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Bruce Springsteen -The Candid Discussion

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dr. Zoom, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    the interview he gave a few days ago to the Sunday Times. How he was going back to his 'day job' and doing some gigs with the E Street in the UK in 2019 etc. Album to be released shortly.
    Very next day Little Steven complained and today we have the new statement containing pertinent remarks about the 'individual' EStreeters and their activities.
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  2. jlocke08

    jlocke08 Forum Resident

    SRV did not complain. he stated that he knew nothing of any planned E St. Band touring in 2019. when Bruce stated he would be getting back to his day job, he mean't performing-just not necessarily with the band. next record will be "singer-songwriter" (solo) material and he will go out solo spring of '19. BITUSA box late '19 with band tour-probably-in early 2020
  3. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

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  4. brettster808

    brettster808 Forum Resident

    I thought it was pretty common knowledge, and even mentioned in this thread, that the journalist who interviewed Bruce misrepresented what Bruce said in the interview to spice it up. Steve, his wife Maureen, and Nils all tried to set the record straight but it got out of hand resulting in Bruce going on record with his statement on Facebook. I am a bit amused at the thought of Little Steven, or any member of the E Street Band for that matter, telling Bruce, "No, you can't tour!" Well, maybe Patti could get away with it.
  5. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    After his book and that recent Esquire article, I'm pretty much done learning about what makes Bruce tick and how he's found happiness/stability. Let's get the focus back onto the (hopefully compelling) music.
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  6. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    he said that as of today there was NO E Street tour. Even in the new statement, 'day job' refers to the E Street.
    Tours, as the implication is that they cant provide backing for his solo stuff. Nowhere in the new statement is there
    any touring implied. In fact it seems to take back any new album for 2019. I assume that the recording he refers to is dubbing stuff to the Born in the USA stuff.

    If he releases the BITUSA box before the new album then he is affirming he is a nostalgia act. The Broadway thing is pure nostalgia.
  7. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    How can someone misrepresent touring? I mean there is tour or not a tour.

    I suggest maybe the E Street was not happy with the Broadway cash bonanza, and since they
    are now rich, they can unite against Bruce, KNOWING he cant tour without them anymore.
  8. Mfj55

    Mfj55 Forum Resident

    My lord, your Bruce hatred is honed to the max. It’s ok he doesn’t need ya. Brilliant career , one of the all time greats. Can you say the same in your field. Lol.
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  9. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Listener

    New Mexico USA
    I keep wondering how many people here experienced some of the most profound and joyous communal musical experiences in their lives at Springsteen shows — a sea of rapturous faces — and yet let themselves come to this: griping, second-guessing, cutting it all down to size, disenchanted.
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  10. brettster808

    brettster808 Forum Resident

    I explained it in a way I thought would be simple enough for you to understand but you won't accept it. Debating this any further is foolish.
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  11. budwhite

    budwhite Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

    Götaland, Sverige
    That is actually interesting. He wanted to tour with Steve Jordan and a few others in 2005 but decided to go solo instead.
    At this stage of his carrer, I'm not sure that he "can" tour with another band without a major backlash from many fans, not as long as the remaining ESB members are alive and willing.
  12. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    He cant and he knows it, and they know it.
    If he tours solo he can do 2500 seaters with or without Steve Jordan. Thats why no Steve Jordan.
    He cannot tour arenas or stadiums without the legitimate E Street.
  13. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    if he needs me hes got to come with a cash offer. i dont do free.
  14. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident


    Its amazing aint it?

    The obsession and general stupidity in some of these comments, I loved the cabron who diagnosed him with messiah complex after he insinuated that Bruce made up his autobiography.

    Thats not candid discussion, its ignorance being branded as legitimate opinion, and no breath of fresh air in my book.
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  15. Murph

    Murph Somewhere...under heaven

    Plus 1. I saw the show last night. It was funny, touching and sad. Typical Bruce. And I’m not the worlds biggest fan ( my wife loves him)
    Hey I was even able to handle his “lecture “! ;)
  16. mikeja75

    mikeja75 Forum Resident

    Each and every member of the band should be thanking their lucky stars, on a consistent basis, that they were able to attach their future to Mr. Springsteen.

    He can't tour without them? From a monetary standpoint, he never has to play another show in his lifetime -- he's wealthy beyond anyone's standard of "comfortable". If anyone needs another E Street tour, it's the band -- not the bandleader.

    Bruce holds all the cards and always has.
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  17. FingerPickin'Triumph

    FingerPickin'Triumph Forum Resident

    Washington, D.C.
    I'm looking forward to the soundtrack album and the netflix show. I did gripe about the ticket prices and was never able to or willing to fork over huge sums to see him on Broadway. I really am amazed how long it has been since he put out an album of new material.. I don't count High Hopes.. I am somewhat optimistic (I shouldn't be!) that he puts out that long talked about solo record in 2019. Wouldn't it be great if he put out a no frills solo record without pretense.. like Ghost of Tom Joad and he just let strong songs and lyrics do the talking?
  18. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    I dont think I insinuated that he made up his autobiography. I never read it.
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  19. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    I liked Bruce's book OK but honestly don't remember much from it.

    The Peter Ames Carlin book was much more comprehensive and illuminating.
  20. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    This is true, he is probably a billionaire or close to it. However he cant do an arena tour with all the attendant
    propaganda without them. He learned this back in 1992/93. Its Bruce that would want to tour, not the the bass player or the drummer.
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  21. featheredfiend

    featheredfiend Forum Resident

    Morris Plains, NJ
    Amen to that!!! I love Bruce, but enough of the Broadway show and everything else - let's hear some new music!!!
  22. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Any band he chooses to call the E Street Band is just that. He has toured without Steve before (even recently). He has also played dates without Max Weinberg, and naturally also without Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici. And in reality all of the current band would drop what they are doing for one more tour. You are just a troll I am afraid.
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  23. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident

    He seems perfectly fine touring arenas and theaters alone or with the Seeger shows, but if he plays a rock show in those venues with a small band of non-ESB musicians, he and his fans won't be happy? I don't agree with that.
  24. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Senior Member

    The Southwest
    In this day and age, brands are bigger than the individual musicians, that is why The Eagles without Glenn Frey and Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham (and Christine McVie before him) can sell out arenas. Without question, Springsteen can fill arenas without the E Streeters. Even when his audience was largely pissed that he fired the E Street Band, he still played arenas circa 1992/1993.
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  25. Murph

    Murph Somewhere...under heaven

    At the show last night he speaks of Clarence, Danny and that’s it. Absolutely no mention of the ESB- In name anyway. Nor was there any mention of any of the current members.

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