CBS gives “Murphy Brown” revival a 13-episode order; Candice Bergen, creator Diane English to return

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Jan 24, 2018.

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  2. OldSoul

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    Good Lord...
    But maybe this will prompt WB to put the series up on streaming somewhere, which would be nice. I've only seen some episodes in a TV Land marathon when I was little.
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  3. Squealy

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    I feel like this show was very much tied to its time... who watches it today? I think they might be overestimating the demand, though I can understand the creative appeal of pitting Murphy against today's America.

    ....although "its time" was longer than I realized -- Murphy Brown was still on in 1998! I had forgotten it ran for ten years.
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  4. AKA

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    Reruns have never done well, because the topical plots are very dated. But it could be interesting to see an elderly Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen will be 72 by the time this airs) navigating the news, politics and technology of 2018.
  5. Squealy

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    I think if I were producing it my inclination would be to put her in a new context, and not bring back the supporting characters, except maybe for guest spots. The ensemble wasn't really the show's main strength.
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  6. AKA

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    I agree. It would be closer to reality, too. FYI-type newsmagazine shows no longer exist.
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  7. James Slattery

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    Finally, a reboot of a show I actually watched. Hopefully they'll bring Miles back as her boss.
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  8. Anthology123

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    No word on how many of the ensemble cast will return. Of course, Eldin will not, as Robert Pastorelli passed away in 2004.
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  9. Steve Hoffman

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    What’s next, the return of Dick Van Dyke?
  10. AKA

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    Followed by Pat Corley two years later.
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  11. AKA

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    I still think that reunion special from 2004 could have been amazing if they'd done it differently. Of course, with Mary Tyler Moore, Ann Guilbert and Jerry Van Dyke now gone, that ship has sailed.
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  12. Strat-Mangler

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    I read Kevin Levine's blog who was a writer for Cheers and Frasier. In one of his articles, he responded to a reader asking why there wasn't much political humor (if any) on those sitcoms. His reply made a lot of sense, that political humor might get you a quick laugh right then and there the night of filming but wouldn't play well at all and fall like a lead balloon a mere year later, nevermind in 5 or 10... and then proceeded to give Murphy Brown as an example of what wouldn't fare well in repeated viewings today.

    I agree 100%.
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  13. Strat-Mangler

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    Always thought that was Oliver Platt.
  14. Steve Hoffman

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    I'm just saying Candy is 71 and she had a stroke. What would be the demographic for something like this? I'm wary. Remember what happened when they tried to bring Lucy back.
  15. ky658

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    This might just be the biggest thing since reality shows, reviving old tv series!
  16. boyjohn

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    It seems that Diane English is involved, which at least makes me somewhat interested.
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  17. Drew

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    When I heard that they were trying to reboot The Rockford Files without James Garner I knew all bets were off.

    James Garner WAS Jim Rockford.
  18. All Rights

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    There's already current versions of MacGiver and Hawaii Five-O on CBS.
    Will and Grace have returned and Roseanne is returning in March.
    The second Odd Couple has already finished after 3 seasons.

    Also games shows The Match Game and Pyramid are currently running on ABC and American Idol is returning.

    Old is new again.
    Anything is possible on TV.
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  19. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    Why cant they bring back Taxi while they are at it? That's all I want! Or Louis DePalma: The New Adventures.
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  20. AKA

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    Let's not pretend reviving dead TV shows is a new phenomenon. See Dragnet (1967), Make Room for Granddaddy, Ozzie's Girls, The Brady Bunch Hour, Sanford, The Brady Brides, Bret Maverick, AfterM*A*S*H, Still the Beaver/The New Leave It to Beaver, the 30 Perry Mason TV movies, The Twilight Zone (1985), Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985), What's Happening Now!!, The New Gidget, Star Trek: The Next Generation, New Monkees, Mission: Impossible (1988), The Munsters Today, Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop, The New Lassie, Columbo (1989), The Bradys, Zorro (1990), The New WRRP in Cincinnati, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, The Golden Palace, Burke's Law (1994), Get Smart (1995), Team Knight Rider, Lassie (1997) and The New Addams Family.

    This list doesn't include Saturday morning cartoon revivals of old TV shows, like Gilligan's Planet or Star Trek. It also doesn't include 1997-1999's Charles in Charge in Space or 1991-1995's Diff'renter Strokes, both of which I made up.
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  21. Steve Hoffman

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    Um, all with the same cast as the originals?
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  22. guy incognito

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  23. JFS3

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    TV has turned into the equivalent of a Rock and Roll Oldies cruise without the bad food.
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  24. Mirrorblade.1

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    I rather watch re runs on retro station.. I didn't know Candice had a stroke that is very sad.
    There is no point in bringing it back Rockford Files Bruce Campbell.:D
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  25. Steve...O

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    Truth be told, a 92 year young Dick Van Dyke would still be more genuinely entertaining than most anything on now. The lovely Arlene has certainly done wonders keeping him young.

    Not to mention Rose Marie and Billy Idelson. Down to just Dick and Carl. The reunion had a good premise and I like how Rob and Laura had evolved as people, but I agree that tweaking a few things would have made it even more special. I would have dropped the old clips and the need to feature everyone alive from the show and made it a straight sitcom with a solid story. If it worked, then perhaps look to do an annual special that would give other cast members something to do.
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