"Boogie Music" by Canned Heat, 45 rpm single version

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by muzikgeye, May 28, 2017.

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  1. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    One of my favorite songs is the song "On the Road Again" by Canned Heat. I bought the single when it was first released back in Jr. High School. I also enjoyed the song on the flip side, "Boogie Music". I really played the hell out of this single. I did not own many singles or records at the time, so I just played everything I had repeatedly.

    Anyway, at the end of "Boogie Music", after the fade out of the song, there is a brief section of what sounds like a jug band that lasts for about 15 seconds. Later I bought "The Canned Heat Cookbook" album, which is a greatest hits package, and later, the CD version. I was disappointed that the jug band coda that is present on the single was not the version that appeared on the greatest hits package.

    Does anyone know if there is a CD that exists with the single version, which is the version with the jug band coda? Here is a You Tube link to someone actually playing the single. The jug band coda begins at about the 2 minute and 52 second mark and lasts for about 15 seconds.

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  2. jamesmaya

    jamesmaya Senior Member

    Mudwest, CA
    I don't know the answer to your question but I'm always happy to bump up a Canned Heat thread on principle.
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  3. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Very underappreciated classic rock band.
  4. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    The jug band bit at the end of the single is a 15-second excerpt from a 1929 recording called "Tell Me Man Blues" by Henry Sims. The single version with that coda also appears on their 3rd Liberty album (the double Living the Blues, Side 1, track 6) which is available on CD. I was unaware that they used a different coda on Cookbook since I don't have that album. Also, the single version of "On the Road Again" is a 3:33 edit of the 4:55 album cut on Boogie With Canned Heat, which has a longer harmonica jam toward the end. Cookbook has the single edit.
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  5. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Thank you very much for your informative response. Yes, I am aware of the unedited version of "On the Road Again" and now I know where to find the original version of "Boogie Music." Although I understand the reasoning for edited tracks on vinyl compilations, I will never understand the inclusion of edited versions on CD compilations. I think it is just lazy and insensitive to the fans.
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  6. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    I finally purchased the CD Living the Blues based on the information you provided. Unfortunately, the CD also contained the edited version of the song Boogie Music. The version I purchased is on the BGO label. There is also a Japanese import on the Universal label (also an Italian import). The listing of the songs does not include the time/length of the songs which would verify which version it is. So, would you know if the unedited version of Boogie Music appears on the Japanese Universal import version?
  7. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    I only have it on the original double vinyl album on the Liberty label. I don't know why they edited
    the jug band bit out of the CD. I wonder if it may have been a copyright issue. Sorry, I didn't know they did that on the CD. I hope the rest of the album was worth the purchase.
  8. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Well, not sure yet. I did buy one song from an Italian import of the CD and it was the unedited version. So I know now the song exists on CD. Except for this Italian CD, it is difficult to know which CD, domestic or import, has the unedited version of the song since no times are listed in the CD descriptions and all are unopened. Anyway I was hoping the Japanese import from Universal Music is the correct version as I would try and purchase that one instead. Oh well.
  9. muzikgeye

    muzikgeye Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    OK I finally figured it out.
    There seems to be two versions of the CD "Living the Blues" by Canned Heat. For me, the difference was the inclusion of the edited version of "Boogie Music", which I have been explaining in this thread.

    The version of this CD on the BGO label is the wrong version and I would not recommend this version.

    The version on the Universal label, a mini LP, is the correct version. I purchased this CD and am finally happy that I have the correct version of the song and assume all the songs are unedited originals.

    I can not speak for other versions of this album, unless of course you buy the original album on vinyl on the Liberty label.

    Anyway it was a long journey, but I am very happy I finally have the correct CD and the correct version of one of the best Canned Heat songs.
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