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Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks - your favourite track?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I’ve never gotten used to it, I’ve just learned to turn it off. Either I'm too sensitive or else I'm gettin' soft.

    Your favourite track? And why's it your favourite?


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    Thank you for voting.
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  2. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    Shelter from the Storm, although I might've picked Up to Me if it had made it....
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  3. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious Forum Resident

    North East England
    Well Tangled up in Blue is one of the greatest songs ever. Its like it lives and breathes. Brilliant.
  4. Red river bore

    Red river bore Well-Known Member

    Belgrade, Serbia
    There are many stunning, major songs in here such as Tangled up in blue, Idiot wind or You´re a big girl now, but it´s a small simple song like Simple twist of fate that gets to me every single time
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  5. davesmoked

    davesmoked Forum Resident

    Simple twist for me...but any song on this album kills it!
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  6. Jonboy

    Jonboy Forum Resident

    Cape Town
    Wow - this is a tough one - the best album by the best songwriter IMHO.

    I'll go with "Lonesome" but only because it has particular personal relevance for me right now - ask me next week and you might get another.
  7. My Home Townes

    My Home Townes Forum Resident

    Montclair, NJ
    Shelter from the Storm...Although if Idiot Wind from Bootleg V. 1-3 was the version on here, that would be my pick.
  8. Nipper

    Nipper His Master's Voice

    Well, "Tangled Up In Blue" is arguably his best song. Had to put my vote there.

    But in a very close tie for second place on this masterpiece, I'll take "Meet Me In The Morning", "If You See Her Say Hello", "Shelter From The Storm" and "Buckets Of Rain".
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  9. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Would it have been better with "Up to Me"? Or was he right to leave that off?
  10. mfp

    mfp Forum Resident

    Paris, France
    I didn't realize how much I liked this album until just now, as I tried to choose my favorite song and found I couldn't.

    But I finally went with Idiot Wind, only for the line "I haven't known peace and quiet for so long I can't even remember what it's like".
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  11. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Would say all of the above.
    Another instance wherein one wishes that he had written a dozen more songs in this style...(Blonde on Blonde, Nashville Skyline, Billy the Kid, etc., etc. as other examples, etc. )
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  12. RogerB

    RogerB Forum Resident

    Brilliant album! I guess Tangled would be the obvious choice but I'm going with If You See Her Say Hello.
  13. Blood on the Tracks is Dylan's most accomplished album as a songwriter. I've always liked Idiot Wind but you really can't go wrong with any song from this album.

  14. blackstar

    blackstar Senior Member

    Simple Twist of Fate.

    The way Bob sings

    "They sat together in the park
    As the evening sky grew dark
    she looked at him and he felt a spark
    Tingle to his bones"

    is enough to have made me a lifelong Dylan fan.
  15. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    I love Up To Me, but as a companion piece to Shelter, I think that one would have to be left off, and that would be a shame.

    I went with Simple Twist of Fate, but this one was really hard.
  16. Nick Drake fan

    Nick Drake fan Forum Resident

    New Orleans
    "Tangled Up In Blue" for me. That song is my all-time favorite song lyrically.
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    GLYNSTYLER Forum Resident

    "Whatever makes her happy/ I won't stand in her way/ But the bitter taste still lingers on/ from the night I tried to make her stay"... that part always chokes me up because I know so well what it means.
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  18. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    Simple Twist of Fate

    "People tell me it's a sin
    To know and feel too much within
    I still believe she was my twin
    But I lost the ring
    She was born in spring
    But I was born too late
    Blame it on a simple twist of fate"
  19. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    You're a Big Girl Now

    All these tracks are neck and neck but, right now, this is my pick, The guitar is beautiful.
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  20. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Senior Member

    Tangled Up In Blue.
  21. nikosvault

    nikosvault Forum Resident

    That's like picking your favorite child.....

    Simple Twist of Fate
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  22. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    I voted Meet Me In The Morning.

    If alternative versions of the songs are allowed, it's be Shelter From the Storm from Hard Rain.
  23. The Hole Got Fixed

    The Hole Got Fixed Owens, Poell, Saberi

    Asinine Bluster
  24. hello people

    hello people Forum Resident

    Buckets of Rain

    Because...I like the singing
  25. ManFromCouv

    ManFromCouv Employee #3541

    Shelter, Buckets and Meet Me In The Morning are my favorites (I'm a sucker for those 5 open E tuning songs). Tough call, but nothing beats Shelter.

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