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Burns 'Civil War' DVD

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Khorn, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. Khorn

    Khorn Dynagrunt Thread Starter

    Just got a new DVD player to use on my 27" 4:3 aspect ratio TV. I don't like playing 4:3 on my 50" 16:9 HD set as burn in can result and I find that the stretch modes both degrade the picture as far as resolution and contrast are concerned and I don't like the proportional distortions. I will probably buy an HD 4:3 32-35" set in the near future.

    Now that I can play DVDs in the native 4:3 mode I want to acquire much more material that is available and limited to that aspect ratio. One DVD set I am considering is Ken Burns' Civil War. I always got hooked into it everytime I passed it on TV.

    Any of you have this set and how is the transfer in your opinion?
  2. SonicZone

    SonicZone Forum Resident

    Upland, CA
    I don't own this particular set, but I am also curious about the transfer quality as I am planning to get Burns' documentary Empire Of The Air: The Men Who Made Radio when it becomes available on DVD in June.
  3. cwon

    cwon Active Member

    The Civil War set looks great. There's an interesting bonus feature which discusses the restoration of it for DVD. The video was digitally remastered to account for the higher resolution on DVD so the image was cleaned and color corrected at the same time. The soundtrack was also remixed in stereo and 5.1. They did a good job.
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