British actor Bernard Cribbins RIP

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Sound of the Suburbs, Jul 28, 2022.

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    Dublin, Ireland
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    Warwickshire, UK
  4. Mylene

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    Right Said Fred is an all time British comedy classic.
  5. Jcashfan

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    produced by Sir George Martin's early days at EMI btw, rip
  6. bloodisthin

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    Another name in the Fawlty Towers Book of Remembrance. He's reserving the BBC2 channel for a televisual feast in the afterlife now...

  7. AngusStanley

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    "I'm not a violent man Mr Fawlty..."

    R.I.P Bernard
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    Farewell, Bernard.

  11. Greg Smith

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    Such a wonderful, talented and versatile man a career lasting 8 decades and spanning 3/4 generations....A British National Treasure. RIP, but a life well lived
  12. Jcashfan

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    New Chautauqua
  13. MrCJF

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    United Kingdom
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    Also narrated The Snowman on the soundtrack cd.
  15. Steve Hoffman

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    Long career, great actor.. RIP.
  16. dwilpower

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    Glasgow Scotland
    For generations of kids in the UK Bernard Cribbins was beloved. He WAS the Wombles! His role in The Railway Children is iconic are his novelty chart hits including "Right Said Fred". He is about the only UK TV personality of that era who didn't end up in prison for kiddie fiddling
  17. VinylRichieUK

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    Northern Ireland
  18. Andy Saunders

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    God speed Bernard- another national treasure gone.:(
  19. dwilpower

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    Glasgow Scotland
    Big part of my childhood
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  20. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report!

    I was looking through his IMDb credits, which are considerable, and I have to confess, despite all the films I've seen, I don't recall him in anything other than Doctor Who and Fawlty Towers.

    He did make a big impression on me as Donna's grandfather, Wilford Mott.

    I definitely have to search out The Railway Children.
  21. Post-Punk Monk

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    North Carolina
    That Fawlty Towers episode with Cribbins was hysterical! That was when he hit my radar.
  22. rediffusion

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    RIP to a great comedy actor plus a wonderful singer too!

  23. HotblackDesiato

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    Jackanory, The Wombles, Dalek's Invasion Earth 2150 AD, The Railway Children... and more.
    And that was all before I was even out of short trousers.
    Did his National Service in the Parachute Regiment too.
  24. Jim B.

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  25. John B Good

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    NS, Canada
    I almost associate him with Marty Feldman or Syd James, though they were of an earlier generation of Brit memories. RIP

    I'm a little confused. I thought someone named Alexi Sayles was involved?

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