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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Reader, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Reader

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    e.s.t. tenn.
    Finally! Boris Karloff's Thriller is finally going to be released in Aug. It's a 14 disc set with all 67 episodes. Anybody else looking forward to this?
  2. bencasey

    bencasey New Member

    I will pick it up once the price drops. I have them all, recorded from a run in Canada complete and uncut so this is not that big of a deal for me.
  3. Well good for you but there are other folks that have been waiting for this to receive more than a gray area release in decent quality. HOpefully we'll see some sort of extras but I doubt it.
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  4. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die!

    Rhino came out with 8 episodes of this show back in the '90's,didn't they? At least,that's what the printed blurb would have you believe!
  5. Reader

    Reader Senior Member Thread Starter

    e.s.t. tenn.
    I've got a lazer disc box set with a few episodes and the video quality is excellent. Hope the dvd version is as good.
  6. Texastoyz

    Texastoyz Forum Resident

    Texas, USA
    So do I, :shh:

    But I'm still killing myself for not getting the Julie Newmar show, My Living Doll, when I had the chance.
  7. cartoonist

    cartoonist Forum Resident

    According to Amazon's writeup:

    All 67 episodes -- remastered, uncut and loaded with exclusive extras

    27 new audio commentaries featuring Arthur Hiller, Patricia Barry, Ernest Dickerson, David Schow, Tim Lucas, Gary Gerani, Jim Wynorski, Richard Anderson, Lucy Chase Williams, Steve Mitchell, Marc Scott Zicree, Alan Brennert, Beverly Washburn, Larry Blamire, Jon Burlingame, Daniel Benton, Ron Borst, Craig Reardon

    Extensive promotional and production still galleries

    Rare episode promos

    Thriller series promo

    Isolated music and effects tracks for select episodes from composers Jerry Goldsmith and Morton Stevens
  8. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    pre-ordered! this release is one of my most anticipated DVD releases! Can't wait...

    with Images track record I hope this will be the ONLY release of this on DVD...they screwed us with the quadruple TWILIGHT ZONE releases...
  9. bencasey

    bencasey New Member

    Where would you get that from? There's only about 10 episodes known to exist and 6 of those are at UCLA. The show hasn't aired anywhere in 45 years and there aren't even prints out there. Unless you are just talking about the one or two episodes that are around.
  10. jsayers

    jsayers Just Drifting....

    Horse Shoe, NC
    I loved this show as a kid. I recall some network here in the USA running episodes of this in the late 80's/early 90's - I remember when watching these reruns that there were quite a few klunkers in there.

    At any rate, I can't afford a lavish box set like this now, but would sure like to get it!
  11. Cool! Thanks for the info. With all this talk of "My Living Doll" I'm reminded as a kid that I liked the show but I don't remember much about it beyond that and the basic premise.

    I wonder if UCLA had the show in the 80's--if they had I would have used my student access to try and watch it like I did some other rarities.

    It would be nice to see some of these lesser known shows get released although quite honestly there probably is little in the way of a market for this but, perhaps, something like Warner's DVR program.

    IT would be a good way for UCLA and the UC system bring in money that is depserately needed as well.
  12. If I can get it at a reduced price, I'll be all over this. I watched it as a kid when it was screened around midnight during the summer.
  13. jsayers

    jsayers Just Drifting....

    Horse Shoe, NC
  14. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

  15. dale 88

    dale 88 Errand Boy for Rhythm

    west of sun valley
    It is definitely on my want list!
  16. billdcat

    billdcat Well-Known Member

    I got a VHS tape of two episodes of "My Living Doll" (one with originial spots),
    that I found at a thift store years ago. Its decent quality.

    I remember watching the show as a young kid,
    and later reading that the star Bob Cummings walked off
    the series before the first season was done.

    Didn't know it was so rare a series until reading here on the board
    several years ago.
  17. Texastoyz

    Texastoyz Forum Resident

    Texas, USA
    This guy had about 25, so that means he had all but one. He said they were 8.5 in both terms of audio and video. Unfortunately he died in a car crash and I didn't find out until several months later. We never got to trade anything.
  18. boyfromnowhere

    boyfromnowhere Forum Resident

    missouri, usa
    I've never even heard of this, but it sounds fun. Is it anything like The Veil?
  19. LaserKen

    LaserKen Forum Resident

    Avon, Indiana
    Better than The Veil. By leaps and bounds!
  20. Steve D.

    Steve D. Forum Resident

    Interesting transistion (hijack) from "Thriller" to "My Living Doll" in this thread.

    But, here's the facts:

    "My Living Doll"

    First telecast: Sept. 27, 1964
    Last Telecast: Sept.8, 1965

    Brodcast history:
    Sept. '64 - Dec. '64 CBS Sun. 9:00-9:30 pm.

    Dec. '64 - Sept. '65 CBS Wed. 8:00-8:30 pm.

    Robert Cummings
    Julie Newmar
    Jack Mullaney
    Doris Dowling

    26 episodes total

    -Steve D.
  21. bencasey

    bencasey New Member

    How convenient. File under hogwash.
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  22. Texastoyz

    Texastoyz Forum Resident

    Texas, USA
    I can't help that the guy died. I didn't say I had it. I had written that I had missed my chance to get it. I just said that the guy who did have it died. I didn't hear about his death until a couple of months later from his sister via email. According to his sister the remainder of his family got rid of a lot of his "collection" as well as a lot of other things, except for a few things they kept for themselves, his large collection of vhs tapes and dvd's was not in that category of what his family kept. She said they just threw them out.

    As we all know in life, stuff happens. Whether good or bad, that's what life is all aboutit's extremely unfortunate, but it happens.
  23. Reader

    Reader Senior Member Thread Starter

    e.s.t. tenn.
    "The Veil" is enjoyable but not in the same league as "Thriller". "The Veil" seems like a cheap version of "Thriller.

    If you want to discuss "My Living Doll" someone needs to start a thread about it. I don't see any connection with Boris Karloff.
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  24. bencasey

    bencasey New Member

    I've been deeply involved in the TV collecting hobby for 30 years. There hasn't been any 16mm set of prints that have come out anywhere in that time, which would be the only way anyone would have copies of the show since it hasn't aired anywhere in the world since 1965, long before home recording. And since you don't indicate that these were on film, and since someone having them on tape would be impossible, then this story is total BS. I'm not saying its you that's making it up as perhaps you were told this and believed it, but its something that couldn't be true. And one other thing, which is that his supposed set sounds like they would have been 2nd or 3rd generation dubs which would imply that there are better copies residing elsewhere, although no one has ever turned them up, ever. So, don't feel too bad as there's no way this guy ever had this.
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  25. Reader

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    e.s.t. tenn.
    Are you talking about Thriller?

    I don't see the need to keep bringing the other topic up. Start another thread if you are interested in it. I'm not.

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