BRIAN ENO- New reissues double lps 45rpm August 4th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by zwolo, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Skimming through the thread. Who would have thought that the chilled, ambient sounds of Brian Eno would create such angst?.....:) But entertaining to read.
    I'm listening to 'Another Green World' now. 33 rpm, picked it up last week. Sounds fine. I've heard better, but no complaints, flat and quiet.
    'Here Come The Warm Jets,' also 33rpm, sounded a bit rougher, but it's always sounded rough, hasn't it? Again, decent, flat pressing. For £15-£20 per copy (there were sales on) I'm not complaining.
    So are these digital or analogue reproductions or what?
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    The release date for the Astralwerks HCTWJ and AGW 33s is being pushed back yet again. This time from January 12 to January 26.
  4. Devilscucumber

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    3 Days and counting...
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  5. Jerry James

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    I was able to listen to "Another Green World" and "Here Come the Warm Jets" this morning. Here's what I'll pass along. Both pressings are flat, and centered. Both have matrices that mimic those of the earlier US single LP reissues.

    Warm Jets plays through nearly perfect; there's a little bit of mildly detectable crunchies near the beginning of "On Some Faraway Beach", but it's mostly buried underneath the music, and isn't that distracting. Still.... Sonics-wise the entire LP sounds good to me, though I have parted with my UK original, so I can't compare this copy to anything.

    Now, for Another Green World. Side A plays great and sounds terrific, though there is a quick but terribly obvious drop-out during Big Ship. Side B however :rolleyes:. It starts off well enough, but Little Fishes is lacerated to shreds by epic non-fill/static - about the worst I've ever heard, and it carries right on through (albeit slightly less) the first half of Beclamed. Inexcusable. It's a pity, because the music itself sounds really, really good and otherwise the pressing is perfect.

    I'll wait and see if anyone else reports this issue before returning it in case it's a one-off issue, or if the run is plagued then I'll send it back and hopefully await a repress or something. Damn.
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  6. Finally got my single 33 rpm Another Green World. Sounds fantastic. Nice pressing good bass.

    Happy I passed on the 45s. I hate to keep turning over short records. .
  7. stinsojd

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    My copy of Another Green World arrived yesterday, and it matches yours 100%. There must be a bad pressing run that affects more than one copy. Will be interesting to hear more impressions of this reissue. Damn indeed. :-(
  8. Too bad. Mine is perfect.
  9. John D.

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    My LP's arrived yesterday too. Later today I will give these a mandatory cleaning and give them a spin. Will report back on any non-fill issues - I hate when hat happens.
  10. stem

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    Hertfordshire, UK
    No non-fill on my (331/3) copy of Green World.
    Sounds great actually. Way better than my cd copy.
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  11. John D.

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    Just got thru spinning Another Green World, mines perfect too. :cheers:
  12. MOON

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    May be I will have to try a 33 pressing, skipped the 45rpm pressings due to all the reported problems.
  13. Crush87

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    New York
    Well I skipped the 45s too but by my count in this thread we're only 2/4 for 33rpm copies without issues
  14. I think that are three of us so far. Mine is very nice
  15. Denti

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    I had no issues with the 45.
  16. jacethecrowl

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    Los Angeles, CA
    I'm super pleased with my 3 Astralwerks -- but I'm gonna stick with my well-worn Editions EG Warm Jets.
  17. Echoes Myron

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    Picked up the 33 Warm Jets. Mine is perfect, flat and quiet. Sounds good.

    There are some really neat stereo effects on this album. Percussion behind your head etc.
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  18. cebenitez

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    san diego
    'I purchased HCTWJ and AGW (astralwerk 2018). I would say side two of "another green world " has a hiss through the first two/three songs. I think this it was recorded? I bought a second copy that sounds exactly the same. my only other reference is youtube, where you can hear it as well. for instance you don't get dead silence when you ought to, instead it sounds like someone is letting air out of a small tire throughout the whole set of songs. I already own taking tiger mountain, from the same batch. That sounds excellent. HCTWJ sound good to. I got some crackles on it but it was a little warped and I only heard them on "some faraway beach."
  19. MadMelMon

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    I know that he intentionally didn't use noise reduction on Before and After Science, I would assume it's the same for AGW.
  20. Crush87

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    New York
    Anymore reviews of the Astralwerk "Another Green World"?
  21. Daniel Plainview

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    I picked up 33 1/3 Another Green World. Very pleased with it. I went ahead and ordered the others .

    I hope they issue more titles as my old copy of Discreet Music is anything but discreet.
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  22. Devilscucumber

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    Damn my copy of AGW 33rpm just landed, also has what sounds like scratches or other such surface noise on Track 2 Side 2, the rest sounds pristine, and smoother and more engaging (being dead quiet apart from the aforementioned fault) than my old pink rim NZ pressing, although weirdly the static is similar on both? (On Little Fishes))
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  23. Devilscucumber

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    That noise is not on my DSD CD
  24. radiogod

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    I'm also curious if the 33s have any of the dropouts. I have HCTWJ and AGW and do notice some, more so on Warm Jets.
  25. Echoes Myron

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    33 Another Green World here.

    Not a perfect pressing with occasional surface noise, but the music sounds glorious. Loving it.

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