Bob Dylan: "Trouble No More 1979 - 1981" - The Bootleg Series Vol. 13

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. revolution_vanderbilt

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    New York
    Everybody's different, but I was for me, listening to the original albums (and whatever bootleg recordings I have from the period) put me in the right frame of mind.
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  2. Psychedelic Sounds

    Psychedelic Sounds Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    Bob Dylan in top holy spirit filled form
    The gospel backing singers
    Spooner Oldham on organ

    You would have to be a committed atheist to not like this if you are Bob Dylan fan.
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  3. soundQman

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    Arlington, VA, USA
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  4. Clanceman

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    Portland, Or
    I loooove the Dylan vocal and emotion ...just everything about “Pressing On” ...SF 1979 Disc 2

    Cranking this set again now. Listened to Disc 1, and 2 tonight from the deluxe box.

    Looking forward to #14 ...thought I’d revisit this set.

    Loved it upon release. Love it even more now.
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  5. Psychedelic Sounds

    Psychedelic Sounds Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I like the way 'Pressing On' builds up.
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  6. Psychedelic Sounds

    Psychedelic Sounds Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I will have to get the Deluxe Edition.
  7. Clanceman

    Clanceman Forum Resident

    Portland, Or
    Some say “controversial” period.

    I say...a phenomenal period. The most uniquely engaging of the box sets for me.

    The band, vocals, emotion, Dylan conviction - so powerful.

    Just a phenomenal box. Grateful they honored this special period.

    “Cutting Edge” (standard deluxe) & this one...are my favorites.
  8. Adam Bosman

    Adam Bosman Forum Resident

    I guess that's me. :shrug:

    I like the performances and musicianship ok, but the lyrics are awful. I've never liked Slow Train Coming or Saved, and BL 13 just doesn't have enough from Shot of Love (the strongest of the trilogy) worth listening to. I'm glad it's been released and listen to it a little, but just don't connect with it.

    I like Christmas in the Heart though, so take what I say with a grain of salt (sand) :wiggle:
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  9. MarkAJ

    MarkAJ Forum Resident

    Although I'm not a believer, two of my musical icons are Bob Dylan and Johann Sebastian Bach.
    It's not great music because I believe what they're saying; it's great because they do.
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  10. Clanceman

    Clanceman Forum Resident

    Portland, Or
    I’m a “believer,” ...that appreciates this assessment.

    As I stated in my post above, there’s something to be said about Dylan “convicted.” There’s an emotion that comes out in his performance that’s so powerful.

    So much of what makes him great is that conviction in his lyrics, then the delivery of it all in performance.

    I value this with any artist.

    Crazy when I hear some criticize a popular artist for being “too political,” as to not be divisive.

    What I believe politically doesn’t matter, but I can’t imagine Eddie Vedder without his political rage. Same with CSN&Y, + many others.

    I love the Stones, Beatles, Van Halen...ha, and Stryper.

    What powers the music & evokes the emotion that make them (to me) good to great to legendary is all different.

    Bob Dylan is, was, and always will be on another level in popular music history.

    Arguably the greatest solo artist since the aforementioned Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Wonderful post, sir.
  11. Psychedelic Sounds

    Psychedelic Sounds Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I realise that some people won't like the music (especially the lyrics) from Bob Dylan's 'gospel years.'
    But I think Bob Dylan fans should at least give it a chance.
  12. Clanceman

    Clanceman Forum Resident

    Portland, Or
    I really do hope you get the deluxe set.

    9 discs of bliss (including the Trouble No More film)

    I’m confident, based on what you’ve’ll be incredibly moved by the outtakes & unreleased material in complete on Discs 3 & 4, along with both live shows:
    I prefer London slightly ...but both are fantastic.
  13. redsock

    redsock Writer, reader, grouch.

    It's not iconic or anything, but I love the singing of "west ... of the Jordan" over and over after Groom had seemed ready to fade out. They could have gone on for a few more minutes, actually.
  14. Percy Song

    Percy Song Tom's Tambourine Man

    I can't recall whether this was ever posted here - my memory is so bad these days I probably did it myself! Anyway, here is a link to a Route Blog podcast you can download of Clinton's talk last year which includes, apparently, some recordings (raps, I think) not on BS 13:-

    Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years With Clinton Heylin : Route Online

    Click "download" and then right click, "save audio as.."

  15. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    After listening to this LP earlier today.....I got religion! I'm sure anything else I listen to today will pale in comparison. However,perhaps this is the catalyst I need to open my Trouble No More deluxe. It's right beside me, right now.

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  16. majorlance

    majorlance How do you call your loverboy?

    Collingswood, NJ
    Nice! Have you tried this?

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  17. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Yep, at this point I have most of their early catalogue. Thanks for sharing, that tremolo guitar is stunning.
  18. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    OK,I'm in, opened and loaded. Slow Train....Fred Tackett's guitar and Bob's vocals....OMG. :yikes:

    Looks like I'll be serving something the rest of the day. Praise The Lord and pass the Pressing On.
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  19. E_Braunn_Fan

    E_Braunn_Fan Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    Just pulled the trigger on the big box this morning since I had a $45 Amazon gift card balance after canceling my Electric Lady Land 50th box last week. Been on the fence about getting the box since it came out, but I really love the 2 CD set.

    Currently it's only $90 on Amazon and that price was just too good to pass up.
  20. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Just got thru disc one. Slow Train kickin' off disc two. This is more like a bullet train leaving scorched earth behind. My hat just blew off in the ditch as it passed by.
  21. Peter M

    Peter M Forum Resident

    Houston, Texas

    The second Slow Train is stunning. The intensity of Dylan’s voice and Tackett’s guitar solos and the driving rhythm section create the momentum of a train moving down the track.

    FWIW, after months of listening to the live tracks, I have concluded this album features my favorite live Dylan.
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  22. I hope everyone can track down the exclusive 2-CD bonus set that was included on orders. I don't know what I would have done without hearing it. It's as good as anything on the main set.
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  23. SlimLee

    SlimLee Forum Resident

    is there an ideal way to pick up a copy?
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  24. windfall

    windfall Forum Resident

    My own favourite from this set is when Bob takes the request for "Solid Rock", the stage patter and the performance. Goes off like a bomb.
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  25. E_Braunn_Fan

    E_Braunn_Fan Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    The big box is no longer available through Amazon and on back order on both ImportCDs and DeepDiscount. Looks like it is going to possibly be OOP soon.

    Glad I finally picked it up yesterday.
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