Bob Dylan: The 1966 Live Recordings - Sony 36-CD box-set - November 11th 2016

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Richard--W, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Every concert from Dublin to the end is worth owning. Off the top of my head: all of Belfast, Cardiff electric set, Sheffield acoustic set, all of Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and both London shows are the standouts. My favourite recordings include the Belfast Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Glasgow Like A Rolling Stone. Newcastle Ballad Of A Thin Man, Cardiff I Don't Believe You; Liverpool Desolation Row, Sheffield Mr Tambourine Man, nothing less than both London shows in their entirety. I can't think of a live album that is as good as the first Albert Hall show, which is available individually.
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    Newcastle, then. Will have to break it out of its shrinkwrap...
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    Well, that’s what I call really lazy. ;)
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    My thoughts exactly. Never managed to make it through the Cutting Edge box. Just finished More Blood More Tracks box set but doubt I will ever listen to it again in its entirety.
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    And another. I lent More Blood to a friend and advised to be careful with all of the Buckets Of Rain. It's definitely something that can work better (at least for me) ripped to a drive and using playlists.

    I still have 9 or so of '66 live shows I haven't listened to, although that includes a couple of the partial AUDs and perhaps a soundboard that I already had. But I'm fine with that and would rather space them out than take the academic approach (which more power to those who enjoy that kind of thing). I still find the '66 live to be an incredible value as illustrated by Somebody Naked's post above and others in this long thread.

    I take the long view with these boxes and try not to play them too much after getting them. But I'm also coming to the conclusion that often I prefer a curated approach as opposed to completeness, yet often I can't help myself.
  6. MGSeveral

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    Ah, see I managed to get through all of the really big box of "Cutting Edge".

    Oh, and the answer is no.
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    I listened to the complete box just after its release. I began with the audience recordings of the American concerts and then moved on to (more) professionally-recorded European dates.

    It was a fascinating experience, as you slowly appreciate the subtle changes in the performance as Dylan and the Hawks develop a kind of ****-you confidence in what they're doing as a reaction to the hostility of sections of the audience. After a while, my listening gained its own momentum and I felt almost as exhausted as the Zim must have felt right at the end.

    However, I tend to think of it as 'one album' and haven't listened to any of the discs since.
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  8. The Bard

    The Bard Highway 61 Revisited. That is all.

    Give me everything and then let me do my own curation!
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    New York
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    This seems as good of a thread as any to post a tangentially-related question: I'm fascinated by this period in Dylan's history and the outcry amongst the folk music purists about Dylan "going electric." I've read the open letter to Bob Dylan that Irwin Silber published in Sing Out but is there anywhere online that I can find Tom Paxton's infamous "Folk Rot" article from the 1966 issue of Sing Out?
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    Man, those harp sections of Mr. Tambourine Man at Sheffield really are something.
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  12. Richard--W

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    Exactly! That's the spirit!
  13. Richard--W

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    You started listening in the middle. The arc begins in 1965 during the solo-acoustic
    tour of England in the Spring and continues into the collaboration with The Hawks
    in the fall. Some of the changes and growth in performance across 1965 are subtle
    and some are obvious, but the emotional arc begins in early 1965 and is sustained
    all the way through 1966.
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    Just a reminder, it's okay if you end up crying when listening to this tour. Be it joy or for other reasons.
  15. CRadtke

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  16. old school

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    Just love all the shows especially all the UK ones and Royal Albert Hall! All 36 are worth owning.
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  17. Richard--W

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    Wonderful clips.

    Two different angles on Just Like a Woman. That's a finished edit.
    Is it known which concert these are from?
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  18. Somebody Naked

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    I'm kind of in a rush; but I've just checked the intro to Just Like A Woman and it's Dublin. He's wearing what he wore that night, too.
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  19. Somebody Naked

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    And One Too Many Mornings is a composite of Edinburgh, Liverpool, one I'm not sure of, Cardiff and possibly Newcastle. The only one I've never been able to identify is the footage shot from upstage of Dylan into the light, where you can often see the EXIT sign.
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    Way out, man!
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  21. Somebody Naked

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  22. MGSeveral

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    Hmm, that'd be something to do, listen to each recording on the same date as it was recorded in 1966.

    Of course you'd better wait until the calendar matches the days of the week, exactly!

    The next matching year is 2022 ! (Prev = 2011)
  23. Richard--W

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  24. DeeThomaz

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    So has this box upended any of the earlier assumptions about the dates of the various stray ‘66 performances that were in circulation prior to the release of The 1966 Tour Recordings?

    The one that occurs to me is “Like A Rolling Stone” from the Royal Albert Hall. I know it was previously sometimes identified as coming from the first show (including, I believe, on both the Jewels & Binoculars and Genuine Live 1966 boxes) when it was really from the second show. Are there any others?
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  25. Richard--W

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    I'm sorry. I forget. But the answer is somewhere back-thread.

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