Both Asias hitting the road for the 40th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gojikranz, Feb 8, 2022.

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    Usually means "inhalation of vomit"

    Very rock star.
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    Yes, I saw the joke open for Journey. It was the tour Wetton was supposed to be part of, but he passed before it began.

    Steve Smith ate Palmer’s lunch that night.
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    Nice. I forgot about that part. Only recall the drummer exploding.
  5. Always have to be afraid of that. And of course, fear is never boring.
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    The only reason I know bout Pat in this context is because when I bought Live In Moscow 30 plus years ago (and Live in Nottingham later) he was unexpectedly in the liner notes and I wasn't much bothered by that other than wondering how he ended up there.

    He seemed to nail the part so I was never all that concerned that he was in the band at that point. I really like those two releases he was on.
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    I don't know if it's that or not but that version of the band doesn't sound all that adventurous to me. Still have Silent Nation but don't really listen to it all that much. I really stopped getting excited about Asia until the reunion albums even when Howe left again It didn't bother me. Now that Wetton is gone, I reached the end of the line with Asia.
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    Saw what was maybe the first show of the double anniversary tour from asia featuring John Payne. It was at yoshis which if you know the venue tends to limit the acts to around 70 minutes which infuriates me. Still I was pleased that they pulled out a good chunk of aqua and thankfully it was played first as the band did run up on the time limit(Payne was about to cut soul survivor at the half way point but the audience demanded he go on and thankfully they obliged). I asked after and he mentioned they will likely play more aqua songs at venues that will let them play longer.

    Thought the band were solid though there were certainly moments where the original members presence felt missing.

    If they come nearby again and I feel like they can get 90-120 minutes to play would be down to see this show again. Still waiting on official asia to announce some dates!

    setlist spoiler ahead:

    who will stop the rain
    Love under fire
    Don’t call me
    Heaven on earth

    here comes the feeling
    Cutting it fine
    Wildest dreams
    Time again
    Only time will tell
    Soul survivor
    Heat of the moment
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