Breaking Bad, The Sopranos or The Wire

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by marke, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Hollywood's constantly looking for the latest 'trend'. While sequels are certainly nothing new, with the alarming lack of creativity coming from tinseltown in general, all sorts of projects are being green-lit. Re-makes of old ideas, re-characterization of established characters to other genders, color, and sexual orientations. Don't even know what to call what's happening over at the Walking Dead. And now, in what can only be seen as desperation, they're trying to cash in on fan loyalty by playing with the established greats. Its all good as long as the new stuff equals the old, right? It's easy making Better Call Saul-level TV!;)
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    Mad Men the movie.
    Don Draper doing his usual thang. :D
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    Pretty solid new crime show Bad Blood came on today on Netflix about the Rizzuto family and the Montreal Mafia. Kim Coates stars. It’s like a Canadian Narcos.
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned previously, but "Top Boy" on Prime is really good, if you like British drug dealers.. Two seasons worth.
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    I never watched Sopranos, but between The Wire & Breaking Bad I would give the edge to BB. But both were like punches to the gut to watch a lot of times.
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    Soprano’s w Walter White hot on the trail..
    Two best ever, but check Rectify also.
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    Find some time and binge watch. By season 2 you'll be hooked. You're in for a treat.
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  9. Converse

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    The Sopranos would be my choice.
    The best episode was when Chris and Pauly were stuck in the forrest in the snow with the Russian after them.
    So many brilliant lost in translation one liners.
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    If anyone knows which series and what number episode this was ?
    I would love to know.
    I recorded all of them and lent them out and never got them back.
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    Ep.11 - Season 3 - Pine Barrens
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  12. alexpop

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    How would Better Call Saul fair in this poll?
  13. AirJordanFan93

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    Sopranos easily for me. I haven't seen The Wire but I did see Breaking Bad and I found it to be way overrated/hyped not that I thought it was bad I just thought it didn't live up to the hype I had heard about it.
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    Thanks for that info.:righton:
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    Dead on. The Sopranos will always be the best. This poll is based on a ton of people who likely haven't seen the Sopranos let alone being around when it premiered and changed everything.

    The show is perfect in every way to me.

    Breaking Bad is cute by comparison.
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    Having only seen The Wire, it's an easy choice. But my dad's picked up the Sopranos dvd set and I plan on borrowing that. But damn the Wire was a great show, especially the 3rd series which is one of the best ive seen of any show.
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  17. alexpop

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    If push come to shove Breaking Bad.
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  19. rnranimal

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    Not true in my case and I wonder what makes you jump to such a conclusion. I saw The Sopranos when it first started and have watched the series a number of times. Same with The Wire. Breaking Bad is my clear favorite, but I also like the other two a lot.
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    Would be in 4th place for me. I like it, just not all that much.
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  21. alexpop

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    Have to admit all three shows are terrific.
    I wasn’t initially wowed by BB season one. Waited till series ended then got the complete box set and binged watch. I did likewise with TS & TW..but BB is the clear winner.

    Ranking :
    BB ..10/10
    TW ...8/10
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  22. Scotian

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    1. The Leftovers
    2. The Wire
    3. Lost
    4. Breaking Bad
    5. The Sopranos
  23. alexpop

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    Should be a all time favourite drama series past 20 years poll.
  24. Dave Hoos

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    Hill Street Blues
    The Sweeney
  25. alexpop

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    Past 20 years. Lol.
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