Can someone explain the connection between Bowie's "Fame" and James Brown's "Hot"?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Gang Twanger, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Don't know if it's a cover but I can't imagine the Custard Pie riff came from a Smokey Robinson song but i guess anything's possible.

    I just figured some of these soul artists were doling out a little payback for all the "borrowing" that the white rockers were doing in the 60's and 70's.
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    The Mother's Finest song is a cover of the Smokey Robinson song, but MF throws in a very familiar guitar riff (that is not present in the 1963 original).

    Mother's Finest - 1977
    Smokey Robinson - 1963
  3. starfieldroad

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    Things just got a little deeper.

    "Fame" is a reworked version of the song "Foot stomping".

    This article explains all and has video links incl Bowie singing "Foot stomping":

    Rear-View Mirror: The song that both David Bowie and James Brown stole!/blogs/2012/8...g-that-both-David-Bowie-and-James-Brown-stole

    Here's an interview with Carlos where he talks a little about it:

    What's wacky is the originating song was a doo-wop hit by The Flares

    it's like Carlos took Foot Stomping and wrote disco into it.
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