Bowie LET’S DANCE Deluxe Edition

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bowie Fett, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. telecode101

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    yep. that demo sounds very Chic-esque
  2. pottsbotts

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    We all know to take a lot of what the ever-mercurial DB said with a pinch of salt but he did state in interviews in the mid to late 80s "Let's Dance was a "great Nile Rodgers record."
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  3. BlueSpeedway

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    Since getting the rights to Bowie, “Parlophone” released hardly anything rare or previously unreleased, spent years releasing a series of expensive 7” picture discs, two box sets featuring a bizarre mixture of new remasters and old EMI ones, and one box set that many people seemed to find substandard.

    And it’s our fault? Right...
  4. BlueSpeedway

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    London, England
    You’re not reading enough of it. It’s actually often a happy, witty, joyful place, with more contrasting people and tastes, and respecting each others’ differences, than probably any other music forum in the world.
  5. TonyCzar

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    Tidal's US store has it for sale in MP3 or FLAC.
  6. Cat People

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    Hi could you explain to me why people would spend good money on Tidal or other download sources, rather than buy a physical product? Is it just my generation but I cannot abide paying for the digital versions which ought to be released on physical product anyway...I guess I understand if there is a chance it won't get physically released, but it seems a bit rich to me that they charged for the demo - how about a good will gesture of a small free gift on the man's birthday?!
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  7. Vaughan

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    We don't know what it's the contract between Bowie's estate and Parlophone. We don't know that they have access to previously unreleased material, and therefore it's premature to attack them for it.

    Also, the Steve Hoffman forums aren't necessarily representative of the big wide world. The box sets are being released at a glacial rate, for sure, but my impression is that they've been received well up to A New Career. Even that only has one issue (Heroes) that is considered significant enough to offer a replacement. I know you don't like it, and there are others here that don't, but on the other hand there are plenty who have enjoyed the new box.

    When it comes to Parlophone, they've at least gone a step farther than EMI. We get the Japanese Mini LP covers, the boxes, the bardback books, and Vinyl lovers get a version too if they want it. EMI were also lackluster with Bowie's catalog, which suggests to me any deficiencies are written into these licensing deals.
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  8. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    It's generational, imo. People want instant gratification these days - why wait a couple days to get what you bought, when you can download it immediately?

    I'm with you. I've never bought a digital download, and I won't. If I want something digitally I'll rip it myself, or do a Google search. I'll happily pay for physical, ut if it's denied me, then that's my choice.
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  9. pobbard

    pobbard The CD is a pretty good format (ducks)

    Andover, MA
    A deluxe Let's Dance or 1980s box would be fine (I'd love the release of a complete Serious Moonlight concert), but I'd love it even more if this were a teaser for a demos set, like The Bowie Demos: 1980-2016...
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  10. PretzelLogic

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    I can't abide paying for vinyl. It's wax cylinder or pianola all the way for THIS real music fan.
  11. ad180

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    In other words, different strokes...
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  12. Bowie Fett

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    Did any of the musicians tell you about more songs in the vault?

    I think there are more songs, yeah. There’s a sort of veil of secrecy about it, but I think there’s at least another half-an-album’s worth of [“Black Star”-era] songs that I think will come out someday. There’s a lot [of unreleased material]: a whole [1978] concert was filmed but he was not happy with it; only six songs from his [2000] Glastonbury Festival show were released. There’s a wonderful track of him singing “Little Toy Soldier” to the backing of [the Velvet Underground’s] “Venus in Furs.” I interviewed Lou Reed once and told him about it and he said “Can you get that for me?” I said, “If you answer my next question I will get it for you” and he said “This is not a hostage situation!” (Laughter) But there’s a that I think will come out someday.

    FULL Article:

    How the Director of ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’ Created a Documentary From Virtually Nothing
  13. gazatthebop

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    That song has been officially released on the Acid Jazz label
  14. Zach Johnson

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    Toronto, Ontario
    So there won't be an 80s box set, but singular reissues of the 80s albums? That sucks, only in that I was hoping for a 90s box set to come afterwards with BTWN, Buddha, Outside and Earthling.
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  15. FourWalledWorld

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    Nothing has been confirmed yet. I still think there's a decent chance of an 80s box, despite it being a tougher sell if they do go ahead with the deluxe Let's Dance.
    Personally, I'd like to see a live Serious Moonlight release for RSD and then the box later in the year (maybe with the Montreal Glass Spider show as the live representation).
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  16. BlueSpeedway

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    hours.. was 90s too :)
  17. TonyCzar

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    Er, but wouldn't you have to download it, then???
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  18. Fred1970

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    Many thanks for the article. Here’s hoping for a Blackstar Deluxe!
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  19. TonyCzar

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    PhIladelphia, PA
    If something's genuinely out of print, then sure. I'm with you. If something's on the market for download (not streaming) from a legit retailer, operating in your territory, it's not out of print.
  20. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Who said that?

    Since these boxes probably wouldn't exist at all if not for the current vinyl resurgence, I don't see why a deluxe edition CD release of Let's Dance (if that is even what is coming out - its still just speculation) would cancel out the need for reissued vinyl Bowie (unless I guess the argument is there's so many cheap originals of the 80s vinyl albums out there that they think that fact would hurt sales of an 80s box - but OTOH these boxes have all had additional exclusive material outside of the main previously released albums, to goose sales).

    The only way I could see the boxes being abandoned is that overabundance of cheap used vinyl of these 80s albums (which would only justify skipping an 80s box) or if the vinyl resurgence bubble completely bursts and no one cares about vinyl anymore.

    Sure these boxes have come out on CD as well, but CD is not the reason these boxes exist.
  21. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    As about half of the original album is filler, a deluxe thingy isn't that appetizing. What would they put on it, extended disco remixes? Ugh.
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  22. mr_spenalzo

    mr_spenalzo Forum Resident

    Yep, and some live stuff and demo's of course... and I'd cave in within approximately 5 seconds if I saw it at my record store
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  23. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    I totally get you - but I'm not going to lie about it. I won't pay for a digital download. I've not bought one yet, and have no plans to do so. I don't see the value in a downloaded file. I've been buying music for more then 50 years. All of it physical product. I'm not anti-tech, and I'm willing to move with the times. However, I don't just pay for the music when I buy something. I pay for the artwork, hopefully a decent booklet. An "album" without the physical elements is more akin to listening to radio (something else I never do).

    Legally speaking, there is no justification. If I download something, I'm doing some illegal, and the artist is not benefiting. The way I see it - they're not offering the product I want (physical). So I have no choice. Pirating a stream is a trivial task - but I don't see a reason to pay monthly for something I can get for free (my main interest in sampling would be to sample things before buying).

    Now I know people make all kinds of claims about themselves, and that my assertion that I buy anything I want in physical format, even if I've heard the download first, will raise some eyebrows. Some will write it off with a shrug and a "yeah, sure." I can't do anything about that. It's a fact though. *I* know what I do. I received 7 new CD's in the mail today.

    I'll pay for music - but not at any cost. If a box set is too expensive, I'll bail (Roxy Music debut album set). If something is download only, I'll download it free, or bail. If something is Vinyl only, I'll bail. I'm awash with have's and wants - as long as the music business sells what I like (format wise), then they can have my money (CD/DVD/Blu). Otherwise - not.
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  24. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    I buy Bowie stuff. Even when I know I shouldn't. He's my weak spot, all common sense goes out the window. I'll buy the next box when it comes out - but I truly dislike the Let's Dance album, and Tonight is worse. But I'll buy it.
  25. Bowie Fett

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    Filler? I love the entire album.

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