Buffalo Springfield "LAST TIME AROUND"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bowie Fett, Nov 20, 2017.

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    The first thread? Really?

    A perfect album? I still think so.
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    It is a great album but not much of a group effort
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    Not the first thread; however the other threads are likely so old they are now closed.
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    Yes, all locked. Let’s discuss again.
  6. Bowie Fett

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    Los Angeles, CA
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    All the Springfield albums very good but for me the perfect BS album is my mint 1st Edition Presswell matrix A/A &B/D copy of Buffalo Springfield 1973 2 LP compilation.Bought new.Will never sale or trade.
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    Great album. Reviews always say it suffers from not being a "group effort," but I don't see why that should matter. Good collection of good songs played well works for me. Just because Neil wasn't interested in it doesn't mean it's a bad album.
  10. Chemguy

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    I like it, but it’s no Again. I wish it was, but it’s not as focused, I think.

    And it needs more Neil, of course...
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    Pretty much disregarded when they put together the Buffalo Springfield box set. I think Stills and Young like to disregard Messina's contributions.
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  12. tages

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    It’s the first Springfield LP I heard (actually the old Atco CD) and it’s become my favourite of the 3. Just love it.

    And I still think that old CD sounds fabulous.
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    One of the greatest album covers too.
  14. Sort of a hodge podge of older recordings and newer ones, but still a fine album. Now we know it was the end, a mixture of old and new and not a full band effort, but when it came out, only a handful knew that. Has one of my favorite songs, "Pretty Girl Why"
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    I don’t understand why they left this version of Four Days Gone off the box set. The guitar solo is so cool. I always have to replay it.
  16. ExHead

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    This version of On the Way Home always left me cold. The 4 Way Street rendition has always been special to me. It has so much emotion. And beautiful guitar work by Stills
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  17. varispeed

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    From following them, going to see them play live, and devouring everything I could in real-time during their almost two-year span, Last Time Around has it's place for me. Random things about it from my perspective at the time-

    Pretty Girl Why, which had been recorded a year earlier with Jim Fielder on bass was a nice inclusion. When Jim was with them on bass during the spring 67 tour, they'd play PGW just after "Leave". Which was a nice contrast from where I was sitting. I halfway expected Everydays to show up in sets (another with Fielder on bass), but it never did.

    On the Way Home, which had been endlessly discussed during the Christmas before (67) in all the massive number of trade mags (haha...only Hit Parader) was great to hear (finally) and to me, has the most compressed piano ever recorded in the history of anything.... it drones and drones into almost a background wash. I think the compressor settings for the Martin acoustic guitar that Botnick set on Bluebird was then copied for the piano on On the Way Home. You never hear a piano like that any more! Or even then!

    Special Care is magnificent with the Les Paul custom feeding back into an 8-12 Marshall stack with Steve 6 inches away from the speakers. Powerful! And the lyrics about everyone getting shot..... imo,, THIS is where Crosby eventually grabbed his lyrics for the later whatchimicallit song.

    Four Days Gone.... magnificent.... this being just after MLK killed (which collapsed the last Springfield tour), and RFK killed, the war out of control... and this song about a deserter pops up on Last Time Around.....fantastic.

    Questions..... perfection.... Buddy Miles drumming perfect.

    Even Merry Go Round is okay.

    It's So Hard to Wait... nice change.

    Alas, "Again" is still the peak imo.
  18. Chrome_Head

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    Just heard this album for the first time this year or so. I’ve liked BS for many years, but avoided this LP because I thought it was just going to be a hodgepodge of leftovers. That was my mistake, and I’ve since picked up a great copy of the original vinyl.
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  19. I like it a lot and added it to my Buffalo Springfield box. It deserved to be there and wasn't because Neil didn't want it. Sometimes he can be an idiot.
  20. wildstar

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    I don't consider it a "real album" but rather a contractual obligation effort cobbled together from tracks going as far back as the earliest 'Again' sessions (Pretty Girl Why) along with newer tracks including the sore thumb Messina written and sung 'Carefree Country Day' (he wasn't a 'proper' band member IMO so I agree with Stills & Young there) and the WTF radio contest tune. Add to all that the fact that the solo piano version of 'Four Days Gone' from the Boxset absolutely destroys the 'Last Time Around' band version, not to mention it seems that Stills likely didn't consider 'Last Time Around' to be a proper album since he plundered it for re-use on Deja Vu (Questions).

    Perfect album? It certainly doesn't look like it on paper, does it?

    Questions (made semi redundant on the day Deja Vu was released) and Pretty Girl Why (anachronistic) are good.

    Four Days Gone is made totally redundant by the toweringly superior solo piano version.

    The rest of Stills material (2 songs) on the album are excellent - not that the above three aren't - they just don't quite 'fit' on the album for me for the reasons given.

    The two Neil written songs are excellent.

    Two of Furay's songs are good - Merry Go Round and Kind Woman, his other 2 songs on the album (both co-writes as it happens) are crap IMO.

    The one Messina song I can't even acknowledge as being a Buffalo Springfield song.

    So its basically half of a very good album - 6 out of 12 songs (in order of quality for each writer IMO):

    1 - On The Way Home
    2 - I Am A Child

    1 - Special Care
    2 - Uno Mundo

    1 - Merry Go Round
    2 - Kind Woman
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    It's all about "Questions" and "Merry Go Round" for me!
  22. DTK

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    It's my fave, Stills rules this album.
  23. Steve Hoffman

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    My fave bs album
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    Open threads welcome.
    Existing thread welcome.
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    It's good, but I don't think it's nearly as good as the other two. "Questions," "Uno Mundo," and "On the Way Home" come to mind as songs that I remember being especially good.
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