BRIAN ENO- New reissues double lps 45rpm August 4th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by zwolo, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Miles Showell is too arrogant to even acknowledge the fact that all things equal, a AAA pressing will best his smoke and mirrors operation 1/2 speed nonsense he's been churning out over the last few years. If you look at his interviews in the past it's abundantly clear he looks down on analog/vinyl in general and is likely only doing the 1/2 speed projects because that it's were the market/jobs are these days.

    Digitally sourced projects rob us of the fleeting opportunities for them to be done right. Such a shame as these are some of my favorite albums, and could certainly benefit from quiet surfaces. Too bad Intervention Records didn't get this project.
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  2. zwolo

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    i'm not sure if I want to HCTWJ pink rim is great, my TTM pink rim is outstanding. I replaced my AGW Polydor with a first island uk and it is a little underwhelming. My BAAS with the prints is ok. My working backwards Eg's are the thinnest sounding. I liked the sound of the simon heyworth cds but was hoping for analog to do these justice. Are there issues with the tapes do we know? It does suck as these records are my favorites. Great listening when going through Russell Mills more dark than shark book...the lyrics are as insane as the music.
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    I also have the early pink rim, polydor, etc.
    The Japanese sound nice as well

    I haven't liked the EG versions and the Working Backwards boxset is shrill
    I gave it to a friend who has a very laid back system
  4. giantleech

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    Wishing these were AAA MOFI projects instead. Could have been killer but now just sounds like another cynical digital opportunity.
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    For the cost you're rapidly approaching "why not get originals" territory. I'll probably wait for reviews, but the world really needs good Eno reissues. I've heard great sounding digital masters before, and it can't sound worse than the US Editions EG vinyl I used to have. Hope for the best expect the worst.:shrug:
  6. Incompletist

    I'm fed up of the number of gz pressings that come in harsh inners. Of course I put them in poly inners straight off as anyone sensible would. But often the damage has been done. Micro scratches. Clicks that last for 2-3 revolutions here or there. All this happens before you even get them out of the original sleeve.
  7. giantleech

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    Is there a reason why these labels and manufacturers can't simply be talked into using a superior quality of protective inner sleeve as being the baseline standard? They can't cost but pennies more per unit at worst.
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    Can anyone name that tune?
  9. dougotte

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    All this discussion about the discs and the music, but no one noticed the historical error in the description? ;)

    Edit: Hmm, Enoweb says it was released in 1973, but I just looked at my original US LP and it has a 1974 copyright.
  10. DeRosa

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    In Dark Trees from "another green world"

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  11. originalsnuffy

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    Another Green World and Before and After Science have good fidelity and might be worth this kind of upgrade. The first album; muddy production at best. I see no point to a hi fi release of this low fi album. Taking Tiger Mountain was a pretty good production but I think the most recent CD release was fine and showcased what fidelity there was.

    I always loved the comment on Before and After Science.....recorded without noise reduction. Is that going to include the original painting inserts?

    Going to admit a big mistake....sold my copy of Oblique Strategies cards before moving once upon a time (about 25 years ago).

    Pardon me but I must go split ions in the ether.
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  12. DeRosa

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    Warm Jets was either released in November 1973 or January 1974 depending on the source.
  13. Incompletist

    Cant work out whether the fault is with the label placing the order or the manufacturer. Obviously inner costs more and the label has to ask for them. But then there seems to be no reason to use such a harsh grade paper as the default inner.
  14. Incompletist

    Maybe the US release came a little later.
  15. SoporJoe

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    Uh, OK.
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  16. Former Scientist

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    Yeah. I remember being really thrilled as I put on the rareties EP from the vinyl box back in the day....and I suppose the best thing I can say about that item now is....of all the versions of Wimoweh there are in the world, Enos is my favourite. Ahem.

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps toniiiiiight......

    I love Eno above all, but any extras and outtakes probably aren't released for a good reason...
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  17. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    No probs.
  18. englishbob

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    Half Speed Abbey Road Mastering = Double the price
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  19. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Eno's early album covers were beauts.
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  20. Incompletist

    Here's my copy of Tiger.

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  21. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    And ?
  22. Incompletist

    and it's been re-worked by Richard Prince. and I'm sure Eno chuckled and appreciated the wink when he saw it , as he must have done. :)

    and I don't have the album. Just this cover cover art.
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  23. irwin69

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    I kind of agree. I find it really curious that Eno is getting this treatment. As someone who has collected Eno since around 1980 he is really a niche artist and whilst his profile has grown enormously I find it hard to believe he has quite the same appeal as other artists getting the Abbey Road treatment. Also the project is ultimately flawed as we will never get a 45rpm of Music for Airports.

    I imagine some bright spark will decide Thursday Afternoon needs a vinyl outing as well.
  24. Incompletist

    Well, they already did Faust's first album and that is as obscure as you can get with out being an outsider artist. Surely, Eno is about as popular as popular experimental music gets? He's produced/worked with many of the biggest names in rock-pop. How niche can that be? Roxy Music, Talking Heads, U2, David Bowie, Coldplay.
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  25. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Means nothing to me"

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