Boston's first album on CD and hi-rez

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    waynekleklein, I suggest you Google UMG fire 2008. The New York Times wrote two different articles on the subject. The first was horrific then they followed up with an article that was even worse, saying that there even hundreds more artists that were not on the original list.
    Heres a Wiki article
    s It slates ome of the artists tapes that were lost. So next time you decide to buy a new an improved master of a Universal Music Group project prior to 2008, especially if its. In analog form I would be weary if its the real deal. In many cases the Multitracks went up in flames too so they can never be remixed. The sad thing about UMG is that out of the big three record companies
    They are by far the largest conglomerate.
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    The Wikipedia entry of Greateast Hits states that "Tom Scholz, the band's leader, felt that the album's sound quality was not up to his standards, so a remastered version of the album was released in 2009 with a slightly different track listing".
    I don't know why he thinks that the original edition is bad, that comp sounds just fine to me, it's a little bit on the loud side but it's definitely their best sounding compilation, it's better than the 2008 version done by Toby Mountain.
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  3. I’m aware of the fire. There’s no reason they would have the master for the first two albums though. It was a Columbia release owned by Sony now. Now they would for the Universal titles.
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    I own two US-made CDs of Boston's debut. These discs are digitally identical.

    Epic EK 34188 DIDP 20006
    Matrix: DIDP20006 11B5
    Hub Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp.

    Epic EK 34188 DIDP 020006
    Matrix: DIDP 020006 29 IFPI L323
    Hub blank

    I've been told that the leading zero on the DIDP number indicates a later disc pressing c. 1990, whereas the number without the leading zero, and especially when combined with "Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp." moulded into the hub, indicates an early DADC pressing, c. 1987.

    From what I've read, it seems that these two discs use the same mastering as the Japanese 32 8P-192 and 25 8P-5192 CD.

    Peak values: -0.06, -0.33, -0.47, -0.00, -0.45, -0.89, -0.33, -0.20
    EAC values: 99.3, 96.2, 94.6, 100.0, 95.0, 90.2, 96.3, 97.7
    Track DR: 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9, 10
    Album DR: 10

    I have Japan-for-US copies of the debut album and Don't Look Back on order; I'll report back once they arrive and I've had a chance to check them out.
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  5. I'm happy with my original Columbia/Sony release on CD. Sounds great. Sure the Hi Rez may give it some extra kick but if it is mastered as lousy as the remaster, I'm good.
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    Which DLB Japan for US do you have coming? I have the Denon Japan for US pressing. There's also the CSR Japan for US pressing which I understand has different mastering (and apparently matches the original Japan for Japan 35 8P-7 mastering and with pre-emphasis) but I haven't heard the CSR or the 35 8P-7.
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    Both discs are Denon-made Japan-for-US. I have yet to come across a CSR of Don't Look Back.

    The debut arrived today. After ripping it I checked the peaks, and as expected, it's the "Japan for US" mastering. Listening to it now. It seems more true to the sound I remember from vinyl than my DADC CD. The DADC has heavier bass than the Denon, and also weaker treble, giving it a somewhat boxy feeling.

    Epic EK34188 (no DIDP number)
    "Made in Japan" at bottom of disc, outer ring
    Matrix: EK34188 2A2 6Y

    -2.23, -2.49, -2.56, -1.50, -2.33, -4.03, -3.35, -2.63

    Track DR:
    11, 11, 11, 12, 11, 11, 11, 12

    Album DR:

    The Denon Don't Look Back disc is predicted to arrive early next week.
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    The Denon Don't Look Back arrived today, earlier than expected. It's the same mastering as my US CD. Guess I'll have to keep looking for a CSR.

    My US CD is Epic EK 35050, matrix "1B EK35050 12 A", with "CMU P 29" in the hub (Pitman pressing), similar to this entry on Discogs.

    My Denon CD is Epic EK 35050, matrix "EK-35050 1C1 74", similar to this entry on Discogs.
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