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  1. jalexander

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    was recently in Boston for a couple of days and thought I would share my record hunting experiences. I'm pretty picky so ymmv.

    Newbury Comics: went to the Harvard square and Faneuil hall locations. Both great selection of indie vinyl at reasonable prices. Nothing there I wanted that I didn't already have. Did buy an m ward and a yo la tengo cd used for $4 each. No complaints.

    In your ear - Harvard square location is a crazy hoarders dream of classic rock. Bought John Coltrane's complete Africa brass on cd for $7. Owner was great for a chat.

    Planet records- good selection of cds at decent prices. Vinyl was too steep for me... lots of grey market live albums on vinyl for $25. Good box set selection. Didn't buy anything.

    Cheapo: sketchy store with tons of vinyl. Almost bought REM murmur for $15 but bailed at the last second. Lots of box sets there too and a diverse selection of genres. Smelly store. Reminds me of dingy used places I used to frequent in the 90s.
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    There's also a pretty good one in Somerville (next to Cambridge) called Grooves. I like Newbury Comics but most of their vinyls are new. It is a great place to find CDs though.
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