. It required a different touch in each realm - the concert stage vs. the cloistered studio.

    Mickey had the heavy-handedness needed to drive the '66 live set forward, the gift for moment, and the ability to rein in the wayward Hawks into a center line they could work out from, strictly by way of the integrity of his rhythm . He was more Folk-Rock than even Dylan was, if that's possible. There is a palpable difference in the shows from that tour before and after Mickey Jones joined the band. What seems like it could work (the whole backing band thing) suddenly goes into warp drive with M. Jones behind the drum set. Pure musical combustion explodes as a result of this chemistry. After he joined, Dylan was ready to conquer the rest of the world.

    We're lucky that they taped nearly every damned show from the leg that he's on.
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  18. Percy Song

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    Indeed! I think there are three releases. The original signed DVD has a smoking Bob on the front and is well worth paying a penny plus postage for. (I think the regular release did not have the photo of Mickey in the bottom right hand corner) :-


    The second release was this one, from 2005. I don't have a copy; it seems to have been updated but doesn't appear to have the "New Features" that are on the third release. Still, well worth a few pennies plus postage:-


    This one is the most recent release from 2006 which has the interesting "New Features", including the interview with Richard Alderson. It was either @notesfrom or @asdf35 who alerted me to it back in the bowels of this thread (forgive me guys, I know it was one of you, but my mind otherwise is blank - either way, both your contributions to the early days of this thread were informative and entertaining, so you both deserve a special mention :)....). This is the one to get if you can find it.


    None of these DVDs are essential companions to the 1966 box but the main film does have some interesting, albeit silent, footage. You can't go wrong for a few pennies!

  19. Richard--W

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    Well done, Percy Song.
    I have them all. The third one -- the last one -- is the DVD to get.
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  20. Wayfaring Stranger

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    York uk
    A friend of mine saw the '66 tour at Leicester De Monford Hall, and was seated on bleachers at the back of the stage, directly behind Mickey. At the end of the show, Mickey was dismantling his drums and my friend got into conversation with him, just drum-talk (by coincidence my friend is/was a drummer as well as a Dylan fan), and he says that Mickey was charming and friendly and just a thoroughly nice guy. The conversation MAY have taken place before the show, when he was setting up his kit. It was a long time ago.
  21. Richard--W

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    One shouldn't expect too much from home movies but I think this edition -- with the commentary and bonus features -- is an essential supplement to the Live 1966 box, actually.
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  22. The Bard

    The Bard Highway 61 Revisited. That is all.

    RIP indeed. I have never got around to buying this DVD but I will now. Thanks for the reviews and recommendation of which version to purchase.
  23. Somebody Naked

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    Give it to me straight, people: I've got the middle edition. Do I need the updated one?
  24. Percy Song

    Percy Song Tom's Tambourine Man

    The most valuable extras you are getting in the last one I'd say is the 33 minute interview with Richard Alderson and the new 26 minute interview with Mickey Jones, both carried out just after "No Direction Home" was released. Much of what Richard says is repeated in the more recent promo film for the 1966 box, but he makes a few other comments which are interesting.

    In Mickey's interview he presents what he calls, "the original Scotch reel to reel tape that came off of Richard Alderson’s Nagra. It’s a 15 ips quarter inch tape and it is from our concert in Liverpool, dated May 14th, 1966. This is the original tape that came out of the theatre in Liverpool…” Obviously, this is not correct, and of course Richard confirmed in his email exchange with me that he'd never seen that reel and that it couldn't possibly be from his Nagra, but Mickey is wearing a nice shirt. It may not be impossible that the reel is from the "professional" CBS recording at Sheffield on 16 May, I suppose; we may never know. Or actually, I suppose it's more likely that we will know sooner or later if Mickey's possessions are auctioned.

    I posted summaries of Richard's interview in two parts on Pages 250 and 252 of this thread, and a summary of Mickey's additional interview on Page 253; the screen shots and photos that I included in those posts have disappeared due to a certain disruption I experienced in my computing capacity last summer.

    As far as I recall there is no additional footage from the home movies themselves though I'm happy to be corrected if that is not the case. You may only watch the additional features once but I know how much you have studied this period so if you can get it for whatever you consider to be a reasonable price I'd say it's worth having. I picked mine up, after @asdf35 's recommendation, for a couple of quid last year. It does seem to be more expensive to get hold of than the first two...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  25. Somebody Naked

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    Thanks. It all sounds a bit familiar and/or inessential.

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