BRIAN ENO- New reissues double lps 45rpm August 4th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by zwolo, Jun 14, 2017.

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    I agree with you 100%.
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    Wow! Reading that entire thread was an undertaking. I searched these releases on here because I preorderd all the 45's 2 years ago and my Daughter was born shortly after and I got so backlogged on listening that I literally just took the shrink off of TTM and played it 2 days ago. Ouch! There HAS to be more than one master for these, because I can't imagine anyone missing the glaring amount of dropouts my copy has. I have had my fair chair of pressing issues with non fill and dish warping etc, but this isn't that. I can't imagine any engineer worth their salt wanting to release these and have their name attached. Obviously way to late for a return so I'll have to enjoy the downloads.
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    Quoting myself which is a selfie type drag sorry, but since writing the above a couple of years ago, I saw a recent filmed interview with Bauhaus / Tones on Tail member Daniel Ash, and he's still enamoured about early Eno all these years after Bauhaus were influenced by him. When recently asked, Ash picks Warm Jets as the one album more than any other that he'd like to go back in time and witness the recording of.

    Don't have the interview link sorry, but there you go FWIW :)

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