Both Asias hitting the road for the 40th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gojikranz, Feb 8, 2022.

  1. gojikranz

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    Announcements from both Asia camps recently sorry if mentioned elsewhere I couldn’t find it.

    Asia back with Marc Bonilla joining Sherwood, Palmer, and Downes.

    Asia planning 40th anniversary tour, introduces new singer/guitarist Marc Bonilla – KSHE 95

    Meanwhile Asia featuring John Payne will celebrate both the 40th and the 30th anniversary of Aqua

    Asia Featuring John Payne celebrating special Asia anniversaries with 2022 tour – KSHE 95

    As a fan of both eras I don’t mind there being two seperate bands and while I think it’s a bit disingenuous of JP to celebrate the 40th it will be nice if they do play some more of aqua as their shows recently have been almost entirely wetton era tracks so maybe they actually will cover more Payne material with this tour.

    no tour dates near me yet but I’ll see em both of the opportunity arises.
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  2. RichC

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    Charlotte, NC
    This really opens the door for two separate Bad Englishes to tour for the 33rd anniversary of "When I See You Smile."
  3. Lord Hawthorne

    Lord Hawthorne Currently Untitled

    Portland, Oregon
    Where shall the twain meet?
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  4. Autotune Sucks

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    Little Rock, AR
    Without Steve Howe or the late John Wetton, this whole thing is a sad joke.
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  5. RTurner

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Asia Major, Asia Minor. :shtiphat:
  6. AlienRendel

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    Chicago, il
    Next up: Asia - The Union Tour
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  7. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    No Wetton no Asia. This ship has sailed. Never was much of a John Payne era fan.
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  8. Hanglow

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    Saratoga New York

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  9. Miles1968

    Miles1968 The years just pass like trains

    I feel very down that I have never been asked to join either version of Asia, hasn't everyone else by now ? :D
  10. Bluesman Mark

    Bluesman Mark I'm supposed to put something witty here....

    Kinda like the touring version of the Black Crowes... :D

    I keep expecting Chris & Rich Robinson to split & form two separate groups, each with past members. After all, including the current musicians touring with them, I think we're up to some 22 members by now...:rolleyes:

    Two bands touring under the same banner, but in an agreed setup? Why that's twice the revenue!! :biglaugh:
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  11. Parakeeper

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    New Jersey USA
    I only have the debut LP and the 30th anniversary CD XXX, and to me that's the only real Asia group.
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  12. fiendish_thingy

    fiendish_thingy Forum Resident

    Say what you want about the Payne era of Asia, but I think this song smokes anything else either side has done.

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  13. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

    Niagara Falls
    What exactly was the John Payne connection with Asia? Was he a partner with Geoff Downed after Wetton vacated the premises?
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  14. carlwm

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    That's right. They made five studio albums, initially with Steve Howe and Carl Palmer involved, albeit briefly. Definitely worth a listen if you like vaguely proggy melodic rock.
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  15. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    I'd be up for seeing either iteration if they played over here.
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  16. JoeDea

    JoeDea Forum Resident

    John Wetton is no longer with us so I can't take this seriously.
  17. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    I’m a big fan of the John Payne era. It’s a shame there are no shows near me.
  18. tspit74

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    Woodridge, IL, USA
    John Payne needs to stop this.

    It's like Bev Bevan touring as Black Sabbath for a Born Again 40th tour.

    Oops! I hope Bev doesn't read this forum. Don't want to give him any ideas.
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  19. altaeria

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    There are many good Payne-era Asia & GPS songs. The problem is that he doubles down on his gruff Lemmy delivery when he sings in concert, and it simply does not fit the spirit of Asia. His best recorded vocal approach was on Arena and especially on that Aura album. But, of course, he mentioned in an interview afterward that the producer instructed him to keep his vocals smooth, and he kinda resented it- almost blaming that for why Aura didn't sell well. So he always reverts back to his anti-wetton voice.
  20. JakeKlas

    JakeKlas Impatiently waiting for an 8-track revival

    United States
    I’ll leave it up to others as to whether the Palmer/Downes version of Asia without Wetton and/or Howe is a good idea or not, but I think Bonilla has flown under the radar for a lot of people throughout his career. I wouldn’t mind hearing what he would bring to the table for a new Asia album. Was never really excited about Sherwood being a part of Asia, though.
  21. zen

    zen Senior Member

    Billy Sherwood should not be the singer/bassist for Asia. His voice isn't in the same universe as John Wetton. The only way I would ever buy another Asia album
    is if Robert Berry was vocalist and bassist (helping Geoff Downes release the final Wetton/Downes tunes from 2015/2016). I'm guessing the YES connection
    (a very lazy busine$$ move) is the reason why Billy Sherwood was chosen. No thanks.
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  22. Dr Mike

    Dr Mike Forum Resident

    For what it's worth, Bonilla is the lead vocalist, not Sherwood.
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  23. Jbrownie

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    Naples, Fl
    Wait, what happened to Bumblefoot, lol? Wasn't he in the original band for a heartbeat? Did Bonilla replace him?
    Asia, almost as bad as Chicago when it comes to band personnel.
  24. JakeKlas

    JakeKlas Impatiently waiting for an 8-track revival

    United States
    No Jon Anderson, no Asia!!

    Oh wait... sorry... wrong thread.
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  25. Aftermath

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