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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by spotlightkid, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Never got to see them live.

    Whoever did I envy you.
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    I envy those people too @spotlightkid! Man oh man, their set is my absolute favorite from Woodstock, with The Who being second. I watch all of the released footage at least once every other day, I always seem to have the version they did of On the Road Again there stuck in my head. Considering that was Harvey Mendel's third gig with the band I feel his playing is pretty tight and I like how his feedback ridden guitar compliments Alan the Blind Owl Wilson's bluesy tone especially on OTRA. There is a couple other songs they did that have never been released officially and I'm not even sure if they were recorded or not, however if they were I wish a CD would be released of their entire set just like what was done for Jefferson Airplane and Santana back in 2009. I'm just happy that we get to see excellent pro shot footage of the Blind Owl since he unfortunately died a year later and I don't think there's much pro shot footage of him out there besides Canned Heat's late 60's Beat Club appearances which can be seen on YouTube. He absolutely RIPS on the harp on I'm a Man, that performance is proof as to why John Lee Hooker once said that Alan was the best harp player he had ever heard. And I absolutely love A Change is Gonna Come when that kid runs up on stage and instead of kicking him off Bob Hite completely embraced him, and when the security guy came up Bob said it was all good and the kid got to sit on the edge of the stage for the rest of the song, I think that moment represents everything the 60's stood for, peace and love, love your brother, love your friend etc etc. If that happened today with all this terrorism going around and not knowing who you can trust nowadays I think that kid would've been thrown off the stage if he had even made it without being tackled by security. I wonder if that kid has ever been interviewed since then about that, I'd love to hear his story. Of course I also love the Woodstock Boogie they did, although I wish more of the performance was filmed, I am glad though that the Woodstock 40th box set has the full 27 minute audio of it! Another thing I always wonder is if the Blind Owl or Bob Hite ever got to see any of the footage of them performing as none of it was included in the original cut of the Woodstock movie in 1970, and Change is Gonna Come wasn't released until the directors cut of the film came out in '94, by then Bob had long been deceased so it kinda depresses me a bit that those two might not have seen any of that footage of them performing although of course they lived it. Change should have most definitely been included in the original 1970 film because I think that was the absolute highlight of the whole festival! Maybe on the next Woodstock anniversary if anything comes out hopefully the other two songs they performed will be released. Long live Canned Heat!!!
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    I was lucky enough to have seen them in 1972 as a co-headliner with The Byrds, my first concert. As it was getting late, the promoter turned on the house lights as Canned Heat was playing and Bob Hite was MAD! He said he was not stopping until they turned the lights back off, which extended the show another half hour before the venue flinched and turned them off. A great slice of rock and roll rebellion for a first concert. They've been dear to my heart ever since.
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    Don't forget to boogie :cool:
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    I've never seen Alan and Bob. But I have seen four times Canned Heat gigs in Europe. I have all CH official CDs and DVDs.
    Don't forget to boogie
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    Thankfully the band has kept together with three of the classic lineup still touring, I saw them last year at a small theatre with uncertain expectations and they absolutely tore it up, they're still one of the best blues bands around.
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  7. Maciej

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    Right, never seen them live but I know all his videoclips. last time I saw them (Fito, Larry, John and Dale) in Germany, talking before a show.
  8. oxegen

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Got to see a few incarnations of the band, including The Bear, Harvey, Larry and Henry. Unfortunately they have not played Ireland since Henry passed away.
  9. BRush

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    I'm glad you guys dig the Canned Heat Woodstock Performance. I helped put it together, while I was working at Warner Bros. It probably the best looking footage shot at the Festival. They are performing a sunset and the colors are fantastic. We had a couple technical problems, as we did with most of the performances, the first being that the first song "I'm Her Man" didn't have any bass track for the first 6 minutes. Recording Engineer Eddie Kramer didn't any communication with the stage and didn't know the band configuration. So the first song of each set usually had a few issues. Unfortunately the camera crew always seemed to shoot the first song.
    Anyway, I found Larry Taylor at a show in LA and asked if he would overdub the track. Luckily we weren't missing any of Al or Bob on the song. Larry still had the bass guitar from Woodstock, and we found an amp that was similar to what he would have used. I'm glad we were able to salvage the tune.

    Also we had to cheat some of the "Woodstock Boogie" footage to cover the full length of the song. The Festival Producers were still setting up the PA while Canned Heat was on. So they had spotlights on the crowd, so we were able to use that footage to fill in the missing holes, along with shots of Sparklers, dancers, ect... Also at the end you notice that Blind Owl has his glasses on. The Camera loads were only 10 minutes long. So it was really difficult to sync up songs like "Woodstock Boogie" and the Grateful Dead "Turn on Your Lovelight".

    A few months later Larry Taylor introduced me to Skip Taylor. Canned Heat's manager He told me a couple of funny stories. Apparently when the band finished their set they wanted to leave. The found a limo that still had the keys left in it and took off. There were some cars blocking them in, so Bob Bear just picked up the cars and moved them out of the way, so they could proceed. They ended up at the closest Holiday Inn and Skip noticed that they were holding some rooms held under Janis Joplin, Skip knew that Janis wasn't going on until 3AM, so he told the Desk Clerk that they were Janis Joplin's band.

    Skip also said that on a later trip to New York City, the wound up in a Limo and realized that the driver was the one who's car the stole to get out of Woodstock. He obviously gave him a big tip.

    I believe that there is footage of Canned Heat performing "Going Up The Country" that was included on an early VHS entitled: Woodstock Lost Performances.
    I could have included it on the 40th Anniversary DVD, but it was between "Going Up the Country" or "On the Road Again".
  10. Going Up The Country live gives me chills. I hate that whiny wimpy studio version. The live one is maniacal, that's how I love my rock
  11. davmar77

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    clifton park,ny
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  12. Forum Resident

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    I have played their woodstock footage many times ,and they are good ,Best at Woodstock is a stretch ,They seem to be the type of Rock(which I like ) which they seem to pick,you had Johnny Winter,Mountain,Paul Butterflied ,Ten Years After ect
  13. Maciej

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    Nice story. Is it possible to watch a full version "Woodstock Boogie" (28 minutes) and "I Know My Baby" (6 min) anywhen?
  14. BRush

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    yes, they are on the Woodstock 40th & 45th Anniversary DVDs.
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  15. Steve626

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    I was lucky enough to see the original line up in February, 1969 - with B.B. King as the opening act! Canned Heat was really magnificent, in a down and dirty way - and just about the loudest group I ever heard. My whole body was vibrating from the Mole's bass. There are a number of bootlegs, of varying quality, of the group with Alan Wilson and either Henry Vestine or Harvey Mandel on lead guitar - including their complete Woodstock set (I think). What a group - wow.
  16. scoutbb

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    I Know My Baby is on 45th anniversary DVD? In good quality? I have a bootleg version but not the best quality. Would love to get a nice sounding version.
  17. Maciej

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    I have Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music, The Director's Cut, 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition. It does not contain I Know My Baby. , there is only 8 minutes "Woodstock Boogie" with cutting 20+ minutes of Bass and Drum solo.

    I Know My Baby is on 45th anniversary DVD? Really? Does someone has this DVD?
  18. old school

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    You were 11 years old when Woodstock was going on. The movie came out in 1970. When did you work on the Woodstock project on the 40th anniversary edition?
  19. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Love Canned Heat - The "UNCANNED! - Best Of Canned Heat" (2 CD) is a great collection! :righton::agree:
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  20. Maciej

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    Include the first version On The Road Again recorded April 17-18, 1967 RCA Studios, Chicago, IL
  21. Maciej

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    Come back to Woodstock
    Here is available CH clips from official dvds
    1. I'm Her Man 5.33
    2. Going Up the Country 3.50
    3. A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town 7.15
    4. Woodstock Boogie 8.38 (cut out the middle fragment containing solo) (audio recording is 28.28)
    5. On the Road Again 10.49

    . I Know My Baby (audio 6.17) WANTED
  22. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Yeah, great take on that song. Alan Wilson was a real Bluesman.
  23. ranasakawa

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    There are so much untapped performances from Woodstock, Isle Of Wight and many more music festivals that could be put on DVD.
    The Who, Ten Years After etc etc
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  24. Maciej

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    On DVD “MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL” is only one clip - Rollin’ And Tumblin. LP includes 3 songs
    “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL" one song -Blind Owl’s Blues - during one song are shown bather hippies
    "UNDERGROUND FEST 666" two songs
    Feb, 1970, MONTREUX includes 3 songs(
    Easy baby,
    Future Blues,
    London Blues) very poor sound and picture
    "STAMPING GROUND" Human Condition and I like to boogie. i found third instrumental song
    And this is all with Alan Wilson era. There are little more concerts from later.

  25. BRush

    BRush Forum Resident

    I'm sorry "I'm Her Man" is on the DVD, not "I Know My Baby". I did not find any footage for "I Know My Baby". We only had the first 4 or 5 minutes of sync footage on "Woodstock Boogie", so we had to cut the drum solo. I was pretty lucky to find the final footage of the band returning to the stage. Al's wearing glasses. I stretched it as long as I could, we cheated the rest with crowd shots, sparklers, and close ups of the band.

    I'm Going Home was the only song shot on Ten Years After. Their set wasn't so good, they performed "Good Morning Little School Girl" 3 times
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