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Can anyone put a value on this Hendrix record?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Metalhead85, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX

    I’d like to know an estimate value of this vinyl record I bought. I got it for 15 dollars at my local record store. It is in vg condition with 2 minor scratches that do not affect play. Thanks![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. It's valuable to the education of your mind. You cannot put a price on Axis: Bold as Love anymore than you can put a price on love, itself.

    "Touch the sky!"
  3. motionoftheocean

    motionoftheocean Forum Resident

    dunno I'm just seeing 4 image tags
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  4. Smith

    Smith I'm cyanide over you.

    15 bucks.
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  5. Juan Hitwonder

    Juan Hitwonder Forum Resident

    You could get 9 dollars for it, if 6 was 9.
  6. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    Just seeing IMG tags
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  7. jimiclones

    jimiclones Forum Resident

    Its value is in the ears of the beholder.
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  8. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    Yes. Anyone can put a value on it.
  9. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    One dollar!!
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  10. WHMusical

    WHMusical Chameleon Comedian Corinthian & Caricature

    Which Axis:BAL is it? UK Track? US Reprise? Two Tone? Tan? 1970s reissue? 1980s? EXP Hendrix? MONO? stereo? WE need to know to access.
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  11. WHMusical

    WHMusical Chameleon Comedian Corinthian & Caricature

    I thought I'd start a new thread on this topic. but thought better of it so i'll post it here hoping the OP doth not take offense:

    When is it appropriate to start a new thread rather then just post your query to an existing thread on the same subject, generally, if not specifically?

    I ask because I am noting a new trend towards endless threads being started when a quick and easy search might answer the query, or finding a thread where the question could be easily asked on topic and a new thread not really needed.

    I see in some new threader OP profiles under "threads started by" that some folks post more new threads then they post in existing thread, like every query deserves its own thread and none of this has been discussed over the past 18 years by the 10 billion music lover herein. Sorry, getting a little high on my soap--box!

    Am I off base? Anyone noting this trend? It sort of like an anti-lurker, who watches but never chimes in, this other type seems to need a little guide dance or lines maybe?

    I dunno, asking for your thoughts, but please don't rip me a new ******* if I'm way off base. Honestly just curious on forum etiquette, if it is appropriate to this discussion.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021
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  12. The OP is a 14 year old. Cut him a little slack, y'all. For real. He's 14.

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  13. WHMusical

    WHMusical Chameleon Comedian Corinthian & Caricature

    My apologies, had no idea. Makes more sense now. How were we to know he was 14? And it was just a general query on "NEW" thread etiquette, not an attack on the OP.
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  14. Judging by his name, I’m guessing he’s more like 35.
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  15. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    It's a great record that was worth whatever you paid for it. Hang onto it and enjoy.
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  16. Simoon

    Simoon Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    Popsike.com is pretty good site for seeing what price records have sold for on the collectors market.

    I have found their prices to be pretty accurate.
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  17. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX
    That was my plan! What cleaner do you recommend though? It’s got dirt down in the grooves that I can’t see. Also, I can’t afford a spin clean right now nor do I really want one. I will buy one if I have to though of course.
  18. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX
    Nah, he’s right.I am 14. 85 was a random number.
  19. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX
    1st press US Reprise stereo. May I ask what Two Tone is?
  20. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX
    Nah, I asked on here because I’d like to talk to other people about Hendrix and his music as well as other things. I have it on Discogs, but that’s just how much the record has been sold for and I don’t see that as too terrible accurate. I agree, this post could be just clogging up the forum. If it is, I am happy to take it down! And don’t worry, I’m not offended! You raise a completely valid point.
  21. WHMusical

    WHMusical Chameleon Comedian Corinthian & Caricature

    Two Tone is a reference to the Reprise label variations from 1960s to 70s.

    So for example, Jimi's first album, Are You Experienced? came out in early 1967 on what is known as the Reprise tri-color label originally, so that would be a first pressing.
    IIRC, Axis: Bold as Love came out late in 1967 on the next, Two-Tone Reprise label, tan on bottom and a sort of reddish brown on top. Then, most pressings from then on were all tan Reprise. So if your label is ALL one color, tan/brown, it is a second pressing or later, but if indeed your pressing is a two-tone you have an original Axis US pressing, and good on you, enjoy it, it is a fabulous record your enjoy the rest of your life, even moreso once you get it cleaned proper. I envy you, being so early into your sure to be fun and rewarding record collecting journey.

    Enjoy the ride!

    PS: Sorry to ask my rude question in your thread, I was just wondering for a few weeks now about NEW thread etiquette and then you inquired...
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  22. E.Baba

    E.Baba Forum Resident

    In that case it's a complete bargain.

    (I can't see Your pics tho. Just IMG Tags).
  23. visolo

    visolo Well-Known Member

    You paid $15. That's what it's worth.
  24. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    To the @Metalhead85 just to be sure.

    1st pressing record label:

    2nd pressing record label:

    3rd pressing label:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021
  25. Metalhead85

    Metalhead85 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Austin, TX

    Hey! First one with boat is mine. Thanks!

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