Bought Magnepan LRS Speakers - Now What?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Rattlin' Bones, Jul 4, 2021.

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    Looks exactly like our cat Andy. Hilarious !!!
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    I have had my LRS for a couple of months now. I have the Magna Riser Airbourne stands and am using a BAT VK-200 amp. My room is 13'6 x 10' and the speakers are on the long wall. It took a little bit of work to get them dialed in but they are pretty amazing. I am using no sub. Probably 75% of the time there is no need for one at all. It seems highly dependent on the program material and volume which I am listening, typically between 65-70db. I have the tweeters out, 3' from the wall about 7' between the speakers. My listening position is a equal. I don't have a lot of room treatment. Corner bass traps at the ceiling and a Stillpoints Aperture on the wall between the speakers. Soundstage width and depth is the best I have ever had. Tonally, they are very natural sounding. They replaced a nice pair of Infinity Kappa 7's and honestly, they blow the Infinitys away. And I really liked the Infinitys. I was pretty well set up equipment wise when I got them so I didn't have the expense of buying a new amp to match. All in all, great sound at a super economical price.
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    I'm still futzing around with mine.
    Put my order in for some Magnarisers this morning, got some different tubes showing up for a preamp to see if I can get it to work in a small-ish room and tomorrow I'll order a subwoofer.
    A bit of a project setting up another system from scratch but it'll be worth it.

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