Can't sell music on Amazon?!?

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    I'd like to take a moment to thank for dumping used CD sales in general. They drove away buyers as well as the sellers. They did this at the moment that eBay was getting tiring for many of us, Gemm was going bust, and sales of new discs were beginning to flat-line, and to top it off, the Discogs database was being filled in as the most complete source of music media data ever compiled. Thank you Amazon and eBay for raising your fees to outrageous levels which made me drop listing much of my inventory until recently when I found better venues. My stock is worth more now than it was 5 years ago as well. My CDs especially would be worth more by holding on a few more years until they were out of print for more than a year or two.

    Thank you Amazon for making my recent Discogs launch such a success. I now feel much more in control over my stock, I know who my buyers are and I get all of their info, and I pay such reasonable fees there.

    Thank you eBay for setting up a way cool "buy it now" site originally, so that the better ideas that you originally came up with (or stole from Amazon) could be utilized later by Discogs.

    Thank you Gemm for getting out of the way and giving Discogs (all of) the market you failed at servicing.
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  2. The real end is for Amazon to get out of the physical media business altogether. Amazon was great at doing the industry's bidding - become the dominant online CD seller, crushing local retail music shops. Then once you acquire that position in the marketplace, more or less abandon those sales for your online music service.

    A masterful stroke by the music industry to end physical media ahead of schedule and convert users into streamers. I am surprised more alternatives to Amazon didn't show up but I guess eBay and Discogs are the only ones left standing.
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    I saw what Amazon did to the small sellers as a way to "price fixing" of a product line in cahoots with the majors. It was stated as anything but, which was a lie. They wanted to please the major labels and have only normal retail prices. It used to be illegal to do such a thing, and still is in many countries.

    If they really wanted to kill off the physical CD then they would have done it bu now. There are plenty of CDs on sale at the Amazon site, and even used product. It is simply now less competition from lower priced sellers.

    The first thing taught in business schools is that businesses that lose a small portion of their business are at risk to lose a larger chunk of their business. The competition starts with a small chunk and then grabs a bigger piece later. I suppose that Discogs could take the remaining CD business from Amazon eventually. But I don't think it's by Amazon's choice.
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    Remember GEMM. Oh my.

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