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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chris S., Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Dr. Zoom

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    I'm not on Twitter, but I'm glad to hear this. I've been listening to Springsteen bootlegs for close to 4 decades now. Lots of great shows, but the 81 Vets show is numero uno IMHO.
  2. uncle

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    It is not as high on my list but I know I am in the minority on that. I would prefer a well mixed mulitrack from any other 81 show if they don't have it in multitrack. That being said if it was multitracked I want it as well. Even though it is not one of my must have shows, I would like it to come out in whatever they do have even if just a plain soundboard if only to please those who have it at the top of their list.
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  3. Dr. Zoom

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    Well, if Toby Scott's webpage is correct, there are possibly more 80/81 multitracks than we previously thought. We might all end up being happy.
  4. dolstein

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    You must be referring to the following statement: "Bruce asked Toby to perform the remote recording for 30 shows during the course of his US tour"
  5. When they went to monthly releases 2 years ago Brad said at the time they had about 24 shows already picked out.I guess they are near the end of that list and they are working out where to go next.Potentially they could continue this program for another 5 years minimum before they get through the shows being mentioned.I think eventually we will get everything we want but the release of the classic era shows will be spread out.
  6. SoundAdvice

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    some stuff vanished like River 2009 video. Some Passaic 1978 video is now off limits to some trading sites despite also not being official release on video.

    Clearmountain 78 Passaic might be the best multitracked Bruce show in fans hands, but try finding it officially or unofficially.
  7. musicaner

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    which US tour?
  8. adm62

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    Toronto, Canada
    Winterland '78
    Wembley '85 (if properly recorded)
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  9. Dr. Zoom

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    This is what Scott's page says...

    "Bruce returned in 1980, seeking a Mixing Engineer for the “River” album. With Bruce’s Co-Producer, Chuck Plotkin, Toby mixed 25 songs for the album and the “B” sides. When the album was released, Bruce asked Toby to perform the remote recording for 30 shows during the course of his US tour."

    I read this as 30 shows recorded for The River Tour. So..

    We know multi tracks exist for the following stands:

    Tempe 80 (1)
    Nassau 80 (3)
    NJ 81 (6)

    That's only 10 shows. Since the remote recording trucks were based in NYC and LA at the time, we can speculate that the following additional shows may have been recorded:

    Fall 1980 shows at the LA Sports arena (4)
    1980 Nov/Dec MSG shows (4)
    1981 LA Sports arena stand (6)

    And, of course, they could have driven the trucks to nearby cities like Philadelphia or San Diego and done some recording there.

    That could get it close to 30.
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  10. walrus

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    I'm confused. Passaic is an official release (audio), it ain't going anywhere. There's also video here although I can't see it ever being an official release. It's cool that it's there, but there's not much restoration that can be done with dimly lit, grainy black & white footage from a 1978 in-house video system, and I doubt there's better quality in Bruce's vault of this particular show. (And I'd guess all fan-traded versions were copies of this source, so probably aren't even as good as what's on Youtube) But I imagine Bruce's people could have that video taken down if they really wanted, but it's been there for 5 years.

    I'd also wager that Clearmountain mixed all 3 Passaic shows in 2016 and that we'll see the other two eventually.
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  11. musicaner

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    so toby didnt record the Born in the USA tour?
  12. walrus

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    All 3 BITUSA tour releases were recorded by Toby? :confused:
  13. musicaner

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    so maybe the 30 include the Born in the USA shows.
  14. Dr. Zoom

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    Toby recorded almost everything Springsteen did live from 1980 until about 2015. The "30" pretty clearly refers to The River Tour.
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  15. musicaner

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    maybe someone should email toby for clarification.
    I find it hard to believe that Jon would authorize more 81 than Born in the USA recordings.
  16. Tom Thumbs Booze

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    Add to this New York Palladium 4 Nov 1976 which has never been available in top notch and complete quality, Berkeley 1 June 1978 if it's complete and especially the radio broadcast of Roxy in 1975 which I've never found in great quality.
    East Rutherford 9 July 1981 would be welcome too, with Gary US Bonds. For the time being I am quite happy with the original radio mixes of the 1978 radio broadcasts especially Winterland which I'm playing now!
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  17. stevelucille

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    Apples and oranges. One has nothing to do with the other.
  18. Dr. Zoom

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    There could still be some surprises in store. Prior to its release, few (if anybody) knew that the 1981 Wembley show was professionally recorded.
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  19. walrus

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    From a purely musical perspective, what's special about the 8/20/81 show? A couple of extra neat covers in the encore that I'll be interested to hear, but overall it seems like a pretty standard River show. Not that there were any bad River shows or anything, but having not heard it, what makes it such a big deal?
  20. Dr. Zoom

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    The sheer intensity of the performance. A couple notches higher than every other show I’ve heard. It’s pretty evident. The first half was very dark and intense, no doubt the result of the wounded vets sitting stage side. And the second half is probably the most riotous 90 minutes of music I’ve ever heard Springsteen do. Just crazy.

    FWIW, a friend of mine who was on Springsteen’s crew from 76-81 told me this was the one show that stands out in his memory above all the others.
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  21. JohnB

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    When I left the show that evening I walked out of the Sports Arena drained both physically and mentally. I've never felt that at any other concert, by Bruce or anybody.
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  22. Heart of Gold

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    Toby said in 2000 to have recorded more than 100 shows. His first recording was Tempe 1980.
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  23. screechmartin

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    Well, that sounds like a complete no-brainer release then. Is there a consensus about it being recorded? I have so many Springsteen boots that I can't account for them all, but I don't think I have a soundboard of that show (and if I do, it will take me a week and a half to find).
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  24. graveyardboots

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    A partial soundboard circulates (the first half hour or so of the concert - it’s the bonus content on the Written on the Wall bootleg release) but the audience capture is stronger and far more complete.
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  25. Citrus

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    I am listening to the Uniondale show from the 29th on cd( which showed up in the mail eventually). It's fantastic, I am really enjoying the mix and the crowd is right up there . A great gig and the bear sounding I have ordered so far . The Perth 2014 and LA 1985 are the others I have and they are worth the wait as well Springsteen is the best live

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