Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection from WB

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    Maybe there are only 60 that have been "specially remastered", but perhaps there's more than 60 included in the set?
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    While you're waiting for the Bugs release, Blu-Ray.com has a pre-order up for The Flintstones Complete Series. Amazon has pre-order for $84.99 but no release date or other specifics given yet.
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    I agree the late 60s cartoons leave a lot to be desired (most are easily found online in unauthorized places, in poor quality). Still, I would rather have high-quality versions of those missing cartoons than another round of commentaries from talking heads. The late WB cartoons are interesting from a historical perspective even though they aren't that entertaining. Maybe they could give us die-hards a DePatie–Freleng/Seven Arts box set at some point.
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    Highly doubtful there will ever be a release of that stuff on physical media. (I think it would even be stretch for Warner Archive to release those films as they are so turgid.)

    A more-likely scenario would be for them to turn up at some WB-related streaming service. (The Boomerang app has a lot of WB cartoons up for streaming that aren’t available anywhere else. The service is not available for non-US residents (so I can’t comment on the quality), but folks in the States can check it out.)
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    I’m sad for poor Cool Cat. The world has just been too square to recognize his brilliance. :D
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  6. No it’s only 60.
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    Maybe they can include a bonus CD of that same, repetitive background music that all of the Road Runner/Coyote have!
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  8. I’d rather have a Carl Stalling collection. A brilliant musicologist.yeah I know your post was sarcastic but still. Stalling was underapprecated.
  9. JamieC

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    There are two volumes of the Carl Stalling Project.
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  10. Really? Don’t know how I missed that. Darn you now I have to buy that.
  11. JamieC

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  12. I compiled a list of all the remaining Bugs Bunny cartoons not officially released on DVD or Blu Ray. I formed my list based on the cartoons included in:
    a) Looney Tunes Golden Collections Volumes One through Six
    b) Looney Tunes Platinum Collections Volumes One through Three
    c) Looney Tunes Superstars' Bugs Bunny: Hare Extraordinaire
    d) Looney Tunes Superstars' Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit
    e) Looney Tunes Superstars' Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl
    f) The upcoming Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection

    Not included in any of the above are:
    1) Elmer's Pet Rabbit (1941)
    2) All This And Rabbit Stew (1941) (one of the Censored 11)
    3) Fresh Hare (1942)
    4) Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips (1944)
    5) The Unruly Hare (1945)
    6) A Feather In His Hare (1948)
    7) A-Lad-In His Lamp (1948)
    8) Which Is Witch (1949)
    9) Beanstalk Bunny (1955)
    10) Rabbit Rampage (1955) (unrestored version in bonus features of Golden Collection Volume 6)
    11) Pre-Hysterical Hare (1958)
    12) Horse Hare (1960)
    13) Wet Hare (1962)
    14) Devil's Feud Cake (1963)
    15) Hare-Breadth Hurry (1963)
    16) Dumb Patrol (1964)

    I did not include any of the post 1964 cartoons.
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  13. Michelle66

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    Of these, 1, 3-7, 9, and 10 are all on laserdisc. 12 and 14 were released on PAL VHS tapes back in the 80s.

    No, the LDs don’t look as good as the DVDs or Blu-ray discs, but they will likely be the only option to get some of those films on home video.
  14. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Thank you! I was wondering. Only 16. So close! Drop 16 repeats off the box and done. Or add one more disc. Why not make us looney fans happy? The rest of the public won’t know the difference if you switched out 16 titles.
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  15. Michelle66

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    You do realize that a number of those 16 cartoons are more than just a little racist, don’t you?

    And, come on, do you really think the hunter in “All This and Rabbit Stew” would be ignored by the general public? Or the blackface gag in “Fresh Hare”? Or Bugs singing “One, little two, little three, little Indians” as he shoots them down in “Horse Hare”?

    If Warner Bros. ever releases those cartoons with the racist content, they will likely do so quietly through Warner Archive, not in a mass-market Christmas gift pack.
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  16. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Of course I realize that. Everyone by now realizes and recognizes that much from that time period, movies, TV shows, books as well as cartoons are. I got to imagine the market for a Bugs Box at this point of time is mostly for the older generation that also understands the issues with the content.
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    I believe "Rabbit Rampage" is actually restored on GC 6, as a few of those bonus cartoons were. ("Bartholomew Vs. The Wheel" also comes to mind.)
  18. Michelle66

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    Fair enough, but you had written “the rest of the public won’t know the difference if you switched out 16 titles”.

    It only takes one person to complain and for the news to go viral. That’s a headache Warner Bros. would definitely not want to have – especially with a high-profile, Christmas gift box that is being released to coincide with Bugs Bunny’s 80th anniversary.

    (I’m sure you remember what happened back in the 90s with the first “Golden Age of Looney Tunes” LD box. It came out in 1991 with “Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips” on it. But because LD was a niche format, nobody paid attention. However, in 1993, MGM/UA decided to re-release the set on VHS. People then noticed the short, got upset about it, and that eventually lead to a recall. [And all that was before the internet was part of our lives. Today, the reaction and backlash would be amplified and instantaneous.])

    If any company had the means to get those films out it would be WB through their Warner Archive division. Like with some of the films on the “Porky 101” collection, they could quietly release them for hardcore fans to buy. They must just believe that any potential revenue is not worth the potential problems those films would likely create.
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  19. Pizza

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    If they had released a -complete- Bugs Box they could have broken out those cartoons to their own disc with the obligatory intro and some history about them. Their inclusion would be mandatory for the set to be complete. When the laserdiscs came out it was one of the first times focus fell on such content from another generation. At this point the public is much more aware that said content exists and that it’s from another time.
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  20. Hmmm, it's been awhile since I have watched any of the bonus content. I'll have to check it out. I guess we can remove that one from the list which brings us down to 15.
  21. I wouldn't normally back such a thing but if someone decided to issue a decent quality grey market disc of these remaining cartoons, I would buy it. I don't think WB will ever issue the majority of them in ANY form.
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  22. jkauff

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    I think the racist cartoons should be out on disc, and acknowledged for what they are--racist. Don't hide our racist history, put it out there for discussion.

    You can't make that history go away by hiding some offensive cartoons in a vault.
  23. bem

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  24. AppleCorp3

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    I agree that they should be released, however, there is limited opportunity to do so. It seems to me that a stand alone “Censored 11” disc just can never happen. The cartoons would need to be included in major Anthology sets and given their own disc within, or, as @Pizza suggested, as part of a Complete <Insert Character> Set.

    I would like to see them released not because of their content per say but because I’d be curious to see these cartoons period.
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  25. electricberet

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    “All This and Rabbit Stew” is in the public domain and very easy to find (unrestored) online. It is a standard hunter-chases-Bugs cartoon but with a racist caricature Black hunter instead of Elmer Fudd.
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