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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Wildest cat from montana, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    ontario canada
    Lou Reed's ' Between Thought and Expression ' - where in the name of everything holy is ' Perfect Day' ?
    Not here , not perfect.

    The Who 's ' Maximum R & B ' - what is up with that Frankensteined ' A Quick One '? Half studio\half live. Please , one or the other.

    The Velvet Underground ' s ' Peel Slowly ' - the studio albums plus outtakes and live cuts. Great ! But why oh why is the ' wine and roses ' version of 'Sweet Jane ' on ' Loaded ' It wasn't on 'Loaded ' . I don't want it on 'Loaded '.

    Dylan's ' Biograph ' - I like it but I'd have picked different tracks. I suppose everybody would. ' You Angel You ' from ' Planet Waves '? A fine song. A finer song : ' Dirge '

    Any beefs?
  2. I have around 200 box sets and the Dylan and Who you criticise are 2 of my favourites.Any career spanning box set should have both studio and live and there wouldn’t be 2 people in the world who would agree on a track listing for a 3 disc Dylan compilation.
    My number 1,2 and 3 complaints are the bastardised format boxes that mix vinyl with cds.Vinyl is an overpriced frisbee to me.Rhino I’m looking at you.
  3. Izozeles

    Izozeles Pushing my limits

    That Lou Reed box was a really eye opening experience when it came out
  4. rockclassics

    rockclassics Senior Member

    Mainline Florida
    A general comment / beef ..... box sets that contain both vinyl and CDs. Box sets like this are automatically crossed off my list of purchases.
  5. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Senior Member

    The Southwest
    The Doors Box Set (circa 1997). Bad tape sources, bad edits, truncated Live In New York disc (with the deceptive inclusion of Gloria from the 1969 Aquarius rehearsal), and of course the "band favorites" debacle.
  6. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I have The Who one, not including the studio version of Substitute was another bad move.

    The Buffalo Springfield 2001 box set missing off two tracks from Last Time Around and having an alternate mix of another, making it not quite complete but so near. It also had tracks from the first two albums, then repeated them on the last disc. It still managed to be a very good set though.
  7. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Queen - News of the World 40th anniversary Super Deluxe.

    Only around 40 minutes of previously unreleased music and not all of that was great. No full live concert from the tour included. Cost somewhere around £100.
  8. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    ontario canada
    I have a lot of issues with that set.
  9. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    Well, because I just listened to some of my SMiLE box set for the first time in awhile I was thinking about how many box sets I own.

    I thought I had quite a few... until I saw this. :D
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  10. m3kcomp

    m3kcomp Forum Resident

    NY, NY
    I think it's funny the OP chose four box sets that are each kind of a Gold Standard to pick beefs with.

    Those four box sets are literally as good as it gets, especially when they came out!
  11. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    Vinyl forced on you which insanely inflates the price in order to get all the vault stuff on CD that I want (Fleetwood Mac excel at this as do countless others...)

    The inclusion of cheap gimmicky worthless junk to jack up the price (Pink Floyd mastered this...)

    Ultra fancy boxes that take up way too much room as an excuse to Jack up the price (Grateful Dead anyone?)
  12. Lynd8

    Lynd8 Forum Resident

    New York
    The new Fleetwood Mac Live Boxed set is a current irk for me. 2 great little demos are on the 7" vinyl only, so I've paid #100 for a set that I can't play 2 of the tracks.

    The Who cross fades were particularly irksome at the time, but they also created a huge sin by not including the full 5.1 mix for the otherwise great Quadrophenia and year later we had to buy Quad live to get the full 5.1

  13. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

    Poor mastering's.
  14. Terry

    Terry Senior Member

    All four of your duds are stellar
  15. fishcane

    fishcane Dirt Farmer

    Finger Lakes,NY
    Certainly can’t criticize the content tho...and I’ve never found the initial price of any of their boxes to be too far a stretch
  16. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Senior Member

    I've always wondered who the Typical "Box Set" idea is intended for.
    Casual fans are just interested in hits and probably not interested in unreleased material, works-in-progress, or ephemeral tracks, or a 'career overview'.
    Die hard fans are probably not interested in having liberal amounts of all the artists' hits included in a huge set.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE well executed box sets- my first was Clapton's "Crossroads". I still think its one of the best.
  17. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    Mostly a space issue, I live in a small condo, I’m running out of room and have to get creative with storage!
  18. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    New Order has vinyl, CD and DVD. Only thing that would’ve made this better is including VHS.
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  19. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    The Who Maximum R&B---was not happy with a few things, especially having The Real Me performance with Kenny Jones rather than the original studio version with Keith Moon
  20. frightwigwam

    frightwigwam Talented Amateur

    Miles Davis/ The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions - a misnomer. It actually presents the remixed album, recorded in August 1969, with unrelated sessions from the following November-February. Although the liner notes discuss some moments in the rehearsals and outtakes from the August sessions, none of those tapes are actually in the set. Years later, Sony added alternate takes of "Spanish Key" and "John McLaughlin" to the BB 40th Anniversary set, but it's still missing any early takes of "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down" and the moment discussed in the notes for both releases when Don Alias finally worked up the courage to tell Miles that he had a rhythm that might work better.

    Also, in the original package, the sleeve for the first disc wasn't glued properly, so the CD would slide down into the book binding if you tilted the box. (A lot of people on the old Miles list-serv reported this problem.) For years, I was really careful to take it out when I read the liner notes, to avoid scratching the disc, but the last time I moved to a new home, the box jostled around enough to damage it. So, until I can get to a Game Stop and maybe polish out the scratch, it skips on the last track.
  21. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    My all-round ultimate beef concerns all of the ABKCO box sets of The Stones albums. Beautifully done for what they are but zilcho in the way of studio outtakes. Supposedly there are legalities in the way but that doesn't eliminate the "beef".
  22. Roland Stone

    Roland Stone Offending Member

    That is a dog track. They should have used the soundtrack re-mix if they wanted a relative rarity.
  23. Trainspotting

    Trainspotting Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    Why would you complain about the "wine and roses" version of "Sweet Jane?" That's the definitive version to these ears.
  24. Shriner

    Shriner Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    Apart from the disappointment that is "Maximum R&B".

    The fact that Citizen Steely Dan does not have "Dallas"/"Sail The Waterway" is still inexcusable all these years later...
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  25. nicotinecaffeine

    nicotinecaffeine Forum Resident

    Walton, KY
    Buffalo Springfield box. Seems like nobody involved really GAF about putting it together.

    Really wish there was a master or safety of that Mr. Soul with the reverse tape effects instead of this crappy acetate. I guess that's the only source of the complete song.

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